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Favorite Jackets: Reason Clothing

Reason Clothing pays an impressive amount of attention to detail with the Alma Mater Varsity jacket. Not only are the sleeves made out of 100% rawhide leather, but the outside AND inside pockets are lined with leather as well. Not to mention, this jacket comes with a quilted inside lining. The wool body definitely makes this a premium piece for your closet and can be dressed down or dressed up for literally any occasion. To top it all off, it’s only $125 at Reason Clothing’s online shop! The perfect jacket at the perfect price… you’re not going to find this combination anywhere else.

Camo has been hot lately, but Reason takes camo outerwear to the next level with this jacket. Two words: corduroy collar. Unique in its own sophisticated way, the Woodland Camo Hunting Jacket is a MUST. This jacket has a heavy duty double zip that buttons up as well. Two waist pockets add that extra touch, and and inside pocket will keep your stash safe.

A Close Look at: Reason Clothing

If you love fashion, music, or vintage style clothes, you should get to know “Reason“.

Reason Clothing As a native New York brand, they’re giving us another reason to love our own city. The brand offers T-shirts, caps, knitwear, premium denim, outwear and woven shirts. Every piece of clothing released under the Reason Clothing label is designed, crafted, and inspected to ensure a quality product that can be enjoyed for years to come. Check out this video and know more about Reason.

如果你喜歡時尚,音樂或是復古風格,那你一定要知道 “Reason


Interview with Reason brand owners/ founders can be seen below:

Reason Clothing: Spring 2013

Reason is a New York City based menswear line committed to produce quality products based on individuality. The brand offers t-shirts, caps, knitwear, premium denim, outerwear, accessories, and woven shirts. We met with Reason at MAGIC last week and they hooked us up with some gear. Check out this exclusive look at Reason’s Spring 2013 collection and items that aren’t even online yet.
Reason ‘Homiés’ Tee Black:

Reason Dry Goods 5 Panel Camo Cap:

Go Love Your Own City Tote Bag:

Reason Clothing 5 Year Anniversary Collection

Fully developed into a well respected and acclaimed clothing brand is Reason Clothing. This year marks the label’s 5 year anniversary and what better way to celebrate its success than through a new collection. Debuting in August is Reason’s Fall Collection followed by its Winter Collection in October. The collection embodies all the basic necessities needed to stay on the grind on a daily basis. Keep supporting the brands’ success and contact us for ordering info.

got a REASON?

got a reason to like REASON?

you bet.

As the deadline for FALL2010 collection is coming up, let’s review on the intricate details in every REASON piece including embroideries, fireman closures, quilted linings, and custom rivets.And of course, the TEEs.

go HEART your own city.

remember those over popularized I HEART NY t-shirts? and of course the other ones that are inspired by that after..I HEART L.A., I HEARTS.F., I HEART ___________ (fill in your own city). This is the ultimate T-shirt that helps you expresses the following (via REASON) :

a) spilled your coffee on yourself because a site seeker abruptly stops in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture of God knows what. -> always. ohwith the cameras!
b) been waiting 15 minutes for a cab only to have it snatched up by out oftowners who don’t know cab etiquette -> this doesn’t necessarily apply here in L.A. but oh! imagine in N.Y.!
c) have waited tables at some point and have been stiffed consistently by tourists -> hmmm..
d) was a foot away from your train and missed it because the door was clogged by confused visitors who didn’t know if they were coming or going -> in L.A. it’s probably : was a foot away from crossing that intersection and miss edit by confused visitors w/ their non L.A. driving skills.

REASON Spring/ Summer Staple Pieces

A good reason to kick off your Spring/ Summer season is to get something from the latest offering from REASON brand. Many staple pieces such as jeans, button ups, tees, and light jackets are simple yet elegant to suit different lifestyle needs. Neutral colorways consisting of oxford blues, grays, and blacks make for highly wearable collection that can be worn year round. Make sure to grab something from the collection and be part of the official crew. For ordering info, please contact us.

Reason Clothing Spring/Summer 2010

Giving us another reason to love our own city is Reason Clothing. The Spring/ Summer 2010 offering contains many custom ringspun cotton t-shirts, soft canvas shorts, a fitted wool cap, woven flannels, military jacket and a rebirth of their popular tech jacket. This year, Reason continues to grasp the concept of simple garments with intricate details. The difference between this brand and many others out there today is all in the details. Contact us for pricing and linesheets and let us know what you think.

Reason Clothing: Excelsior Collection

Back in time for the holidays again is Reason Clothing. As native New York brand, they’re giving us another reason to love our own city. New for the end of this year is the Excelsior collection which is all about staying warm without sacrificing any style. Some key pieces include the Blackout Tech Jacket, Quilters Flannel Shirt, and the Cooper Square Denim all featured below. If you’d like to see the full line of items just hit us up.