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Exploring the Future at ComplexCon 2016

「complexcon」の画像検索結果Summer is coming to an end in California, and it’s time to check out the exciting new trends and collections. The Lula 101 crew was thrilled to be at the ComplexCon’s inaugural mega-event at the Long Beach Convention Center. ComplexCon is an expertly curated convention and festival that brings the world of Complex to life. So many cool clothing brands, footwear and artists gathered at this space. We enjoyed watching, listening, shopping, tasting and experiencing the future … now!

Okay … Want to take a tour with us? Here we go …

Saturday, November 5th


It’s another sunny day in Long Beach, California! The Lula101 crew hangs out in front of the Long Beach Convention Center. Can’t wait to get inside!


OMG, look at this crowd! It’s lit! Don’t get lost …Tons of industry people and brand fans were here from all over the United States for this legit event.

Here is our highlight video of what we experienced at ComplexCon.

Lula visiting hours

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There was number of big name brand like Adidas, Champion, X-LARGE, etc. I want this BAPE sign in my room … and check out RipNDip’s huge blow-up cat! So many booths to visit!


Here is the exhibition produced by @projectblitzla. We were surrounded by all these superb NIKE shoes. Beyond cool!


Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist, works in fine arts media as well as commercial media and is known for KAIKAIKIKI. The oversized air globe “Baburu” has his images imposed over its surface and responds to your touch. Fun!!

Now it’s time for Lula’s special visits … let’s go say hi to our friends!



Reshoevn8r has created the safest and best cleaning solution by manufacturing it in the USA. It is one of the most reliable and fastest-growing shoe care brands today and has garnered the slogan as “The ultimate sneaker cleaner.” We could actually get our shoes cleaned inside this dope van.



FairPlay is a Los Angeles-based brand, inspired by the functionality of athletic gear while adding a touch of character with intricate sport design. We love this newspaper wallpaper on the walls. Too cool.

The Hundreds

The Hundreds apparel is inspired by Los Angeles Lifestyle / California Culture and Southern California’s skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures. They just released the collaboration with Death Row, the pioneering West Coast hip-hop label.

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer took a minimal approach to their booth at ComplexCon, letting their product speak for itself.

Richer Poorer is innerwear that makes everyday a good one: well-made, beautifully designed socks, boxer briefs and tees. They had exclusive Blush Pink tees for men and women only available at the event.

Of course we enjoyed music with the biggest name artists like Pharrell, Skillrex, KidCudi etc.. It was hottest place in entire world … off the charts!


End of the trip

It was hard to say goodbye to this dazzling place. We had a blast, it was almost like a dream,  but this was very real … and we’ll be back.

Hope you all had fun on our tour … see you soon!


From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.

Get Pink and Cozy with “The HOPE Sock” by Richer Poorer

The best formula for PinkTober is: comfort on your feet + awareness for your health. Now that’s the kind of math LULA101 is proud of! Join the Richer Poorer brand in the effort to generate awareness on the quest to #FightAgainstBreastCancer! LULA101 is giving away limited edition “HOPE slipper sock” is the must addition for long wintry days. It is the ultimate necessity for any homebody to cozy-up, while watching movies and sipping hot chocolate!HopeSock












Richer Poorer is a California based brand with humble beginnings. They invested the extra care and detail creativity into design, color and utility. Change your daily outlook by viewing life through the eyes of Richer Poorer and spread PINK awareness for all the amazing women in your life! It’s simple to #GetYourPINKon!

Special thanks to the Richer Poorer brand, as we spread the word and raise awareness about early diagnostic detection for breast cancer in this #Pinktober!  About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get diagnosed in their lifetime. If the disease is found and treated early, many women can survive breast cancer. LULA101 cares and encourages everyone to join the action by spreading the words about early detection. You can make the difference.IMG_2992IMG_2998

For more give-away campaign details, please visit our FB page more details!


NEW Richer Poorer Athletics Video in Fall / Winter 2015

The dreadful and steamy summer is finally gone, and FALL 2015 is finally here for us to embrace. It is perfect timing to revamp our wardrobe. For fans have no idea what’s the latest trend and style for #Autumn, LULA101 presents  Richer Poorer to keep you stand out in this colorful season and cosily warm in the breezy season.

For the season of champions, Richer Poorer has unveiled their new athletics collection for Autumn/Winter 2015. Authenticity, timeless style and great design are core essences for RP along with supporting creatives in doing what they love.

app_images-resizable-74fcfb49-6367-40dc-9433-830ec45df358-RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Lookbook+184 app_images-resizable-74fcfb49-6367-40dc-9433-830ec45df358-RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Lookbook+195

A brand that stands out mainly for its creative designs and patterns on socks, Richer Poorer visited San Pedro with RP Athletics Club Stand-outs: Taylor Caruso, Christian Maalouf, Daniel Shimizu, and Chris Pastras to showcase their new Autumn/ Winter 2015 Athletics video for all the fans.


Check out the exclusive video and sneak peek at this newest collection!

Click here to learn more stories behind the brand and exciting athletics collection.

If you want further insight for your favorite brand in Asia, please contact LULA101 or follow us @Lula Apparel on Facebook for the latest info and availability in your region.

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Richer Poorer Got Us Feelin’ Some Type of Way

Iva Pawling and Tim Morse unveiled their new collection of socks for Autumn/ Winter 2015. A brand that stands out mainly for its creative designs and patterns on socks, Richer Poorer took their look book to the everlasting windmills in the desert.


Richer Poorer’s outlook on their look book really stands out to me because they went for a more urban, yet still classy style. And of course, they managed to pull something rad like this off. Whoever styled the couples outfits did a fantastic job and is obviously experienced in fashion trends.

Click here to learn more behind the brand itself, but first we want to show you the arrival of the new autumn and winter collection!


Cuffed jeans are the way to go; it’s an ankle peep show for your trendy socks.


Socks come with you wherever you take your travels.


Even when you feel like collapsing, Richer Poorer socks will never collapse on you with their high quality materials.


I scream for ice cream, but more importantly for Richer Poorer socks!


For you and your significant other; your socks can kiss each other too.


At Lula 101 we think these socks are perfect for the everyday lifestyle.


Richer Poorer has been very successful driven by lifestyle, not fads, and today is a company that distributes around the world. Contact us to get your favorite socks for the upcoming season distributed your way!



Richer Poorer SS15 Lookbook

Richer Poorer Spring/Summer lookbook nails it on the color choices. With a perfect mix of tones and patterns, there are pops of color when you’re least expecting it. Founders, Tim Morse and Iva Pawling, have created the spring/summer collection with an indie, yet trendy, look in mind.


The brand was born after Morse and Pawling saw an opportunity to create socks can add style and personality to your everyday outfits. Richer Poorer’s motto, “Humble beginnings make for great stories,” truly captures the evolution of their brand.




Socks are one silhouette and can easily be complimented on. Nowadays, the new trend of rolling the bottom of your jeans up is like a peep show for your socks. It is becoming a popular industry and Richer Poorer proves how successful it can be for men, women, girls and boys.


Women’s SS15

Check out more of Richer Poorer‘s new collection, contact us for distribution opportunity in your region.


For Richer or For Poorer

Iva Pawling and Tim Morse began an innovative sock brand about three years ago called Richer Poorer. This company became popular extremely fast and they know how to satisfy their customers. RP is now selling to a global scale and to all different countries. They are working with The Hundreds to do a collaboration, putting themselves out there even further. RP is trying to expand their line to boxer briefs and athletic socks.


RP has come out with an athletic sock line because customers began wearing their normal socks for action sports. This caused people to get holes in their socks and wore them down. The athletic sock features a padded foot bed to prevent those holes and elastic compression over the top. To prevent the sock from suffocating the foot, they used a COOLMAX moisture wicking blend. RP predicts this athletic sock line will be very popular in sportswear.

What makes Richer Poorer different is their unique patterns and creative designs. They started out with an everyday sock to wear to work, hangout with friends, relaxing day at home, etc. Pawling and Morse came together and wondered why their was not a big market for socks and dove in to take that opportunity. Fortunately, their brand has become very successful. Everyone wears socks, but is their sock game on point?