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Lit lavender sneakers from RipNDip



 Hello, nice to meet you, and check out the new sneakers straight from RipNDip! These Lavender Lord Nermal high-top shoes are so fresh and cool, and they are also  one of the most trending colors of the year. And, of course, you can’t miss the brand’s famous feline imprinted on the inside heels. Just one glance, and you know it’s RipNDip


These kicks are high-top with the high visibility that all sneakerheads seek. That’s right, these Lavender sneaks cool your look from the bottom on up. Don’t believe us? … well just try a pair on and you’ll have instant fans. Guaranteed.

For even more excitement, check out this sick Lavender Lord Nermal high-top shoes video clip from RipNDip. Too fun.

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Drops More Upbeat Graphics with RIPNDIP Spring 2018


It’s hard for some brands to be original when creating new streetwear these days, but it’s never the problem for RIPNDIP. The RIPNDIP Spring 2018 collection is now available!


Los Angeles-based RIPNDIP is known for its playful, fun-loving approach to both skateboarding and streetwear. See what’s new, including the all new “must be nice” condoms, new colors in the Lord Nermal shirts, new colors for Lord Nermal pocket tee/backpack/Ripped beanie/board, Dead Rose hoodie, Nermal Camo cotton coach jacket, Nermal 3M shoulder bag, Pill Plush pillow, RIPNDIP spring 2018 stickers pack, and Peek a Nermal sweat shorts, among other things! Check out all the fresh new RIPNDIP gear below!



The skate-minded creative forces at RIPNDIP delivered eye-grabbing patterns that appear on everything from socks to matching short and T-shirt sets, while an assortment of long-sleeved shirts and hoodies are emblazoned with a wide range of referential graphics for Spring 2018.




Blending RIPNDIP’s LORD NERMAL character with symbols ranging from The Grateful Dead to The Great Wave off Kanagawa which is perfect for the cool kids who stay on that next level. It’s exactly why Tyler, the Creator has been seen rocking the all-over cat print gear. If you don’t know, now you know.



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RIPNDIP has released their outstanding Holiday 17 collection


Have you ever heard of RIPNDIP? Hasn’t everyone?

RIPNDIP is a clothing brand founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 by skater Ryan O’Connor.

They later moved their home base to Los Angeles and soon catapulted into one of the coolest streetwear brands prized by tons of fans all around the world.

RIPNDIP has a very unique look, to say the least, and it often focuses on fun and crazy designs that aren’t afraid to stray from normal.

You can’t miss their eccentric Holiday 17 collection.

Let’s check it out.



Better than original, right?

RIPNDIP’s new NERMAL LISA L/S has a very familiar graphic. Yup, this is real art for RIPNDIP fans.




And here is the latest camo jacket from RIPNDIP!

This cotton jacket has a black, brown and green camo pattern detailed with subtle faces for an original look.


ripndip5 ripndip6


Next up is the Madonna white hoodie from RIPNDIP.

You can enjoy this comfy hoodie any time of the year.

The back graphic of Mother Mary as a cat holding a baby Jesus is def gonna make your look pop.


Now it’s time to enjoy RIPNDIP’s outlandish view of the world!

For more information, visit

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