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The Hundreds Summer ’19 Collection

I’m sure you’re feeling the weather getting really nice and a little bit hot these days, which means “Summer IS Coming!” So to welcome Summer in style, The Hundreds has released their Summer 2019 collection for you._DSC5889The concept of this collection was inspired by California casual style, and as you know, with California’s incredible summertime weather, everything is about the sun, the beach and making each day a vacation! In style, and in comfort for those steamy days.1
This summertime collection has a ton of different pieces, and they also have incorporated new technology, such as their “hand-made tie-dye.” It’s likely you’ve never see this kind of short-sleeve woven before, and if you want to stay classic, they also have styles that are simple and represent the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Talking about vacation style, the shirt might just be the most important part of it. And for many shirts released in this collection, they are using abstract pictures in all-over prints. Pop one on, and it will lead you right into vacation mode, no matter when and where you’re wearing it.


For you graphic Tee enthusiasts, The Hundreds also has something coming your way. The “Angeleno” T-shirt, which newly defines the West-coast version of the classic NYC magazine Tee. Also they are showcasing a few cool graphics that not only look great but also have different meanings incorporated, such as the smartphone edition, youth culture and, most important … the doughnut! Yum it up.

One more thing, you should be aware of is that The Hundreds has another surprise in store for you guys. It’s based on The Hundreds’ mascot, Adam Bomb, but this time it’s gonna be shadowy, mysterious … want to learn more?!

Yes, we love summer, but sometimes the intense summer sun can shine a little too brightly. So The Hundreds takes a proactive way to fight this: The “Active” Snapback is a classic baseball cap made in sweat-wicking performance fabric, so you can stay cool in more ways than one.5fe05195a-graphictee_166-e1557420303386The Hundreds Summer 2019 collection has just released, so don’t miss out on this collection. Remember, summer is upon us,  cause it’s summer right now, and there’s no better time to update the casual clothing looks in your closet.

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The Hundreds X Never Made Release Special Collection

In order to bring out the most street-worthy styles, The Hundreds has release its newest collection “The Hundreds X Never Made.”


This remarkable collection includes Lola’s anorak, Pullover hoodie, L/S shirt and logo        T-shirt, also there’s an amazingly constructed jacket, available in pink and black, which not only have the branding of The Hundreds and Never Made outside, but also a striking hyena graphics inside.



Never Made is a streetwear company based in Los Angeles. Their founder, Francisco Reyes, Jr. is and extraordinary artist and graphic designer, who believes in the principle of “Things are never made, they’re earned through hard work and persistence.


This special collection remains the the same design scope that The Hundreds’ fans are familiar with. Visualizing the graphics’ concept of “Finding hope in the despair of modern civilization,” they use dark imagery to reverse the topic of gun control, Fascism and police brutality, all of which are still relevant today. So good to see that people can wear cool styles but while sharing their thoughts.


“The Hundreds X Never Made” is available now, so grab the collection while you can!




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The Hundreds Spring 2019 Collection


The Hundreds recently just announced their Spring 2019 collection on January 31st at The Hundreds Los Angeles.

Following its cool Spring 2018 collection, The Hundred Spring 2019 Collection is in full of fun and awesome colors! Let’s explore together. ✨


In this collection, you can see many workwear fabrications like duck canvas, corduroy, and polar fleece for durability. The Hundreds also introduced a handful of custom plaids and water resistant nylons. They included quite a few modern construction details and bold logo embellishments.

Checking out their bold ski-inspired jacket and shades button-Up!

Feeling its vibrant colors and vibes? Get ready to rock your spring OOTD on Instagram. And please don’t forget to #TheHundreds.


The Hundreds also offers something interesting and special in this season. The new Real Tree Camo-inspired “Cactus Camo,” depicts California native cacti and it is printed on various fabrics like rayon shirting, polar fleece, canvas, and heavy cotton jersey.


What’s more? Their graphic T-shirts and hoodies are designed with cool illustrations, such as animation-style cartoons, American iconography, and typography (collegiate, heavy metal, 1977-era punk).

Does the cartoon rabbit looks awesome on the back?  ✌

TheHundreds 09

Spring collection is now available online, and you can find this killer collection in stores worldwide as well.

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The Hundred releases winter 18 collection

The Hundreds, founded by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar in 2003, is a two-part collective that houses the classic Californian streetwear brand and a media platform dedicated to global street culture.

Following its awesome fall 2018 collection, The Hundred Winter 18 Collection is in full swing!

The Hundreds Winter 2018 Collection is designed to wear in warm, comfortable, easy layers in a softened jewel-tone palette.



The Hundreds offers its customers a cool style that showcases  urban life in L.A. , simple and comfortable, based on hip-hop, skate, surf, graffiti and comics cultures.

Its Winter 2018 Collection is created to weather the elements and is equally suited for both the great outdoors and the city streets.



The Hundreds “Wrightwood Puffer Jacket” has a slammin’ logo directly screenprinted on left side of the chest and a Wildfire logo emblazoned on the left sleeve.

You can rock this Puffer Jacket anywhere, and you will be wrapped in warmth … and style.


You can find this killer collection at more than 150 stores placed all over the world. And of course, Lula 101 holds the key to distributing Winter 18 in its authorized Asian markets.


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THE HUNDREDS drops Fall 18 collection!


Based in Los Angeles, The Hundreds is a two-part project, composed of Classic Californian Streetwear brand and a media platform dedicated to Global Street Culture.

Their clothing ranges from Tees, denim, wovens, fleece, headwear and outwear. Whether your skating or just rockin’ your street style, there are plenty of amazing offerings! See The Hundreds stories told through collaboration with Disney, Adidas and Garfield and others.

And now their new fall collection is coming you way! Are you ready to rock your fall colors, Hundreds of ways?


The fall 2018 collection shows the unique intersection of streetwear, workwear and street sports on the West Coast. What a dope concept! They applied plush faux fur, chunky sherpa and water-resistant-coated nylon based on vintage sportswear. Check out the inspired Californian style with military concepts as well as oversized, baggy fits and a muted-washed primary color palette. If you love skate and street smile, you love The Hundreds.


And this season, The Hundreds introduces two new custom patterns. One is a hand-painted watercolor camo in unexpected colorways, and the other is classic The Hundreds graphics seen throughout their history. The varsity style patches with ‘Old H’ logo shows the combination of streetwear and sportswear. Super sick, right?

r-Gmp3wAThis new collection is now available  at The Hundreds Los Angeles and far beyond.

So get ready for autumn, and “fall” in with The Hundreds!


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The Hundreds X Amoeba Music

“I’ve never been about the money. I’ve always been about spreading the gospel of music and what it can mean for humanity… I just love the spiritual connection people have with their artists and their music.” -Amoeba co-founder Marc Weinstein

Amoeba Music is not only the world’s largest independent record store—it’s a cultural institution that champions the spirit of music. The Hundreds was founded by music lovers – a hardcore kid and a hip-hop head – so we’re extra proud to present our The Hundreds X Amoeba Music collection.

thehundredsIG_exteriorThe Hundreds and Amoeba Music are excited to announce The Hundreds X Amoeba Music, a limited-edition capsule collection and collaboration!AmoebaxHundredsLate last month, The Hundreds collaborated with legendary hip-hop label Rawkus Records on a special joint collection that paid tribute to the record company’s storied history. Continuing to mine the brand’s musical influences, The Hundreds now teams up with world-renowned record store Amoeba Music for another collaborative effort that bridges the gap between music and streetwear.


The Hundreds X Amoeba Music collection includes a series of short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts, a pullover, tote bag, and hat all utilizing dip-dye techniques and a bold version of the classic Amoeba logo.


A limited-edition offering, The Hundreds and Amoeba Music’s collaborative capsule delivers a graphic-heavy range of new t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and hats. Notably, a large portion of the designs featured in the collection utilize a unique dip-dye method, allowing those particular items to stand out from the rest. Graphic motifs from the long lineages of both brands can be found in this new collaboration, making for an artfully-branded collection that proudly displays its affiliations.


You can purchase the limited-edition T-shirts, sweatshirts & more at our stores starting June 7th.


You can take a look at The Hundreds and Amoeba Music’s new collaborative collection above, and you can expect to find the capsule’s wares on the shelves on Amoeba Music locations and The Hundreds Los Angeles, and online at The Hundreds’ official website.

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the hundreds7




For The Hundreds spring has sprung.

Check these  out!!


the hundreds

the hundreds 2

the hundreds 3



The colors are poppin’, but the style is sick.

You can feel the spring spirit just from their clothes.



the hundreds bombastic


Their bombastic graphic T-shirts and crew neck are available in 2018 spring collection.

This design is inspired by ’90s sketch comedy shows.

It is  unique and fresh.

The Hundreds is a two-part project. One of them is Classic Californian Streetwear brand. The second is a media platform dedicated to Global Street Culture.


Yes, they are truly representative of California street brand, and also they also provide the latest info about Street Culture to the world.



the hundreds 7


Super dope.


They collaborate with Disney, Adidas, and Garfield to expand streetwear culture to more people.

And they collaborated with Japanese artist, Usugrow, recently.

He is an icon who has collaborated with many other street brands and created album covers for musicians.

the hundreds x Usugrow

the hundreds by USUGROW

the hundreds x Usugrow 2

Cool, right?

His graphic interpretations are awesome, giving The Hundreds’ products a look different from usual but amping up the coolest factor … and then some!

They spread not only their own culture but also other cultural outlets like music, art and animation.

Hmmm, what could be next?

Can’t wait!


Alright then,  let’s get ready for spring together with The Hundreds!



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The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock artist collaboration.

The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock artist collaboration in Los Angeles, California, July 7th, 2017.



“I want to express my feelings, not illustrate them”—Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is one of Bobby Hundreds’s favorite artists: “You’d think that after centuries of artistic exploration, there’d be nothing new under the sun in terms of technique. But, pushed to the edge—both in medium and personal life—Jackson Pollock stumbled onto a new frontier. He recast painting for another generation of artists to dismantle, debate, and develop.”Bobby said.


Regarded as the “greatest living painter” during his lifetime, Jackson Pollock spearheaded the Abstract Expressionist movement by developing an energetic, radical style that changed the way we think about art today. “I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.” -Jackson Pollock


A detail from Pollock’s paint-splattered studio floor appears as a graphic element throughout The Hundreds collection, which includes a canvas work jacket, a series of printed T-shirts, headwear, a skateboard deck, an ash tray, shorts, and a puzzle.


The collections slip the leash and stick to its own unique and unfettered, for this reason, the feeling expressed was authentic and sincerely.

The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock capsule collection will be available starting July 7th, at The Hundreds flagship stores, Online Shop, and select authorized retailers worldwide.


The Hundreds is beyond proud to announce its newly released Spring 2017 collection !

Available now at The Hundreds’ flagship store, online shop and select authorized retailers now. Too cool!


For the spring collection, the new designs capture a L.A. lifestyle mash-up with stylized workwear. Moreover, The Hundreds highlights its new collection with boxy, oversized fits, hybrid/reversible garments and new fabrications, as well, like engineered jacquard knits and reverse sateens.



Paying props to “80’s British Ska and the 2-Tone movement, throughout the Spring collection, H-checkered patterns appears. This pattern signifies harmony between blacks and whites and everyone, and offers a refreshing contrast to divisions between red and blue.



The Hundreds’ outstanding Spring 2017 collections moves the L.A. lifestyle story forward in a big way: The classic chino “penn” shorts (above left) are made of stretch selvedge twill with a drawstring waistband; the crew-neck “Generation” sweatshirt (above right) indicate California car culture.


The bottom line with an oversized shape: The boxy “Campbell” pullover hooded sweatshirt (left) in comfy sherpa fleece has vintage puff printing along the sleeves; and the “Well” jacket (right) made of lightweight cotton twill is an oversized mac coat with a corduroy collar.

For more information on The Hundreds Spring 17 collection, please visit

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The Nines Grand Launch

“At the end of the day, I think it’s what we all want.”

Trent Javier – Co-founder – The Nines


On December 9, we welcomed the newest streetwear / contemporary store in Manila, Philippines: The Nines. Highlighting heritage brands and new-age cuts, the drinks were on the house and the in-store raffle, giveaways and music by DJ Ace Ramos and NixdamnP made it a night to long be remembered.

Energizing Manila’s burgeoning menswear scene, The Nines intersects streetwear with contemporary high-street fashion.

Conjuring up styling sensibilities from a bygone medieval era, the retailer derives its namesake from the phrase “dressed to a knight” – later transitioned into the American-led adaptation, “dressed to the nines.”

While its origins imply an aptitude to clothe oneself in the finest of formalwear, The Nines reinterprets this to denote dressing well in any such genre, be it streetwear, formalwear or anything in between.


With a core foundation rooted in fashion and photography, the shop converges both mediums to create its own distinct design language and its in-house photo studio styling area.

Customers are encouraged to snap their very own lookbook-mannered pictorials in a well-controlled, professional environment.

Moreover, The Nines staff remain at the ready, eager to discuss brand concepts while offering sartorial expertise on how customers can stylize items into their own artistic agendas.


The Nines is positioned to help pioneer The Philippine’s menswear movement and gear up to acclaimed labels while securing exclusivity with highly coveted imported brands as Thrasher, Stamped, I Love Ugly, Odd Future, Publish Brand and Blvck Scvle.


Other noteworthy names showcased at The Nines include Vitaly, Civil Regime, Rastaclat, Suavecito, Richer Poorer, Clear Weather and RESHOEVN8R.


As you can see, The Nines brings the most typical American style to the Taguig district of Manila, Philippines.

According to Trent Javier, the co-founder of The Nines, their goal remains simple: to help spearhead a movement based on stylistic excellence.

More importantly, The Nines aim to project and instill confidence to any and all who walk through our doors.


The event photos show you exactly how hot and popular The Nines is in Philippines.

Therefore, our friends living in, or traveling to, Manila should check us out to find your favorite brands in an amazing venue.


So how do you feel about The Nines now? Want to follow this super-cool shop and learn more about it? Well here’s your chance!:

Facebook:  @THENINESPH Q

Instagram: @THENINES_PH

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