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The GFM band and Andy Glass in Fatal clothing


The “beautycore” act known as GFM (Gold Frankincense and Myrrh) has released its new song and music video titled Stuck in my Suicide. If you are fan of bands like Red, Flyleaf, and even The Devil Wears Prada, then you’ll dig this band!


Recently, GFM and Fatal clothing had fun destroying some drumsticks at Benchmark Sound Studios!


Check out Andy Glass in the new Rock & Destroy Fatal Tee! As you know, he is one of six members of the melodic metalcore group “We Came As Romans,” who released their debut album To Plant a Seed in 2009. Their album, Tracing Back Roots,  reached commercial success, peaking at #8 on the Billboard 200 Chart.



Still wondering why GFM and Andy Glass can be so cool? You’re in luck today!




Just get your hands on some of Fatal Clothing’s new products! Copping this look will def change how you see yourself.


From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew

the hundreds7




For The Hundreds spring has sprung.

Check these  out!!


the hundreds

the hundreds 2

the hundreds 3



The colors are poppin’, but the style is sick.

You can feel the spring spirit just from their clothes.



the hundreds bombastic


Their bombastic graphic T-shirts and crew neck are available in 2018 spring collection.

This design is inspired by ’90s sketch comedy shows.

It is  unique and fresh.

The Hundreds is a two-part project. One of them is Classic Californian Streetwear brand. The second is a media platform dedicated to Global Street Culture.


Yes, they are truly representative of California street brand, and also they also provide the latest info about Street Culture to the world.



the hundreds 7


Super dope.


They collaborate with Disney, Adidas, and Garfield to expand streetwear culture to more people.

And they collaborated with Japanese artist, Usugrow, recently.

He is an icon who has collaborated with many other street brands and created album covers for musicians.

the hundreds x Usugrow

the hundreds by USUGROW

the hundreds x Usugrow 2

Cool, right?

His graphic interpretations are awesome, giving The Hundreds’ products a look different from usual but amping up the coolest factor … and then some!

They spread not only their own culture but also other cultural outlets like music, art and animation.

Hmmm, what could be next?

Can’t wait!


Alright then,  let’s get ready for spring together with The Hundreds!



From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew




Small details make your style rock!


And Rastaclat is the best way to detail your looks.

So many colorways, so many options … you will find your perfect match.


Rastaclat’s seasonal releases includes special styles to help you look your best.

Check these out:

rastaclat5 rastaclat 13




It is same color as Sriracha sauce. (Just don’t put one on your scrambled eggs!)

Rastaclat recently launched Valentine’s day styles and Chinese New Year’s version, too.rastaclat8



Great looks make for great gifts.

Pick one for your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend … or you!


They also have simple ones for that clean, crisp look in many color and style options.

You can choose your Rastaclat to go with your style or, plan your look around your Rastaclat.

arastaclat 4


Or, choose a Rastaclat that helps define your kicks like this!




So fun to collect a bunch of different styles and colors.

And check out their spring and summer collection:

rastaclat summer

rastaclat spring

These are streamlined looks with elegant colors. And they bring us spring positive vibes.

So may choices, it’s hard to choose, right?


To make your choices even harder, they have many more styles than what you see here, so please visit their website below to learn more about Rastaclat.

rastaclat 3


Now let’s start spreading positive vibrations with Rastaclat! Are you in?

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.






Shoes are the houses for your feet and are THE most important key for your outfits.

People who care about their total look always wear cool & clean kicks.

Justin Beber


Gigi Hadit


But if these shoes are dirty and look old, the outfit-of-the-day is going to be messed up.


reshoevn8r 2

You want to rock your favorites kicks for long time, right?

Then, you need to use Reshoevn8r.

Reshoevn8r was created to be “The Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner,” and it is the world’s only one-stop-shop for all your shoe care needs.

This brand’s products are Eco-friendly and it cleans and protects your shoes like no other.

You can save your shoes and, at the same time, you can save world!

ewshoevn8r 3

Check out this video!

The before sneaker … not so great. But after Reshoevn8r, like new!

This 100% natural shoe cleaner/ conditioner is also good for environment in addition to making your shoes, and you, very happy.

Not only that, but Reshoevn8r won’t break your bank, so you can use it regularly.

Also they have water based Reshoevn8r Water and Stain Repellent pump spray.

reshoevn8r 7


This product is beyond useful.

You can use this for nylon, suede, canvas, leather, polyester, mesh and fly-knit materials.


reshoevn8r 8

They also have several types of brushes, shoe keepers … everything you and your kicks need!

To learn more about Reshoevn8r and how it will brighten up your life, visit:

So now it’s time to refresh your shoes and hang out with your buddies without shame!

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew









NEFF logo



Well, NEFF has always been about having fun!

Check these styles out … cool and functional, right?



How can NEFF create such fun and awesome products?

Simple. The answer is in their anthem, “Forever Fun.”

FUN is key for them, which is why so many fans are attracted to NEFF.

Pro sports fans, skaters, musicians and adventurers support this brand, and also share the anthem.

Have FUN, and be STYLISH while you’re doing it.


This cool Southern California brand that hails from Southern California was launched by Shaun and Joe Neff.

To hear them tell it,  “We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume.”

As they say, they always give us new inspiration, flavors and excitement.

Are you fascinated by having FUN with Neff?

Then you share the anthem, too, and “you are one of us now.”


Well alright then, put on your Neff and get ready for spring and summer. We’re waiting for you!

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew

Discovering the Gems at Agenda 2017

Agenda 2017

 Discovering the Gems at Agenda 2017

Discovering the Gems at Agenda 2017


Agenda is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. It’s where passion profits and the business of creativity is curated in a truly inventive environment. Agenda’s reach includes six shows, in three cities, expertly accurate with over 1,000 brands and a recurring brand-building conference. Buyers, brands, investors, distributors and media descend upon Agenda from around the globe.
Now let’s start our Agenda Long Beach virtual tour:


Agenda Photos-SU17-09

The Agenda of Agenda

Interesting right! This poster attracted the visitors, placed by Loser Machine Company.

Agenda Photos-SU17-04 CROWD

Hola, Join the Crowd!

A place to discover all things streetwear, lifestyle and the latest in urban fashion.. Amazing! People from all over the U.S. and throughout the world had meet-and-greets and made new friends. The Lula Crew did the same and enjoyed connecting with old friends and hanging out with new buds.

Agenda Photos-SU17-17 DOG LTD

Funny times! Headwear collections, one which was noticed by all.


Because life all about having fun and not take yourself too seriously

Agenda Photos-SU17-26 RTC

“Rastaclat” Spreading the Positive Vibrations

Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness,

Doing good for yourself and others.

We believe that positive action

Can change lives, inspire confidence,

And unite us as human beings.

This is so true … and so cool.

Agenda Photos-SU17-24 RTC

Okay, ladies … how cute are these?

Agenda Photos-SU17-11

No description needed; the picture says more than enough.Agenda Photos-SU17-10 BP

HA! This is more than a big idea … it’s big-time fun and a perfect pick for travelers.


Agenda Photos-SU17-12

Randy the Cobbler

Randy is an3rd-generation cobbler from Arizona. He is creating his exclusive, one-of–a-kind footwear for true sneaker heads.

Agenda Photos-SU17-21 PMT

Primitive Skateboarding

A perfect place for skaters; a perfect place for streetwear., and they captured everyone’s attention at Agenda 2017.

“Once you start your own brand … if your heart’s in the right place and you do the right thing with it, the idea is the brand will last longer than yourself. I can’t picture myself not having some type of involvement with skateboarding. At some point you’ve got to retire, but I still want to have some kind of connection and involvement because it’s all I know.”

~ Paul Rodriguez / Primitive

Agenda Photos-SU17-23 RTC

Say Cheese!

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video game characters ever, and he’s a positive little guy. So it makes perfect sense that he now shares the stage with Rastaclat, which is all about the Positive Vibrations.

Hope you all had fun on our tour, and we’ll see you all next blog time.


– Brought to you by the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles Crew.



Go Skateboarding Day

Go Skateboarding Day event in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 21st.

21 (2)

Go Skateboard Day is a community event that provides a great opportunity for local amateur skateboarders at all ages to showcase their talents.


Casting off the compressive pressure, the skateboarders turned to simple pure kids who are passionate about skateboarding. They shared experience, talking with each other delightfully.


The host announced the event begin, the party began as well!






Each showed his special prowess and fearless, they challenged their limits repeatedly, skateboarders were surrounded by thunderous roars and cheers. At this point, skateboarders have been unable to distinguish between competitors and friend, the tense atmosphere was fully spread in the air, every single success has become a common joy.


Additionally, there are prizes and trophies awarded to the winners. These trophies are not merely a symbol of honor, but also of their friendship and the spirit of challenge.


Nothing can be delighter compared with spending time with people who share the same interests, time flies, without even noticed, the event was almost over. Skateboarders enjoyed themselves to the full and made a commitment to meet in next event.

Join us and have fun with interesting souls!


News for Punk fans, here comes The Hundreds X Epitaph Records!

The Hundreds recently released the latest collaboration with Epitaph Records, available in limited quantities at the Hundreds flagship locations and its online shop.

the-hundreds-x-epitaph-bad-religion-1 the-hundreds-x-epitaph-bad-religion-2

“From bands to brands, The Hundreds and Epitaph is a celebration of all things independent, and a testament of how far passion and great work can take you.”

– Bobby Hundreds


Founded by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz in 1980, Epitaph Records is an institution. It started as what Gurewitz described as a “logo and a P.O. Box,” created specifically to release Bad Religion albums, and soon grew from its humble beginnings in Hollywood, California, to become an epicenter of independent spirit and punk rock music – home to some of the world’s most eminent punk bands like Refused, Descendents, Pennywise, Rancid and more. It’s been 36 years since its beginnings, and the Epitaph mantra still rings loud and true.


The Hundreds X Epitaph Records is an ode to the band T-shirt. Along with a collaborative logo tee, we’ve flipped the album art of our four favorite Epitaph releases: Bad Religion’s Recipe for Hate, Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come, Pennywise’s Unknown Road, and Descendents’ Everything Sucks. Each shirt prominently features the track listing on the back, and arrives in unexpected modern streetwear colorways.

The Descendents are a punk rock band formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach, California by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson


Although The Hundreds is inspired by California Culture, they are far more than just a California Brand. As the birthplace of skateboarding, West coast hip-hop, and streetwear, Southern California, and The Hundreds, influence transcends borders and drives global attitudes and style.

Pennywise, formed in 1988, is an American punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California. Its name is derived from the monster, “It,” from the Stephen King novel of the same name.


It wasn’t long before Epitaph’s roster expanded beyond Los Angeles, providing the platform from one of Bobby Hundreds favorite bands, Refused (from Sweden).


The Lula crew is stoked about The Hundreds’s new music-inspired collection.

On top of that we salute to the latest Fall 16, tracking by The Hundred’s root-updating traditional California-inspired workwear with contemporary fabric and techniques. Most excitingly, the collection’s lookbook was shot on location in the Philippines by Aly Mananquil featuring models Nika Higashionna & Julio del Prado as part of #thehundredsXlookbook contest.

Check here:

The Hundreds is carried worldwide, with flagship locations in L.A.’s Fairfax district, San Francisco’s Union Square,and SoHo, New York. Can’t wait to see their next new story coming up. So what’s your favorite band in this collection?


↓↓↓More cool stuff↓↓↓

The Hundreds online store:

The Hundreds Instagram:


Are you a REBEL8er, too? An interview with Model, Restaurateur and REBEL8er – Neill Wan


REBEL8 is an innovative streetwear brand  with street-fashion heritage that ignites passion from streetwear lovers and style-conscious trendsetters.

REBEL8 has a huge fan base anchored in music, sports, tattoo and art, and its designs are heavily inspired by classic skateboard graphics, vintage tattoo art and graffiti. 

With hundreds of accounts around the world, REBEL8 combines comfort and quality with an anti-authority punk DIY attitude. Its Tees, fleece and outwear represents a growing group of like-minded individuals. REBEL8’s core purpose is to showcase its trademark attitude through unique products.

Here, Lula 101 interviews a huge REBEL8er (the name for fans of REBEL8), Neill Wan, a popular model in Taiwan. We know how REBEL8 relates to its fans, although we don’t know as much about world of modeling. So let’s start with some R8 questions.


1. How has REBEL8 made an impression on you you? Design? Attitude? Quality?

^290311DD1CDD2DD48125CAD0554DC27122F6B038200FDD893A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr copy

“It was a coincidence how I fell in love with REBEL8. My first REBEL8 experience was when I wore a hoodie shirt while I was out fixing my bicycle. The shirt was incredibly comfortable and affordable, too. The more I wore it, the more I noticed other R8 street style designs that I really liked. Then I went crazy with the brand, collecting tons of T-shirts, hoodies with tattoo and skateboard elements.  REBEL8 represents who I am; its designs are different from other streetwear labels, not just the logo, but the story behind the brand.”

2. How else has REBEL8 and streetwear culture had an influence in your life?


“Streetwear culture has made a great impression on me since childhood. I read many magazines about streetwear. What I think about streetwear culture that it’s cool to just be yourself.”

3. What’s the fun part of being a model, and how did you start in that field?

^7DAD788A716F96AD03AFAE2DCF2E5131DAA71E898211045B8C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr copy

“ At 17, a model agency director bought coffee at 7-11, where I worked, and asked if I wanted to be in a commercial. Of course I said yes.  And the people I’ve met through modeling, from photographers, make-up team, manufacturers and other models, have become good friends and made my life better.”

4. We heard that you recently visited New York City. What are your favorite spots there, and when you were taking pictures, what captured your attention?

^5A52FDD9E31F578CD9BD08CDBAA82CC5A97EAFBC98DB95BC70^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr copy

“I was in NYC to help celebrate my buddy Tyler’s mom’s 60th birthday as well as to visit different American-style pizza restaurants so I could give my second restaurant in Taiwan a fresh look and even better food. I love the similarities between NYC and Taipei, and my place in NYC’s west village reminded me of a Taipei community in many ways.  So many things in Manhattan and Brooklyn fascinate me. People are so chill, dress very stylish and seem to be comfortable in their own skin. I felt at home there, and I can’t say enough good things about NYC. It is truly a place for everyone.

5. Tell us your favorite styles and what your clothes say about you?

^F0660E0C2A0C991ECA194CD2EB76FCE52F484FDBE6C9A5E471^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr copy

“ I have different styles, depending on where I am and what I’m doing. What I wear nowadays are mostly T-shirts and tanks, jeans and shorts – anything that’s simple, stylish and cool. I like whites, blacks and greys with unique details that pop out, life is far more interesting like that.”

6. What inspired you to open your own New York-style pizza restaurant, Little New York, in Taipei? 

^2C7D8C49CF08B3402F57561DEF916A5187DCD5F31CC3188A88^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr copy

“My best buddy, Tyler Rosso inspired when he started LNY with a French man. Then, because I had work experience in an Italian restaurant and lots in common with Tyler, my adventurous pizza experience began from there.”

7. What makes LNY stand out from other restaurants?

^F25D7AA80CCD2EF1E0602E8F1F2DEC22A8550BC300D212FA49^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr copy

“ LNY is a traditional handmade American-style pizza restaurant, and every detail from baking, tasting, and styling are all U.S. influenced. The decor and in-store music we use are very different from other Taipei restaurants, with a cool and unique vibe.”

Sounds great. Thanks for talking with us, and thanks for being a passionate REBEL8er!

Want more REBEL8er updates? Follow our REBEL8er @neillwanwan


Style me Cool, Calm and Collected: Publish 2017 Spring New Product Exhibition in Taiwan

The Lula 101 crew recently had the privilege of flying to Taiwan for the Publish 2017 Spring New product exhibition. Join us now, in Lula “real time,” and check out what’s happening at this happening.

It’s July 14 in Taipei … and we are pumped up about launching this event. Today we share the juicy details of how we throw a nice big party for our Publisher at Hopes Taiwan, and have big fun! First thing’s first …  let’s deliver the invitations to the VIPs, including our awesome media and retail partners. And don’t forget the dress code: Cool, Calm and Collected!


When it comes to the Hopes venue décor, it’s always a challenge since the cool new collections in Publish’s 2017 Spring lookbook make it so hard for the Lula crew to pick which one to display … that’s why conceived of this fine-looking gallery wall with Publish’s vibrant spring collection.


Check out this event setting we created … dope, right? Our guests are jazzed to walk around and experience the latest designs and innovative materials from the Publish 2017 spring collection.


We collaborated with lots of talented people to help this event rock. People like men’s fashion model Neill for this and other Publish projects in Taiwan. Neill is not just a model, he is also the owner of Little New York Pizzeria in Taipei and, he’s a gifted artist (Some people are just waaay too talented for their own good!!).

Neill has been a Publisher for years. He believes that his wardrobe should be the least of his worries, since our lives are consumed with so many different things … he is Zoolander in the morning and pizza chef at night. Sharing this idea is one of Lula’s coolest friends, Publish Brand director Alex James. ”We wanted to create a completely interchangeable styled collection that is cohesive from start to finish. It’s safe to say that this SS17 is pure elevated simplicity”

Cool, Calm, Collected: A phrase used when someone is in a situation where they feel completely relaxed, totally composed, and are sure of themselves, or in control.”

Lula speaks: I am confident with what I am wearing!

The Hopes VIPs are welcomed with greetings and gifts. Each of them also has the opportunity to get their pics taken at the custom Publish photo backdrop with Publishers signs.


This impressive collection showcases the growth, commitment and passion that Publish has gained global recognition for.. Pushing the design envelope to a new level, Publish has created an elevated simplicity that translates to everyone. Utilizing some of the freshest fabrics, this SS 17 collection is sure to make you feel great and look even better.

Mingle time. Lula has a big sweet tooth, so everywhere we go we treat our guest something delish. We truly appreciate our regional partners for lining up the yummy pastry chef. A well-fed stomach makes for happy faces!


Let the fashion show begin … our guests have been anticipating this moment, and everyone is soooo exciting to see the magic happen!


Here comes the hero product, Zachery is a premium coated nylon on L/S anorak with no top stitch seams throughout. This is also Lula editor’s favorite ,because its lightweight fabric makes it easy to carry around when the weather gets crazy :P


With a tremendous turnout, everyone at the party had a blast and a half. The Lula crew also had fun connecting with our retail partners to learn how can we bring more fun  and fashion in different places in Taiwan. It seems like Lula is always visiting different parts of Asia, which is why we have such strong regional partnerships with fashion-forward friends who are crazy about American lifestyle just like we are :)


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Stay tuned and visit us again soon for more fun and fab stories ;)