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Your 2020 Summer Style Strategies


Beach, BBQ, camping … summer 2020 is here, but is your wardrobe ready for your sizzling adventures? Let’s help you get summer fits together by introducing you to some amazing collections.


T- shirts coordinate perfectly with denim, shorts, swimwear or whatever you like. Find you’re the best option and chill out as the temps rise.

 Reflections Tee (Black) V/SUAL

Simple designs paired with bold colors for printed T-shirts will add an accent in your fits. On the front chest, the simple V/sual logo embroidery coupled with a bold-color blocked print on the back. They also have white and heather grey options, so get one … or get all!






Heights T-Shirts / THE HUNDREDS

On the back neck, the iconic wildfire embroidery heats your summer up.So, make tons of summer memories with while wearing this Tee with its vivid color-blocked T-shirts. But if you’re more into a monochromatic mood, you can never go wrong with the black option.

Capture 1





Seasonal Short Sleeve Shirts (Purple) / Pas De Mer

Made with 100% cotton, these lightweight shirts invoke juicy breezy summers in Italy.Taste your summer style with seasonal fruits on the all-over printed bowling shirts.Dressed up with classic chino pants or dressed down with casual shorts. That’s Italian,baby!

Capture 2






Shorts are a must-have for every guy who wants to escape from reality and enjoy outside activities on the sweltering summer days … and nights! 

 Runyon Hybrid Shorts / THE HUNDREDS

These aren’t just shorts, because they’re made with 100% super light nylon. Add in the functional contrast nylon pockets along with mesh nylon and a back-right patch pocket with zipper pocket bag. In addition, their use of water-resistant, coated material allows you to jump into the pool – or a party – without a change of clothes. 

Capture 3

Camp Hybrid Shorts/ THE HUNDREDS

Spend your ideal vacation with the comfy shorts like you’ve never seen before. Stylish, great-looking, super-duper comfortable and multifunctional Camp Hybrid Shorts are 100% yjr must-have bomb!

You only live once this summer, and with so many stylish and comfortable options to pick from, it’s time to style up and step into your dazzling summer vacation!

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

Bruce Lee x Rastaclat: Seeking the Positive.

California-based bracelet brand, Rastaclat, is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others. They always promote that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings.
For their newest series, they have dropped the Bruce Lee collection with a trio of bracelets inspired by the mental and physical balance of the game-changing instructor, actor and philosopher who changed the world of the martial arts. To celebrate Bruce Lee’s inspirational quotes and philosophy, the Bruce Lee family has teamed up with
Rastaclat team.


The first style is a gradation-bladed “One Family,” inspired by his quote “Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.” Bruce Lee believed we are all one family, all of us as humans, no matter our backgrounds, ethnicity, gender or orientation.
This message of inclusivity inspires us even more today. Keep his thoughts in mind, and fill your life with love and peace.



Here is another style, “Infinite Optimism,” which express his inspirational philosophy with this iconic black-and-yellow braided bracelet.

11620022_InfiniteOptimism_Box_Open_Ecom_2000xThe “Nunchuck” designed hardware and Bruce Lee silhouette make this bracelet
perfect. In today’s world, Bruce’s words encourage us and give us hope. Ever the
optimist, Bruce Lee overcame substantial challenges and hurdles in his life.


Wear “Infinite Optimism,” feel energy and overcome our challenges to find a way to get better each day and every day.
Here is one more famous quote. “Be Water My Friend.”


Once you wear this “Be Water” single-lace bracelet, you’ll remember the renowned quote,
“Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” Bruce believed that people must be like water adaptable, flowing, always changing and growing, and never becoming fixed in one style or one way.


Each bracelet comes with a header card or an exclusive collector’s box that can be used
for display.
Get your style and enhance your life.

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

Pas De Mer – from Italy to You. The Aesthetic Style         of Irony Graphics                  and Colorful Prints

Pas De Mer, an independent clothing brand founded in 2011, offers a unique brand style that allows them to create timeless goods in the streetwear market. Pas De Mer means “no sea” in French; however, this Italian streetwear brand is situated on the island of Sardinia and surrounded by the sea. Like their brand focus, many of their graphics-laden pieces transport a sense of humor and attitude.

For the SS20 season, Pas De Mer has created a collection named “Welcome Visitors.” The themes of traveling and becoming tourists around the world are portrayed very ironically. The models are in fact shot on Google Maps-style backgrounds, in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in front of the Great Wall of China, on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and so on. The meaning is also ironic that people traveling to a place usually like to take photos with iconic locations.














The irony that characterizes the visuals is also one of the strengths of the aesthetic of the brand, which has always made colorful, funny and eye-catching graphics one of its benchmarks. The collection features basic items like T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, shirts, shorts and more. By using eye-catching quotes, statements and graphics,
Pas De Mer enrich brand image successfully.

Over the years, Pas De Mer has collaborated with different music and movie collectives in Europe, and due to its creative and cynicism aesthetic, it is progressively rocking the European streetwear landscape.

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!



Feast Your Eyes on This!


The Gold Gods, known for its unique designer jewelry and accessories has released
its new outstanding eyewear collection for the summer season. Here in California,
it is sunglasses season year ’round.

For all you summer explorers, don’t miss out on The Gold Gods eyewear collection,
no matter where your adventures take you!

Here is one of their exclusive sunglasses: THE HELIOS ROUND SUNGLASSES.
With reflective lenses and featuring 18K Yellow gold-plated frames, The Helios will
perfectly coordinate with your gold accessories and accent your summer styles.



Another popular pair of sunglasses is THE APOLLO SUNGLASSES.
Available in multiple colored gradient lenses. Pick your color and capture dazzling
summer moments with it.


THE ESCOBAR SUNGLASSES, the newest eyewear from The Gold Gods, lets you shine.
It’s available in five unique lenses colors, including black gradient, brown gradient, blue
gradient, pink gradient and yellow gradient.


All the eyewear comes with a custom logo black leatherette hard shell case.
In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.



From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

Hope for Hospitals                       by Russell Athletic

In these challenging times, heritage American sportswear brand Russell Athletic has
begun a heartfelt new campaign. Launched in March, the Hope for Hospitals initiative is dedicated to donating everyday essentials to hospital staff who work on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Today, Russell Athletic is further expanding on its mission by donating up to $700,000 of product donations for the duration of the campaign.

As of May 5, for every Russell Athletic ¼ zip purchased on , they will commit to donating one ¼ zip or
similar item to a healthcare hero.


To date, Russell Athletic has donated over 2,000 garments to healthcare workers.
Also for healthcare workers, Russell Athletic has been offering daily essentials, including zip-up sweatshirts and hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatpants that medical staff can easily change into and out of.

Russell Athletic says “Through our initiative, we hope to provide a small dose of comfort in these uncertain times.” To extend the campaign further, Russell Athletic is raising awareness through social media with the use of the hashtag #hopeforhospitals

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 1.00.43 PM

This Hope for Hospitals campaign will last until the end of May 2020.
Let’s support healthcare heroes by visiting

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 3.08.06 PM

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

Learn To Forget: The Unforgettable Brand

Learn To Forget (LTF) was co-founded by Artist/Musician/Designer Reilly Herrera
(of Night Verses) and musician Mike Cambra (of The Adolescents, Death by Stereo) in 2013.

They focus on screen prints for T-shirts and sweatshirts, and their creative looks create have characteristics resonating with punk rock, skateboarding and the graffiti culture. Everything is completely designed and sourced in Orange and Los Angeles counties
in Southern California.

LTF is on fire and growing its global distribution while still focusing on core retailers and boutiques in the U.S. In addition, with its DIY ethos – LTF has a distinct goal of helping serve the same counter-cultures that it exists within.

They Dropped a Spring 2020 collection.

Here is one super-popular piece, the PMA Pullover Hoodie from Learn To Forget Spring 2020. This hoodie has front & back 3D printing with a color-matched drawcord.


Another awesome piece in the Learn To Forget Spring 2020 drop is the
Sit Here Premium C/S Tee- “SIT HERE” tattooed mouth graphic printed on premium
label T- shirts. An in your face graphic to be sure, made with 100% garment-dyed cotton and handcrafted in Los Angeles.


Learn To Forget’s new collection not only offers simple-colored pieces but also this
eye-catching neon yellow My Rules Tee for your bright spring and summer look.


To really conquer your head-to-toe street style, you gotta get the
Anarchy Logo Crew socks. Add it to your style list, and to your smile list, too.



Bottom line: LTF helps you stand out among the crowd and skate into your style life.
Jump to Learn To Forget official website and find your Spring 2020 style.

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!


V/SUAL— Find what you love … and do it as much as possible.

Skateboard culture brand V/SUAL was founded in 2013 on California’s West Coast by Van Styles, previously known as Stephen Vanasco. He was 21 and running a skateboard camp in the early ’90s for kids in the valley. Later, after shooting photos and videos for other skaters, Van Styles found he had the same passion for this art form as he had as a teenager with skateboarding. From there, his professional photography career was born.


After having amazing opportunities to work with a great array of skateboard and streetwear companies, Van Styles decided to go for it on his own and create V/SUAL. Because of his influences from skateboard culture and photography, Van Styles always created innovative looks, whether they were on collabs with other big brands, or on his own photographic art pieces, skateboard decks and apparel from his brand.


V/SUAL products are wildly popular among fans due to their trendsetting designs and images of sexy women. Most of his looks use photographic images to present street scenes, sensual art or both. This is the strength of Van Styles, which makes his followers feel like they are entering the world from his perspective.
















Not long after becoming a professional photographer, Van Styles creative shooting style caught the eyes of street scene people. His special talent attracted flocks of followers, and Van Styles had many offers from famous street brands to collaborate, including The Hundreds, FR2, Black Scale and more.








“Find what you love doing in life and do it as much as possible” is V/SUAL’s core message that continues to stay true today. Wanting more than just being a cool streetwear brand, V/SUAL serves as a constant reminder and source of inspiration for others to go for their dreams.

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!


Capsul – from Streetwear to Vogue

The founders of their country’s first multi-brand streetwear platform were recently featured in Vogue Magazine – India. Here is a recap of what makes Capsul, a Lula 101 account, unique and poised for further success. 

Streetwear culture has seen an upward rise in the last few decades. From emerging as a subculture to punk rock and hip-hop of the ’70s, to finding a permanent spot on modern-day couture runways, streetwear has been a movement of its people.

Meenakshi Singh and Bhavisha Dave saw an opportunity to introduce streetwear brands to the Indian audience while they worked together at Puma. Powered with an almost decade-long experience in the industry and exposure to street culture, the duo collaborated on launching Capsul in 2018, an online multi-brand streetwear store with headquarters in Bangalore.






India has a sizeable community that is into streetwear, in the range of 500,000k+ Oversize fits, logo t-shirts, coach jackets, tactical apparel, Yeezy, Jordans and Nike SB’s are some styles that form part of the uniform of this crop of India’s bubbling streetwear community. Capsul says that younger consumers usually prefer brands like Odd Future and Thrasher while the older, more seasoned audience prefers heritage brands like The Hundreds as well as Thrasher.







Capsul started off by curating brands that were OGs in the streetwear space, including The Hundreds and Thrasher. They also brought on board brands which were connected with from their time spent at Puma. The brand’s ethos and storytelling are what Capsul use to curate products; however, the common thread connecting all these brands is their respect and love.

THR- 1





Thrasher and The Hundreds, distributed by Lula 101, are two of Capsul’s best-selling brands, because their look is never out of style. And one of the most exciting collabs for them to date has been The Hundreds X Hard Rock Cafe drop. The Hard Rock drop has that amazing vintage vibe to it and is a must cop for collectors.






Capsul began with authenticity, collaboration and positivity as the key values. It was launched with the goal to make global brands with cultural clout and independent design available to the discerning Indian Gen Z and millennial, through an authentic lens of storytelling and community.


From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

Elhaus is in the House

The Indonesian brand Elhaus brings utilitarian style from Indonesia to far beyond, creating new streetwear that you have never seen before.

The brand specializes in streetwear staples inspired by military garments, motorcycle clubs and techwear. Their patchwork pieces are a sight to behold as well as their knack for all-over prints, patterns and pocket placements.

Launched in 2010 as a denim brand by Raven Navarro in Jakarta, Elhaus focuses on clean, timeless designs, made by using both modern and traditional techniques
and materials.

Here is their brand-new line: The Gentle Metal Collection. This offering expresses their exploration in garment making to create functional necessities while they search for unique shapes, fabrics and prints. The result is a focus on technique and fabrics that results in stylish, comfortable and functional clothes.

Elhaus designs and specifies every shape of the pockets, details, and fabric prints to show how creators seeing clothes. That is to say, a transformation from mere practically into a one kind of statement pieces.

In addition, the new collection merges Elhaus utilitarian codes with bold traditional style. This vagabond jackets represent their new collection concept; you can see the fusion of tactical vest with 3D pocket and kimono.

To keep balance, they use muted color fabrics, accented with eye-catching prints.

For the second half of the collection, they are dropping their signature digi boroprint tailored to the Gentle Metal pattern, notable in various pieces such as the Glide Shirtsand the Ground Jackets. Enter the Gentle Metal – emergence of hard made; soft goods. And style redefined.


From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!


Got Gold Gods…?

The Gold Gods

The Gold Gods is widely known as a distinctive designer gold jewelry and accessory brand founded in 2013 out of Kansas City. They opened their first flagship store in the heart of Hollywood on historic Fairfax Ave, in Los Angeles, June 2016. The Gold Gods sales are rocketing and are sold in over 1,000 stores across the United States and Canada, making them the #1 selling streetwear jewelry brand in the U.S.


The Gold Gods products are crafted with the highest quality materials, yet with affordable retail pricing, usually in the range of $39-$299. They also provide 100% lifetime warranty on all products purchased at authorized dealers, so if your Gold Gods products ever fade, break, or scratches, you can get a replacement.


Their newest collection, The Hamsa Hand Piece, is one of the most recognizable pieces in their jewelry line.It features a yellow gold-plated pendant in the shape of a Hamsa hand and is encrusted with hand set cubiczirconia stones throughout for a look that shines. The Hamsa is an ancient symbol that have used to protect them from harm. Add this unique design to your outfit and keep on shining safely.

Also new is The Gold Gods Dual Arrow Piece Necklace crafted from two triangles that are a powerful symbol from ancient times. Of course it is hand crafted and 18K PVD gold plated. Wear Gold Gods and feel the power.NEkkNlLA

But don’t stop there, because The Gold Gods also sells rings, tennis bracelets, watches, other bracelets, sunglasses, fine jewelry and even grillz. This matte black onyx bracelet brings mind, body and spirit into harmony. The soft matte onyx beads balance your energies and really bring out the glow in the unique rose gold Buddha charm. Get in touch with your inner Zen!


Get the newest Gold Gods offerings and fully live your shining life!


From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!