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Undefeated: Bad Sports

These are our favorite selections from UNDEFEATED’s Spring 2013 look book titled “BAD SPORTS”. The new line features comfortable athletic apparel with various styles; incorporating preppy Oxford button-down shirts, slim cut off sweat shorts, and UNDEFEATED’s tiger stripe camo jacket. You will never get bored of these simple yet contemporary designs.

A Bathing ApeUndefeated 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook by Estevan Oriol

After showcasing a number of their forthcoming collaborations together – including their take on the adidas Campus and ZX5000 – A Bathing Ape and Undefeated present their Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook. Snapped by legendary Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol.

此次BAPE與UNDEFEATED的合作是由著名攝影師Estevan Oriol掌鏡,以拳擊運動為出發點,充分體現了”Sport”精神,武士精神與運動元素的巧妙結合令2012的秋冬戰役一觸即發!


Undefeated opened its doors in Los Angeles in 2002 as an independent sneaker store. Business partners Eddie Cruz and James Bond intended to open an alternative sneaker store that was different to the mainstream. Shortly after the opening of the store, Undefeated branched out and started designing their own clothing line and with great success. Undefeated now have stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Tokyo. Undefeated is heavily influenced by street culture and takes inspiration from art, music, and sports.

Undefeated 起源於運動鞋專賣店,Undefeated 創始者Eddie Cruz and James Bond想要開創一家獨特的專賣店,於是他們開始設計自有品牌的衣服,開創屬於自己的一條成功之路。

UNDFTD FA’11 Lookbooks

Continuing with their roots of creating classic, athletic apparel is Undefeated’s Fall ’11 collection. Once again, the brand showcases simplicity at its finest using highly wearable neutral schemes. The line consists of tees, button-ups, minimally branded crews and sweatshirts, jackets, shorts and accessories. Designed to be worn on the daily.

Taiwan 授權經銷店:

MBC武昌:台北市武昌街二段114-2號1樓 (02)2312-1142
MBC公館:台北市羅斯福路4段24巷13號 (02)2364-2390
MBC忠孝:台北市敦化南路一段187巷14號 (02)2775-3468
MBC京站:台北市承德路一段1號B2 (02)2552-5665
MBC ATT:台北市松壽路12號2樓 (02)7737-8626

UNDFTD Fall Looks

If you haven’t gotten your hands on some UNDFTD fall merchandise, here is a peep of what your missing. Covering all the basics a man might need, this collection proves that staple pieces are everything in a man’s wardrobe. Whether you want to be comfortable yet look stylish, or simply dress up a graphic T-Shirt, this line up has the essentials.

Photos: Jon Coulthard

Undefeated World Cup Tees

Since world cup soccer fever is currently on the rise, UNDFTD came up with the perfect dose to balance the anxiety levels. Debuting this week is a nice capsule consisting of seven five strike t-shirt designs. Most importantly, each tee bares the colors of seven different countries including South Africa, France, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. These are some of the top favorites to win this year’s world cup, but for the remaining countries there is always hope. Never underestimate the power of the underdog. All seven tees available now via UNDFTD.

UNDFTD Spring 10 Final Look

Here’s a last look at UNDFTD’s latest release from their spring ’10 shipment. This shipment includes the lines most sophisticated pieces such as their crewnecks, Erik Brunetti collaborative tees, polo’s, and even a sleek leather wallet. By now, these fresh garments should be at your local retailers ready for picking. Get these items before the summer line rolls out and stay with us for updates.

UNDFTD Spring Looks

We’ve previously given you a glimpse of some of the items UNDFTD has released for the spring. Since Spring is officially here, here are some of the looks that will help you remain Undefeated the entire season. Pictured below are the sportsmanship t-shirt, no fair one’s tee, five strike crew, and classic hoodie. Put your game face on and grab the goods at your local retailer beginning Saturday March 20th.