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Walrus TV Artist Feat: SWOON

In this episode of Walrus TV by Upper Playground, innovative street artist SWOON shows us her paper wheat paste cutouts that have been commonly seen throughout the urban playgrounds. Her art draws inspiration from actual people she interacts with on a daily basis. Unlike graffiti art, her work displays a beautiful type of deteriorating state before nature vanishes it from the walls. Just another great example of a talented artist taking it from the streets to the gallery showroom. Check it out and tell us what you think. Comment is open.
Photo: Upper Playground

Upper Playground

Since 1999 Upper Playground has been committed to representing progressive urban lifestyles. With headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Upper Playground has established itself as a leader in the contemporary art movement.

Upper playground創立於舊金山結合了許多藝術家的作品,呈現不同藝術家所要傳達的視覺饗宴。

Estevan Oriol Must Haves!

Kicking off the year in true west coast fashion is Estevan Oriol’s T-shirt collection. As a photographer, Estevan’s keen eye maintains the raw appeal of the real world that surrounds us. This rawness is clearly depicted within his photography of beautiful Latina women that we see consistently through the seasons. It is this truthfulness to his artwork that makes a real life connection with the everyday person on the street.

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Upper Playground Headwear

Winter is all about accessorizing with the right head wear and staying warm. To stay on top of this, Upper Playground introduces its compound head wear collection, designed to keep your dome styling. The collection is comprised of three baseball style caps and nine beanies. These assorted style beanies are made of premium materials, some featuring pom tops and cuff bottoms.

Upper Playground x Alex Pardee T-Shirt Collection

Upper Playground is releasing a collection of four T-shirts designed by Alex Pardee. Alex Pardee has done works for Hurley International, Kid Robot, Aiden and Upper Playground before.
This collection includes four Tees each called- Hellraiser, Spider Ram, The carpenters, and The Second Hugging.
Aside from releasing of the tees, Upper Playground and Alex Pardee are offering an opportunity to snag some limited edition prints, the first 15 purchases of each of the four tees from the Upper Playground online store will receive a corresponding print of the design.

Upper Playground x Snoop Dogg T-Shirt Micro Collection by Dustin Canalin

Upper Playground and Snoop Dogg are relasing a limited-edition micro collection of three t-shirts designed by Dustin Canalin.
The three t-shirts are each titled ‘Chronics’, ‘Hockey Snoops’, and ‘You Don’t Love Me’ inspired by Snoop Dogg’s ‘Gin & Juice’ music video.
These t- shirts have very limited quantities and is available via Upper Playground.