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Volcom Taco Skate Bag

It’s time to grab your bag and hit the road, only this time you can bring your skateboard along with you. Designed with the skater in mind, Volcom’s Taco Skate Duffel Bag features the following:

– 4 outter zipper compartments
– Interior skateboard buckles to keep the board secure
– Interior mesh pockets and plenty of other secret compartments
– Super comfy padded shoulder straps to carry as a backpack
– Duffle bag handles


Lula End of Summer Women’s Essentials 2012

Our Lula essentials for the end of the season include trendy items we thought were a must! As summer ends and fall begins, everyone is trying to get their last beach days in! The essentials for this include an adorable hat and stylish sunglasses so you can protect that pretty face of yours in style! Along with those items a cute red cover up or dress can be casual for the beach or dressed up for any night event. When tanning or swimming at the beach, the girls have to have the most fashionable bathing suit, which is why we picked this super trendy one! Also picked out, was the nice size leather purse and cool snakeskin sandals!

Lula Summer ’12 Mens Essentials

Lula Essentials

For our mens Lula essentials, we have included popular end of season items! For a beach day guys can use this sick skateboard and matching army print backpack to carry their essentials. Big frame watches for guys are trending now and this design is super new and cool. The Stussy print shirt along with the comfortble, yet stylish boardshorts are a must! Leather shoes with the high REBEL8 socks is fashionable to wear along with those boardshorts! Last but not least, guys can wear a nice Us Vs. Them hat and sunglasses to look cool and protect their face from the sun!



Volcom Inc. is a designer, marketer and distributor of young men’s and young women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and related products sold under the Volcom brand name. Volcom is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. Volcom is known for its trademarkstone logo, its slogan Youth Against Establishment and the Let the Kids Ride Freecampaign.

Volcom 源於美國西岸加州,不僅設計並銷售自己的品牌,都有自己獨到的理念,不論男裝或女裝,不論衣服鞋子甚至配件,都有Volcom品牌傳達的特色。


Wild in the Parks

Wild in the Parks, created and sponsored by Volcom, is a skateboard contest primarily designed
for amateur skaters. Instead of a serious and nervous championship, this event is designed to be a
pure fun in the park. The event is aimed for all ages, but the contest will be broken up in three
divisions: 14 and Under, 15 and Over, and Pro-am open contest. Celebrity guests with decent
knowledge and experience are invited as the judges, whom will score individual participants under
their technique and tricks. There is absolutely no entry fee required to participate.

The event is not limited only in the U.S., but it is an international tour happening in Europe, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Brazil. The schedule for both the U.S. seasons and the international seasons could be found here: In addition, Volcom provides free food, free gifts, and cash prizes for each local winners. Few of the finalists from each country are then invited over to Europe to participate in the final Championship event, where the final winner gets a grand prize of $25,000.00. Wild in the Park is simply a nice event to hang out, enjoy the environment, eat free food, watch the amazing skating skills, cheer with your friends and families, and win free gifts!







Skater of the Year is an annual event given by Thrasher Magazine. The event started in 1990, and it has become one of the most respected awards in the skateboarding society. Unlike a competition with judges, Skate of the Year is chosen by votes of the Thrasher readers. This Year, the most vote goes to Grant Taylor.

Grant Taylor’s father Thomas was also a pro skater in the 80s. He started a skate shop in 90’s, where Grant was born and raised. Grew up in an environment with skateboards all around the wall, he was closely inspired and participated in the production industry along with his father.

Remy Stratton, a photographer and skateboarder affiliated with Volcom who has met Grant Taylor when he was a young as two years old, cannot help but be amazed. When Grand was six, he was already recognized as a talented skater who was well blending in to the surrounding adults despite his age. Ever since he was little he dares to shred anything that comes up to his path. He has devoted his life into skating, and we are proud to see him entitled the Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year.
Also check this video of when Grant was small