lula speaks

Exploring the ODD FUTURE

  Have you ever seen the word OFWGKTA and wondered what the heck it meant? This mysterious acronym stands for ‘Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’, usually shortened to Odd Future. If we say ‘Odd Future’, then many fans recall hip-hop group, but others recall it as the clothing brand with pink donut. That’s […]

Wish you can skate?

It’s not surprising to see more famous faces riding around town on skateboards these days. Even Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, and More Celebrities With Boards. Why not join them? Skateboarding is more and more popular every day, but not everyone has the talent to shred the streets. If you’re like me, you can shred your style […]

Don’t try to be cool if you’re not Rastaclat cool

Congratulations to the class of 2018! With graduations right around the corner, we know how hard you’ve worked, and we want to celebrate this milestone with you. Here are some tips for you as you get ready for some adulting: Attend a Career Fair – Dress business casual (no jeans or sneakers) to make a […]

The Hundreds X Amoeba Music

“I’ve never been about the money. I’ve always been about spreading the gospel of music and what it can mean for humanity… I just love the spiritual connection people have with their artists and their music.” -Amoeba co-founder Marc Weinstein Amoeba Music is not only the world’s largest independent record store—it’s a cultural institution that […]