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Bruce Lee x Rastaclat: Seeking the Positive.

California-based bracelet brand, Rastaclat, is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others. They always promote that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings. For their newest series, they have dropped the Bruce Lee collection with a trio of bracelets inspired by the mental and physical balance of the game-changing […]

Rastaclat Multi-Shift Collection

Rastaclat, the simple yet stylish shoelace bracelet brand, always leads you to be positive with its core message: “Seek the Positive.” The brand’s founder, Daniel Kasidi, says “Seek the Positive is about inspiring and challenging human beings to keep positivity on the forefront of everything they do, by being inspired, doing good for themselves, doing good for others […]

Pas De Mer – from Italy to You. The Aesthetic Style         of Irony Graphics                  and Colorful Prints

Pas De Mer, an independent clothing brand founded in 2011, offers a unique brand style that allows them to create timeless goods in the streetwear market. Pas De Mer means “no sea” in French; however, this Italian streetwear brand is situated on the island of Sardinia and surrounded by the sea. Like their brand focus, […]

Hope for Hospitals                       by Russell Athletic

In these challenging times, heritage American sportswear brand Russell Athletic has begun a heartfelt new campaign. Launched in March, the Hope for Hospitals initiative is dedicated to donating everyday essentials to hospital staff who work on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Today, Russell Athletic is further expanding on its mission by donating up to $700,000 of […]

Learn To Forget: The Unforgettable Brand

Learn To Forget (LTF) was co-founded by Artist/Musician/Designer Reilly Herrera (of Night Verses) and musician Mike Cambra (of The Adolescents, Death by Stereo) in 2013. They focus on screen prints for T-shirts and sweatshirts, and their creative looks create have characteristics resonating with punk rock, skateboarding and the graffiti culture. Everything is completely designed and sourced in […]

Capsul – from Streetwear to Vogue

The founders of their country’s first multi-brand streetwear platform were recently featured in Vogue Magazine – India. Here is a recap of what makes Capsul, a Lula 101 account, unique and poised for further success.  Streetwear culture has seen an upward rise in the last few decades. From emerging as a subculture to punk rock […]

Elhaus is in the House

The Indonesian brand Elhaus brings utilitarian style from Indonesia to far beyond, creating new streetwear that you have never seen before. The brand specializes in streetwear staples inspired by military garments, motorcycle clubs and techwear. Their patchwork pieces are a sight to behold as well as their knack for all-over prints, patterns and pocket placements. Launched […]