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The GFM band and Andy Glass in Fatal clothing

The “beautycore” act known as GFM (Gold Frankincense and Myrrh) has released its new song and music video titled Stuck in my Suicide. If you are fan of bands like Red, Flyleaf, and even The Devil Wears Prada, then you’ll dig this band!    Recently, GFM and Fatal clothing had fun destroying some drumsticks at Benchmark Sound […]

What an Odd Future in 2018

Odd Future is much more than a hip-hop collective, it’s a dope clothing line with you in mind. And it’s founding member is everywhere. Tyler, The Creator’s new track “OKRA” might be a “throwaway,” but there’s no doubt that the rapper could’ve included this on an upcoming project. The booming bass looms throughout the verse […]

Drops More Upbeat Graphics with RIPNDIP Spring 2018

It’s hard for some brands to be original when creating new streetwear these days, but it’s never the problem for RIPNDIP. The RIPNDIP Spring 2018 collection is now available! Los Angeles-based RIPNDIP is known for its playful, fun-loving approach to both skateboarding and streetwear. See what’s new, including the all new “must be nice” condoms, new colors […]

Take the Reshoevn8r Cleaning Challenge

Like skating in your favorite white kicks but not looking forward to cleaning them? Using the 3 Brush Advanced Laundry System, Reshoevn8r took on the challenge against some of the grimiest everyday shoes, the Vans all white authentic sneakers. Check out how Reshoevn8r performed on these shoes. Here’s how it all went down: It started […]


  ARE YOU READY FOR SPRING? For The Hundreds spring has sprung. Check these  out!!       The colors are poppin’, but the style is sick. You can feel the spring spirit just from their clothes.       Their bombastic graphic T-shirts and crew neck are available in 2018 spring collection. This design […]


Small details make your style rock!   And Rastaclat is the best way to detail your looks. So many colorways, so many options … you will find your perfect match.   Rastaclat’s seasonal releases includes special styles to help you look your best. Check these out:       It is same color as Sriracha […]


GOT CLEAN KICKS? Shoes are the houses for your feet and are THE most important key for your outfits. People who care about their total look always wear cool & clean kicks.   Cool! But if these shoes are dirty and look old, the outfit-of-the-day is going to be messed up.   You want to […]


LIKE TO HAVE FUN? Well, NEFF has always been about having fun! Check these styles out … cool and functional, right?   How can NEFF create such fun and awesome products? Simple. The answer is in their anthem, “Forever Fun.” FUN is key for them, which is why so many fans are attracted to NEFF. […]


      This cool brand from Los Angeles based designer Francisco “Cisco” Reyes. Have you heard of Cisco? If not his name, you know his work.   Yes, Cisco works  with Obey’s Shepard Fairey, and they have a collab this spring!! And he’s done freelance design for cool brands like Rebel8, Hurley and Urban […]

AGENDA 2018 !!!

Agenda 2018 in Long beach! Agenda has been the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion show for five years. Here you’ll find the latest in creative direction and the coolest styles. Agenda has started with tight group of 30 brands but has now exploded to more than 1,000 brands representing at the show. Yes, as […]