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REBEL8 Taiwan ambassador – Benjamin Lin @ Ink- N- Iron

The 13th annual Ink- N- Iron festival  took place on the great Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, CA recently. Long Beach was the tattoo cultural engine of the West Coast and the center where techniques and trends evolved. People from all over the world come to support this event and enjoy the vibes of the tattoo convention … including Lula!

For one with no tattoo, like myself, It is very intriguing to watch these talented tattoo artists draw tattoos on others. Some of the best tattoo artists in the world attend this event to showcase their work, ink, apparel, etc. Along with the tattoo convention, there is also a car show and live music event.

Tali De'Mar

Tali De’Mar

Ink- N- Iron tattoo convention was established to pay a tribute to the great tattoo art tradition. Many of Lula’s friends were exhibiting over there, including REBEL8 ambassador, Benjamin Lin, from Needle No. 8 tattoo studio in Taiwan.


Started his tattoo career since he was 16 years old, Benjamin is infamous, controversial and yet interesting. Stay tuned for our interview video with Benjamin Lin in the next few days!

REBEL8 Taiwan ambassador – Endless Sun


Today’s spot light is on Endless Sun, a.k.a. Xiao-Mao – the popular and highly skilled tattoo artist who owns Endless Tattoo studio in Taipei, Taiwan.


As a REBEL8 brand ambassador in Taiwan, Endless Sun never fails to “Spread the 8″ wherever he goes (REBEL8 is deeply rooted in tattoo, graffiti and skate culture). Endless Sun recently entered an Amsterdam tattoo contest and literally showed his love for REBEL8 throughout his trip there.

These photos capture Endless Sun’s REBEL8 spirit and showcase the spectacular views of Amsterdam.




Endless Sun took home the first place trophy in the color group contest at the 2015 Amsterdam tattoo convention.


Follow Endless Tattoo on Instagram to see more of his artistry and his inspiring tattoo life.