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China-Shanghai-YuGarden-the_Lantern_Festival-2012_1828 for blog

Chinese New Year greeting from Lula101

Chinese-New-Year (1)It’s Chinese New Year, the most festive holiday season across Asia Pacific!

Also known as Spring Festival, it is marked by the ancient lunar calendar; therefore, the date changes from year to year. Each Chinese New Year is characterized by one of twelve animals within the Chinese zodiac. 2016, the Year of the Monkey, is the ninth animal in the cycle. If you are not quit sure if you are the “Golden Monkey” Here are the birth years: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, and 1968. 

IMG_2001_blog2During the new year holidays, it is an opportunity to restart with a “new beginning”, which you can go forward and leave all of your old worries and fears behind.

For centuries, Chinese culture has celebrated hopes, wishes and dreams with the releases of Sky Lanterns. This beautiful tradition illuminates the night sky, proving to everyone that light can always be found during dark times. As majestic glows decorate the heavenly skyline, our prayers for longevity and prosperity also outlines a fantastic new year ahead.

Thai LanternsAs the leading pioneer in Asian-Pacific distribution of celebrated American original brands, Lula101 provides the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets: Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Hong kong, Indonesia, Malysia, Japan, Singapore!! Fans across Asia Pacific can experience the best American original brands and latest lifestyle trends through our excellent SERVICE, STYLES and SMILES

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and the year of Monkey with Lula101,  along with your favorite brands: Benny Gold, Black Scale, Civil Regime, Crooks and Castle, Denik, Dope, Golden Denim, Fairplay, Melin, Mishka, Odd Future, Publish, Rastaclat, Rebel8, Reshoevn8r, Richer Poorer, Tavik, The Hundreds, Thrasher and Primitive!


May the new Golden Monkey year brings you wisdom, courage and health. Please keep connect with us from the start of this exciting year! 


Release “The Gates Of Hell” – REBEL8 X MISHKA Collaboration

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This exceptional collaboration by renowned tattoo artist Mike Giant and celebrated graphic illustrator Lamour Supreme is wowing streetwear fans globally with the release of “The Gates of Hell.”


Back by popular demand, this is not the first collaboration between two cool streetwear brands: Brooklyn, New York born – MISHKA and San Francisco, California found – REBEL8.

If this is your first time witnessing REBEL8 x MISHKA collaboration,  you really need to experience what you had missed in the previous sold out  collections! LULA Speaks has captured them all here!

R8+M collaboration-01Not only the brand values would seem easily to clash based on the obvious “West Coast vs East Coast” ordeal, this combination also represented a bit of stretch from two street cultures of the “Legion of Death Adders (MISHKA) to the “Lower Class Royalty (REBEL8). And yet, through this collaboration, you can find each distinct elements been boldly illustrated through each stroke of details. The creativity from each origin had been displayed fully in the fascinating colors and content, while truthfully reflected both genuine DNA in the complimenting harmony. Blog 01This rare piece of art is certainly proven to be a collector’s items, and it is for anyone who is seeking to preserve a piece of subculture history of our times. Along with limited quantity release in the USA on January 18th, 2016 , fans across Asia Pacific such as: Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan will have an opportunity to experience this collaboration.

_JJK9719The “GATES OF HELL” collection offers complete apparels collection for fans to embrace. Short Sleeve Tee Shirt (white /or black), Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee Shirt, and Zip-up Hoodie. The items WILL BE sold out, and you do not want to miss it!

Blog 02For more information regarding REBEL8 and MISHKA at your closest location across Asia Pacific, please contact LULA101.

Major Drop Turning Tables at The Lucky 1

Our friend in Malaysia, Major Drop, was established in June 2014 now carrying 80 brands under its roof. It is a multi- label street and lifestyle store becoming one of the most prominent street wear hubs in Malaysia. Major Drop hosted an event called, “The Lucky 1″ at the Slate at the Row celebrating their 1 year anniversary, and Lula was honored to be a part of it.

To promote Major Drop, in the building upstairs they showcased their staple brands on sale. Meanwhile, downstairs the party was pumping with people and dance moves that would blow your mind. Luckily, new and up coming DJ’s were able to play their best jams rocking out with the crowd. A few artists that showed us their beats included Moslem Priest, TactmaticNaufal & I-Sky, Arabyrd, DJ Biggie and flown in from Shanghai, frontman of creative collective Yeti In The Basement, one Tom Yeti. The Lucky 1 created a lot of hype and made us want to join in on the Major Drop party!

Upstairs section (pictured below) features the retail section with multiple brands that are sold at Major Drop. Nothing is better than shopping and partying at the same time.


Downstairs section (pictures below) proves that Malaysia knows how to party with Major Drop.


Pure joy.


FiftySix Degrees Whiskey being put to quality use.


Dancing the night away with good company and an even better host.


Show us your best dance moves!

mj5 mj1

DJ turn it up!


Event go- ers wearing Thrasher, REBEL8, and Odd Future, all brands that we carry!


The madness of a crowd.


Another hip- hop prodigy doing his thang.


Thank you based- god (Major Drop) for this awesome event. We hope to see more events, like The Lucky 1, in the future!

Lula 101 Visits Publish

We took a trip to meet with Publish Brand and talk business, monkey business that is (Just kidding). Here is a behind the scenes look of the Publish facilities located in Huntington Beach, CA.


Look how the sign shines… ahh entering the great Publish, here we go!

IMG_0008 (1)

We have always been fans of their sick 5 panel designs and colorways.

IMG_0018 (1)IMG_0030 (1)

Where all the magic happens to produce premium items, Today for Tomorrow!

IMG_0020 (1)

Our favorite part about the office! The photo shooting platform and setup is amazing.

IMG_0052 (1)

The one and only, Michael Huynh, Founder of Publish Brand.

IMG_0054 (1)

Peep all these rad little Buddha guys in Huynh’s office.

IMG_0063 (1)IMG_0046 (1)

When Publishers need to take a break from work to game it out!

IMG_0080 (1)

Publish has a huge warehouse, but is much needed for a brand this successful. Keep up the great work, we’re so excited to be part of the Publish family!

You might be interested in Taiwaninders with Publish.



Primitive – Long Live Summer!


Get the hottest summer collection from Primitive before it’s too late! They went with their signature laid- back approach this summer. New to primitive are tie-dye colored garments, cut and sew styles, standard athletic staples, and many more. Their talent goes a long way and is proven in the new graphics produced. One of Primitive’s clever, yet humorous mottos for this summer is, “Let the beer flow, let the skin show.”

The color palette used in this collection and how it has a twist on the classic floral print is really interesting. It is featured on almost all of their products including shirts, wallets, hats, etc. and gives the perfect summer touch to your wardrobe.


HOPES Store – The Story Behind the Art feat. Rookie

HOPES is the new flagship American streetwear store in Taipei owned directly by LULA101. As we just had our successful opening, we would like to take you a little bit deeper into the store. (For the opening article, please click here.)

HOPES store is all about American street culture, you can see arts and cool decorations in every little corner.

The dressing room for HOPES is not just some normal everyday dressing room you can find in the other store, but a real dressing room for street culture lover.

We embrace the street culture, we embrace the streetwears, we embrace the street arts.

We invited one of the most famous graffiti artist in Taiwan – Rookie to help us bring this white, boring door into something that reminds us where we came from.


People may be wondering: What’s the story behind the art? We had a chance to record the whole design process and a quick interview with Rookie himself:

HOPES Grand Opening Photo Album (FULL): http://goo.gl/uT5hig

HOPES Official Website: www.hopestaiwan.wordpress.com

Big success on Lula’s Multi-brand store opening – HOPES

Taipei, Taiwan – 11 / 18 / 2014

HOPES, the new flagship American streetwear store in Taipei, invited celebrities, tattoo artists, rappers, news media, trendsetters and fans at its November launch party in trendsetting Ximending. Showcasing top U.S. brands like REBEL8, Mishka, Benny Gold, 10DEEP, Rastaclat, Melin Brand, the HOPES grand opening event gave the standing-room only crowd a taste of the must-have styles for fans.

Grand Open!

HOPES guests were welcomed by the always entertaining MC Lan Yeh and were treated to a special performance by Taipei’s very own DJ Kid. HOPES also commissioned renowned graffiti artist, Rookie, to create a special art installation that was unveiled in the store, and that, along with food, beverages and music made for a day that will not soon be forgotten.

Upon entering HOPES, fans reveled in the skateboard décor, street art and posters with signatures from major U.S. brand owner, giving you the feeling of walking into an urban New York City gallery.

MC Lanyeh

MC Lan Yeh, always energetic and humorous, opened the launch party by welcoming the fans and noting how HOPES is the only store in all of Taiwan to offer such a unique mix of U.S. brands and styles and then welcoming company founder, Sherry, to share the stage with him. Sherry also thanked the HOPES brand fans and told her inspiring story. It’s the tale of how a dream, coupled with vision, hard work and building strong relationships with brands and fans, can help anyone achieve success. “Embrace your hopes, realize your dreams” is a HOPES’ core value that anyone can benefit from.

DJ Kid

DJ Kid then took to the stage and transformed the event into an American-style nightclub venue with his exceptional turntable skills. HOPES’ guests grooved to his music, dancing began, and the crowd showered their appreciation on him with whistles and applause.

After his performance, DJ Kid shared stories of his passion for music. At 15-years-old, he discovered his calling, and after countless hours of practice and intense training, his hard work paid off – he placed first at a National Music Competition. From that point on, he became more and more famous in the industry. DJ Kid and Sherry Lu share the same dream: if you insist on pursuing your dream and never give up, you will succeed.

HOPES fans saw that DJ Kid was wearing a very special hat at the grand opening. The hat belongs to one of the newest brands that HOPES store carries – Melin. Their high-end headwear has topflight features like full-grain lamb Napa leather and other premium materials, unique serial numbers and quality packaging. Fans call Melin the Rolls-Royce of headwear for good reason. Melin isn’t for everyone – you have to earn it. At the grand opening, a video of how Melin was founded and flourished, and then a Melin hat valued at $200 was presented to a fan who won a short quiz about the brand.

Rookie – one of the most famous graffiti artists in Taiwan – talked with Sherry about his fascinating artwork, including his special HOPES store installation piece. Rookie used the dressing room’s sliding doors as his canvas. When the doors are closed, the monotone outer artwork suggests dark, unknown matter but, once opened, a luminously unique “HOPES” awakens your senses.

The birth of HOPES


HOPES’ founder – Sherry Lu, came to the states in 2001 with little money, no acquaintances and without being fluent in English. But what she had was a dream. An American Dream.

Knowing that coming to a new country with nothing but the clothes on her back and few possessions would be challenging, her undefeatable “We Can Do It!” spirit drove her to succeed beyond her wildest dreams.

Working tirelessly, Sherry was able to open her first U.S. store, yes, “HOPES,” which ultimately led to her become a leader in the wholesale distribution of U.S. brands in Asia. Fast forward to 2014, HOPES Taipei is bringing the U.S. lifestyle, attitude and trendsetting culture to Taiwan.

The American Dream is also the Taiwanese Dream.

As fans, celebrities and artists partied at the HOPES grand opening, Sherry thanked everyone for their ongoing support. Even the brand founders took part in the festivities in a special video presentation where they talked about their dreams while giving warm shout-outs to HOPES and the fans who support their brands.

Watch it here: (Video link: https://vimeo.com/112301783 ).

After a good time was had by all and many new brand fans and friendships were made, the grand opening press event ended and the VIP fans opening party began, with more entertainment and special surprises, including a HOPES photo booth, U.S. brands cupcakes and much more.

Band: XIII GOAT【拾參羊】

Tatoo shop – Endless Tattoo 【無盡紋身】

Media – MasterHands

Singer – BCW 懶領階級 & 楊賓


Flow Records 【逆流音樂】

Fashion Bloggers

DB clothing shop

All of us at HOPES invite you to visit our store to find a unique mix of the U.S. brands that will help set you apart from everyone else. At HOPES, you will find your waking dream.

HOPES Grand Opening Photo Album (FULL): http://goo.gl/uT5hig

HOPES Official Website: www.hopestaiwan.wordpress.com

Famous Stars and Straps

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink- 182, founded Famous Stars and Straps fifteen years ago. It is based in Ontario, California and influenced by music genres: punk, rock, and hip- hop. This brand has had so much success since it first started in 1999. FSAS has their own “family” of a mix of people who support each other in anything they do. This is a highly respected brand in BMX, skate, motorcycle arenas, and MMA. Many of the team members of FSAS are involved in these sports.


FSAS is a lifestyle brand and a movement. It is international and everyone is loving the brand, considering it has been successful for 15 years now. Multiple celebrities have worn this brand helping the growth even more. The famous “F” logo for this brand represents a “badge of honor.”


This brand grew rapidly because of the popularity of Travis Barker. All his fans from Blink- 182 bought the apparel and accessories immediately. Although Barker still has to go on tour and has a big music career, he communicates with the members of FSAS. Barker keeps up with the brand and makes it all about the team. They are in this together and satisfying customers with this epic street wear company.


Social Media FSAS:






Civil Regime

Civil regime apparel was developed with the motto, “pertaining to civil life and civilization.” In 2009 Civil had the opportunity to share the idea that Civil embodies. Civil spread like wildfire and has now been worn by Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce. Civil incorporates trends into their own creations, yet still keeping it affordable. It sells in stores across the nation and worldwide.

Brj44I5CYAEfFm2.jpg large   darksport-frontpage

Karen Civil has been announced to be the new face of Civil. It just so happens that her last name is also Civil, how ironic! Karen started out learning about the power of the internet and how she could get recognized. She made fan pages for celebrities and was able to market her page well. Out of all the fan pages created, hers was most popular. She now has her own website, which features new and upcoming artists in the hip- hop industry. KC has helped a lot of people become famous from talking them up on her site. She will be good news to represent Civil as the face of their company.


Lula’s IN4MATION Top Picks

Time to rock the weather and your outfits! IN4MATION combines fantastic street style which can be practical and fashionable at the same time. Check out this combination of some of our favorite items. Worldwide T-shirt (White) is made of cotton so that is makes you feel comfortable under any situation. The “Nuuanu Denim” jeans feature undeniable style with labeling of the “Hi” chain stitched on the back pocket. In addition, the IN4M x GOODWOOD NYU Hi Bracelet (Black) and the Hi New Era cap (Tan) are the perfect finishing accessories. For added style, add a IN4M x GOODWOOD Pin Set on your bags or favorite shirts to show everyone your down with In4mation.