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Benny Gold is Always on Vacation

The Summer Bartlett collection has been released from Benny Gold! They decided to take a trip down to Baja, Mexico for their lookbook to perfectly capture those surfer vibes. More graphics, intricate prints, and high quality items have been added to this collection.


New Work’s for Jerks graphics have been used for a few of the summer tees.  Benny Gold explains the meaning behind this iconic phrase, “When you do what you love all the time, the lines between work and play dissolve. That’s why we say Work’s for Jerks. Do what you love and love what you do, and you’ll always be on vacation.”


Border Hopping: Benny Gold

Native San Francisco label Benny Gold didn’t start as an intended apparel brand – instead, it was the result of a series of life events that gradually steered the creative genius to own what is now an internationally distributed brand.

Still and forever a skater at heart, truly humble and straight up down-to-earth; Benny took the time to share a bit of the history of the brand and his views on his success with us – dropping down some sage advice. If you don’t already know, he’s also got an absolutely adorable daughter – you’d have to follow him on instagram to see what we’re talking about (@bennygold).


You mentioned in an interview that Keith Hufnagel got you to start putting your own line out – why did you pick your own name to represent the line you put out?
The funny thing is, the clothing brand came to be before I even realized it. At the time, there were already a good amount of design projects out there with my name attached to it. Keith said to me, “Why start with a new, unfamiliar name?” So here we are with good old Benny Gold.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Keith Hufnagel.
He was one of the groomsmen at my wedding! That’s how close we are. Keith is someone who completely changed the way I look at things. I used to be so focused on designing for clients and he taught me about making myself the client. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him. Thanks Keith!

As a graphic designer, how did you learn other facets of the business like manufacturing and operations once you decided to come out on your own?
Designers don’t learn any of that stuff studying art in college or working for other people. I have been picking all that up on the job as we go. There have been a ton of mistakes made along the way, but I’m a firm believer in ‘nothing happens without a reason.’

How big a role would you say photography plays in the running of a brand?
It’s a game-changer. Photography is how you present your brand to the world. The more pro the images are, the more pro you look.

What do you look for when you shoot lookbooks? What’s the process like?
A strong concept is the core to everything. We focus on concept in every aspect from the initial sketches to the finished season’s lookbook.

bg 1

What role do you play in the shooting of your lookbooks? Do you shoot them yourself, do you art direct?
Most of our lookbooks have been shot by friends of ours and we’re crazy lucky to be surrounded by tons of creative people all the time. We always look for photographers whose work we respect.

Tell us a bit about how long it took before your brand got picked up to be distributed internationally and what the story leading up to that was like. How did you feel about all this?
Honestly, I don’t remember when international distributors initially reached out to us about bringing the brand to their countries. It just happened and we’ve had solid relationships with them for years now. It’s exciting to see that we’re all growing together.

We often see photos of your really cute daughter Rumi, on instagram – how are you enjoying fatherhood and what are you like as a father?
Fatherhood has been amazing in that it really put into perspective what’s important in my life. It’s obviously challenging to run a business and be a father, but life is about balance. I can’t waste time on stuff like watching skate videos or looking at blogsites anymore and it’s definitely worth it.

Article: Major Drop
Instagram: @majordropofficial



After creating a burger glider for Benny Gold in 2013, Benjie Escobar was featured as a guest artist in Benny Gold’s spring 2015 collection. Benjie is LA- based and is an extremely talented, creative and innovative artist. His influences come from his childhood experiences in Pomona, California, along with anime, lowrider bike culture, graffiti, raves, streetwear, DJ culture, Japan, typography, design, illustration and, of course, pizza.


His designs are featured on multiple T-shirts, in magazines and elsewhere. He is known for curating art exhibitions, inventing new zine genres, art-directing gourmet burger festivals and building brands.


Benjie used his love for pizza and incorporated it into the infamous Benny Gold glider with the motto, “Stay Gold.” It’s now hot n’ ready for your wardrobe.



You can also learn more about Benjie Escobar on Benny Gold’s blog. Want to know if Benny Gold is available in your country? Ask us!

Big success on Lula’s Multi-brand store opening – HOPES

Taipei, Taiwan – 11 / 18 / 2014

HOPES, the new flagship American streetwear store in Taipei, invited celebrities, tattoo artists, rappers, news media, trendsetters and fans at its November launch party in trendsetting Ximending. Showcasing top U.S. brands like REBEL8, Mishka, Benny Gold, 10DEEP, Rastaclat, Melin Brand, the HOPES grand opening event gave the standing-room only crowd a taste of the must-have styles for fans.

Grand Open!

HOPES guests were welcomed by the always entertaining MC Lan Yeh and were treated to a special performance by Taipei’s very own DJ Kid. HOPES also commissioned renowned graffiti artist, Rookie, to create a special art installation that was unveiled in the store, and that, along with food, beverages and music made for a day that will not soon be forgotten.

Upon entering HOPES, fans reveled in the skateboard décor, street art and posters with signatures from major U.S. brand owner, giving you the feeling of walking into an urban New York City gallery.

MC Lanyeh

MC Lan Yeh, always energetic and humorous, opened the launch party by welcoming the fans and noting how HOPES is the only store in all of Taiwan to offer such a unique mix of U.S. brands and styles and then welcoming company founder, Sherry, to share the stage with him. Sherry also thanked the HOPES brand fans and told her inspiring story. It’s the tale of how a dream, coupled with vision, hard work and building strong relationships with brands and fans, can help anyone achieve success. “Embrace your hopes, realize your dreams” is a HOPES’ core value that anyone can benefit from.

DJ Kid

DJ Kid then took to the stage and transformed the event into an American-style nightclub venue with his exceptional turntable skills. HOPES’ guests grooved to his music, dancing began, and the crowd showered their appreciation on him with whistles and applause.

After his performance, DJ Kid shared stories of his passion for music. At 15-years-old, he discovered his calling, and after countless hours of practice and intense training, his hard work paid off – he placed first at a National Music Competition. From that point on, he became more and more famous in the industry. DJ Kid and Sherry Lu share the same dream: if you insist on pursuing your dream and never give up, you will succeed.

HOPES fans saw that DJ Kid was wearing a very special hat at the grand opening. The hat belongs to one of the newest brands that HOPES store carries – Melin. Their high-end headwear has topflight features like full-grain lamb Napa leather and other premium materials, unique serial numbers and quality packaging. Fans call Melin the Rolls-Royce of headwear for good reason. Melin isn’t for everyone – you have to earn it. At the grand opening, a video of how Melin was founded and flourished, and then a Melin hat valued at $200 was presented to a fan who won a short quiz about the brand.

Rookie – one of the most famous graffiti artists in Taiwan – talked with Sherry about his fascinating artwork, including his special HOPES store installation piece. Rookie used the dressing room’s sliding doors as his canvas. When the doors are closed, the monotone outer artwork suggests dark, unknown matter but, once opened, a luminously unique “HOPES” awakens your senses.

The birth of HOPES


HOPES’ founder – Sherry Lu, came to the states in 2001 with little money, no acquaintances and without being fluent in English. But what she had was a dream. An American Dream.

Knowing that coming to a new country with nothing but the clothes on her back and few possessions would be challenging, her undefeatable “We Can Do It!” spirit drove her to succeed beyond her wildest dreams.

Working tirelessly, Sherry was able to open her first U.S. store, yes, “HOPES,” which ultimately led to her become a leader in the wholesale distribution of U.S. brands in Asia. Fast forward to 2014, HOPES Taipei is bringing the U.S. lifestyle, attitude and trendsetting culture to Taiwan.

The American Dream is also the Taiwanese Dream.

As fans, celebrities and artists partied at the HOPES grand opening, Sherry thanked everyone for their ongoing support. Even the brand founders took part in the festivities in a special video presentation where they talked about their dreams while giving warm shout-outs to HOPES and the fans who support their brands.

Watch it here: (Video link: https://vimeo.com/112301783 ).

After a good time was had by all and many new brand fans and friendships were made, the grand opening press event ended and the VIP fans opening party began, with more entertainment and special surprises, including a HOPES photo booth, U.S. brands cupcakes and much more.

Band: XIII GOAT【拾參羊】

Tatoo shop – Endless Tattoo 【無盡紋身】

Media – MasterHands

Singer – BCW 懶領階級 & 楊賓


Flow Records 【逆流音樂】

Fashion Bloggers

DB clothing shop

All of us at HOPES invite you to visit our store to find a unique mix of the U.S. brands that will help set you apart from everyone else. At HOPES, you will find your waking dream.

HOPES Grand Opening Photo Album (FULL): http://goo.gl/uT5hig

HOPES Official Website: www.hopestaiwan.wordpress.com

Who is Benny Gold?

Benny Gold started out with a dream, as most young kids do, and moved to San Francisco to skateboard. He went to school for art and design, which eventually led him to being a graphic designer for different corporations. Originally, Gold became the designer behind HUF, but wanted to take it to another level. He was watching everyone’s dreams come true and figured it was time for him to let go and let his creative mind roam. One day he posted a sticker around town, which is the original “gilder” sticker inspired by the old mantra, “stay gold.” Who knew a sticker could start the bold brand, Benny Gold.


The original gilder plane sticker is now featured as a logo on many of his screen print tees. The paper plane philosophy of Gold is “ever young, always moving.” I think the symbol is great and the importance behind it is even greater. Gold is always moving forward in life and in his company, developing the brand to the best of his abilities. This is the “Gilder tye dye red” tee and I love how the tye dye almost has an acid wash feel to it.

bgBenny Gold has a lot of experience with graphic design especially which is why he knows what his customers will like. His designs may be simple, yet intricate. This pocket tee he has created is very trendy and the design is spectacular. He has incorporated the famous gilder plane into the geometrical diamond pattern.

bg 2

bg 3

The goal for the brand Benny Gold is to “emphasize the importance of staying true to your passions, growing up without growing old, and a DIY work ethic.” This is a truly inspiring quote and is very down to earth. The DIY, do it yourself, ethic is a great example to follow your dreams, just like Gold, but it is up to you to make it happen. This is only the start of Benny Gold and you will be seeing a lot more of him.

Benny Gold has done collaborations with big companies like Jansport, and recently did a collection with Publish. Check it out!


There is a golden interview that Life + Limb did featuring Benny Gold. For more info, click here for our lula speaks blog post!

For the interview in mandarin click here!


Keep updated with Benny Gold:












Benny Gold X Publish Collaboration

?????The Bay Area’s Benny Gold brand and Southern California based Publish brand have collaborated to create one of the best capsules this year.

The inspiration behind this collection comes from the foggy climate of San Francisco, which is also the birthplace of Benny Gold.  Publish has taken Benny Gold’s  popular fog camo print and fused it together with their own style to combine this unique collection.

There are some  highlights of capsule such as 3/4 length hooded mountain jacket, which featured as water-resistant. Publish Brand classical Jogger pants and 5 pockets shotwell are also avaliable in this collection.

Check out Publish x Benny Gold collaboration Lookbook to learn more details.












Benny Gold

” To me, it’s a reminder that all the ideas and experiences that we hold dear are the real gold inside each of us. This is what shapes us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young. When it came time for me to establish my own brand, I hadn’t wavered from that concept, which is how the Benny Gold brand came to be. Stay young til’ you die!”” – Benny Gold

保有品牌原創的概念,延續品牌的理念打造Benny Gold的價值。