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Enter the Dark Side with the NEW Black Scale Fall/Winter Collection 2015

When the temperature gets colder, the nights get longer, the color starts to fade… You can always lead the crowd with Black Scales newest Fall/Winter  15 collection.

LULA101 embraces the lifestyle trend that has mastered the balancing creation of #art and #fashion. Black Scale explores many themes in their collection ranging from #politics, #religion, #identity and #death. This latest collection definitely stays true to its core essence.  Join the challenge along with LULA101, to question the ideals of everyday society, to decipher the world objectively and to disregard the view of the status quo. As a pact to each other, let’s never leave no stone unturned, when searching for individual’s own truth. blk95151022

Black Scale introduces an even darker street wear aesthetic this Fall/Winter ’15 season. The collection is inspired by the darkness of the night and is creatively displayed in the streets of Los Angeles. Check out now the creative Lookbook.

Here are highlights of LULA101‘s favorite look.



_MG_6824 blk95150952 blk95151163  blk95151195

For everyone who wants to lead the trend with the #darkside this season, be sure to have your latest Black Scale collection.  For more styling information, you can check-out www.black-scale.com; for more product availability throughout Asia Pacific, come and check out www.lulaapparel.com.

We don’t know about you, but LULA101  can’t wait to #camouflage into the #wintery nights!

Don’t Trust Anyone Except Black Scale

Black Scale and DTA (Don’t Trust Anyone), have joined forces bringing a new collaboration to the table. This collab is limited to Black Scale’s/ DTA’s online store and LA/ SF locations only. Super exclusive … sorry to our international accounts :(

DTA is a lifestyle clothing brand from Venice Beach, CA since 2005. Owners Johan Esbensen and Travis Barker came up with these three letters to represent a lifetime experience that secure fundamentalism of brand grown organically through the streets and word of mouth. They are a posse of like minded individuals pushing through life living everyday to it’s fullest and sharing one golden rule, “Don’t Trust Anyone.”


Black Scale has incorporated their inspiration of graphic art, religion, and identity to mix with DTA’s style.


Our favorite graphic pictured above from this collection. Great color choice boys!


Simple details, unique designs.


DTA x Black Scale


That’s why I say Don’t Trust Anyone Except Black Scale.


Lula’s successful AGENDA 101

The most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world, Agenda Show, was held in Long Beach on July 8 and 9. Located between LA and OC, Long Beach is the perfect spot for Agenda because of the abundance of action sports, lifestyle and streetwear brands in Southern California. Agenda showcases more than 750 brands, including contemporary, women’s, accessories, action sports, outdoor, footwear, and both surf/ skate hard products.IMG_0071

Bringing the coolest brand into the Asian market, as always, Lula 101 went to check out this innovative experience. Some of the brands’ reps and owners that we had a chance to meet up with included CLSC, Civil, REBEL8, Rastaclat, Black Scale, Clear Weather, MishkaDOPE, and In4mation.





IMG_0280REBEL8’s booth was amazing with its wall made up of four layers including a CRT television (pictured below). Incredibly creative with a retro feel to it. One of the TVs was showing the video (Taiwandering with Joshy ) we shot when Joshy visited Taiwan in 2014.


Along with all of the brands on display, there is no shortage of food, music, entertainment and people-watching to keep attendees entertained.IMG_0248

Agenda show helps Lula continue delivering Service, Styles and Smiles to our customers. We can’t wait to visit next show and hang out with all of our awesome partners again … including my friend, Mishka’s Giant Bootleg Kaiju!



Black Scale x JT&CO

Black Scale never fails to impress us! They now did a collaboration with Jovontae Turner and Company (JT&CO) to top off 2014 right. Black Scale’s clothing is inspired by religion, government, identity, and death. They mixed their style with JT&CO’s San Francisco style. The collab is named “Radical” to perfectly describe their brands together. BS x JT&CO’s collection decided to stick to darker colors and limited their use of bright colors. It is more focused on the labels of mixing BS x JT&CO and their prints.


One of their tees and caps features the dictionary definition of radical to really help the customer define what this collab is about and represents. This collection has a very modern eye to it and has a wide range for the target market.


To find out more: http://black-scale.com/

B L V C K S C V L E- SU14

Black Scale is a fairly new company to the street wear business. The brand was established in November 2007 and has expanded immensely. Michael ‘Mega’ Yabut and Alfred De Tagle are the co- founders who originated from the Bay Area in San Francisco. They started out working at the HUF store together and wanted to create a darker street wear line. There are many aspiring street wear artists out there; it is hard to find individuality and be very unique. Some street wear designs are just the logo name on t- shirts, and boom they have a brand. The two founders of Black Scale knew they needed to stand out and made street wear by creating clothing with inspirations of religion, government, identity, and death. Their clothing actually has meaning behind it and a great message. Their goal is to create emotions and topics of discussions within their clothing.


Black Scale’s summer 2014 collection features more color and patterns rather than their typical black and white tees. This collection features screen print graphic tees, ready to wear cut and sew items, head wear, accessories, and footwear. Their designs are very impressive and they have put a lot of thought into each item. The creativity these guys have is endless and it shows in their designs.

The “perception” and “windows to your soul” designs were both created in inspiration of Leonardo da Vinci quotes. I particularly like the design of the perception tee because they incorporated Leo into the shirt along with the cool line design.

bss 1

bs 2

The “cathedral” design captures the customers’ eyes by the surreal stained glass look. I believe this t- shirt design is exceptional with the colors and almost architectural design. It is very geometric and they also were able to include their Black Scale logo into the shirt very subtly. This is one of their more unique shirts and the design is very well laid out. The pattern of the cathedral is also very intricate.

bs 3


The “death crescent” t-shirt is inspired by the prayer of the dead. I found this design nicely structured because of the descending crescent shape. I liked how it got smaller and how each crescent was disconnected. This made the image inside more abstract.

bs 4


The “Rebel red flag” design is actually the first official nation flag of the Confederacy, called Stars and Bars. Many of their designs are based on religious views and include a rebellious nature to it.

bs 5


Even their basic logo t- shirt has meaning behind it. It writes “B L V C K” in an arch shape, called the “arch base” t-shirt. Arches are structures with deep resonance that symbolize strength, support, lightness, and openness with destiny. Arches are also fundamentally masculine, which is how they came up with this design. This is what separates Black Scale from other street wear brands.

bs 6


It is very important for Black Scale to inform the customers about what they are buying since most people just buy clothing because it “looks cool.” Little do they know that Black Scale puts a great deal of effort into their clothing and should be shared among each other or maybe even teach a lesson or two. The meaning of their designs is critical for their brand. Nothing can stop these guys and their imagination goes beyond belief.

Lula 101 is very proud to be part of the Black Scale sales team as their Asia distributor. I love their clothing and think it is very inspiring that they put so much effort and creativity into one design. Their uniqueness will take them very far and I love how they want to spread a message behind each piece of clothing. They are definitely different than most street wear brands and their clothing is high quality. I consider them to be the “haute couture” of street wear clothing. They take risks to make their clothing different, but it always turns out well. Black Scale is growing more and more along with their originality. They are up to date with the highest trends and add their own unique twist on their high end street wear clothing.

Check out Black Scale summer 2014 collection lookbook here

Find Black Scale summer 2014 collection in Asia:

Thailand: I-Screamz, VAC

Singapore: Alley, Da’Cave

Indonesia: Maris, Arena Experience,

Malaysia: Juice KL, Showroom

For Black Scale Asia distribution info, email: sales@lulaapparel.com




Black Scale x 40 oz NYC Collaboration Lookbook

Two of the most prominent streetwear brands, Black Scale and 40oz NY, have collaborated for an East meets West capsule.

As you know, Black Scale’s roots stem from San Francisco & 40oz hails from New York.

Featuring both brands iconic logos & graphics, this collections focuses on a gothic theme using only black & white. Check out the looks below to learn more about Black Scale x 40 oz NY collection.



Website: http://black-scale.com/





Black Scale Holiday 2013 Collection LookBook | Ascension

Photographer: J Williams Model: Lawson Rhys Taylor

About Black Scale:

Black (adjective)
Black can be defined as the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye.

Scale (verb)
Pattern, make, regulate, set, measure, or estimate according to some rate or standard

Web site: http://www.black-scale.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackscalebrandpage
Instagram: http://instagram.com/blackscale#

View complete Black Scale Holiday 2013 Collection LookBook | Ascension.