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Lula Summer ’12 Mens Essentials

Lula Essentials

For our mens Lula essentials, we have included popular end of season items! For a beach day guys can use this sick skateboard and matching army print backpack to carry their essentials. Big frame watches for guys are trending now and this design is super new and cool. The Stussy print shirt along with the comfortble, yet stylish boardshorts are a must! Leather shoes with the high REBEL8 socks is fashionable to wear along with those boardshorts! Last but not least, guys can wear a nice Us Vs. Them hat and sunglasses to look cool and protect their face from the sun!

Volcom Welcomes Sion Milosky

One of the newest additions to the Volcom team is Hawaiian big wave charger Sion Milosky. Although Sion has been dominating the underground for years, it wasn’t until recently he’s made a name for himself in big wave riding. Last year, Sion caught arguably the biggest paddle in wave ever as well as demonstrating some outstanding talent at Pipeline and Waimea. To learn more about the man, check out the clip below…

Sion Milosky Biggest Wave Ever Paddled into from abstractlines.tv on Vimeo.

Mishka Summer Glimpse

Taking on a vintage aesthetic that reigns so popular within the brand is Mishka’s summer looks. Reminiscent of the good old summer days, the brand brings back snapbacks, colorful board shorts, tie dye t-shirts, and washed flannels. The looks are compliments of the summer lookbook dubbed “too much too young.” The name is well fitting keeping in mind the care-free lifestyle that the collection embodies.
Photos: Mishka 2010 Summer Lookbook