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FREE August ’10 Issue of Juxtapoz

It gives us great pleasure to see the artwork of Mexican tattoo artist Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez on the cover of the August Juxtapoz Magazine issue. Otherwise known as “Dr Lakra,” Jeronimo re-invents classic printed material images by drawing over them and therefore giving them new life under a new medium. Below are some of the images included within the feature. While quantities last, Asian accounts can get a FREE copy of the issue with their request.

David Choe Book Preview

David Choe’s long awaited self titled book is finally becoming a reality, dropping in as early as July 7th, 2010. Choe has been in the spotlight working harder than ever before and to many of his followers this is the icing on the cake. The book follows ten years of trajectory and details never before seen art and spontaneous life situations that can only occur to such a unique individual. Here’s a quick glimpse of the 288 page hardcover book compliments of Upper Playground.

Upper Playground: Grotesk Feature

You might recall the graphic below from back in ’08. It is the work of Kimou Meyer (Grotesk), a swiss-Born graphic artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Although primarily known for his minimalistic cartoon designs, this Belgian trained designer focuses on ordinary events that occur on a daily basis. What types of things you might ask? Grotesk finds meaning in people and events that most people consider to be insignificant. Whether it is a flying objects on the street such as a bag, warehouse storefronts, burnt cars, thieves, or classic hip hop icons, no real life event goes unnoticed.

Besides working on numerous projects in the US art scene, Grotesk still manages to create graphics for Upper Playground. Alongside creating t-shirts, limited edition skateboard decks, and logos for other companies, Grotesk has a history of his own. Cataloged in his new book titled “Grotesk- A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn” are over 200 graphics Grotesk has designed. This book is definitely a collector’s item and a must have for all streetwear and art lovers.

Upper Playground 10 years of Graphics

Celebrating 10 years since its creation in the millenium, Upper Playground has released its official UP 10 Book. The book takes us back to the most notorious graphics from hundreds of the most recognizable modern artists who have left their mark within the brand. The book is packed with more than 2000 graphics, 612 pages, and comes in a hardcover edition. Knowledge is power, and so is this book. Get it now..
Upper Playground Ten years of T-Shirt Graphics

1999年,Upper Playground 在加州舊金山,從一個目錄印製在單面傳單紙上開始。

在過去Upper Playground 開始的十年,品牌創造許多具有影響力的紀錄片,出版了近一整個圖書館的藝術書籍、開始了許多商店及畫廊,更保持了豐富的服飾系列、配件和其他用品。這些設計全都來自世界各地的藝術家。除了多樣化的處理方式,Upper Playground 的藝術感來自T恤上大膽和生動的圖樣。在過去十年Upper Playground 的T恤中,有近兩百位藝術家創作兩千以上個不同圖樣。幾乎所有的圖樣收藏在此書中。

Free! Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine

The current February 2010 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine brings the latest news regarding the modern art and streetwear culture. Grasping the cover of this month’s issue is Josh Keyes’ fresh painting titled “NP Roar”. Famous for depicting wild animals in true nature, this artist doesn’t hold anything back. Now you can have the issue for FREE when you receive your Spring ’10 merchandise. Simply request the magazine and it will be shipped to you with your enclosed order.

Upper Playground: Estevan Oriol Must Haves

Currently at the peak of his career, Estevan Oriol’s sensual and tough graphics keep shining in the spotlight. Our warehouse has been busy this week shipping his three new January releases to our various accounts. In his latest work, Estevan captures the raw beauty and toughness of the Los Angeles woman. To cap off his successful year, Oriol has also released his new book title LA Woman featuring some of his best photography to date. All items available via Upper Playground so hit us up for special wholesale pricing and information.

Juxtapoz Magazine New Year Issue

Always supporting the rising artists and local brands around your neighborhood is Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine. Already in stock is the 2010 newsstand January issue of the magazine featuring the cover by Kehinde Wiley, lots of interviews, photos, and news. Tons of information and inspiration is what this magazine represents within our communities. Now with every order from Lula, we will gift you a FREE copy of the issue upon request. Thanks for supporting independent art and your favorite brands.

Shepard Fairey & Antonino D’Ambrosio Present: A Furious Heartbeat

With the holidays lurking around, Shepard Fairey and Antonino D’Ambrosio present an evening of art and music titled “A Furious Heartbeat.” The event will kick off December 19th from 8-11PM and will run through January 9th, 2010. There will be live performances by Wayne Kramer, Antonino himself, and several other special guests. A special screening of Fairey’s latest film Let Fury Have the Hour trailer as well as Fairey’s original artwork for “A Heartbeat and a Guitar” book cover will be showcased at the gallery. Tons of never before seen illustrations and photographs will also be on display.

1331 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90026

REBEL8 Fall ’09 Tee Delivery

Along with other great brands we’ve sent out recently, REBEL8 is among the top when it comes to tattoo designs. This fall collection rendered the vast talent of Mike Giant and his new creations. Most featuring the likes of skulls, hot chicks, and reppin’ San Francisco to the fullest, the brand continues to hit us with something new every season. Check out some of the gear at local retailers. Lula is opening account limited to stores in Asia, hit us up for Spring ’10 and get ahead of the game.

REBEL8 Fall Line

Fall 2009 celebrates the best of REBEL8 by keeping to their tattoo and street artist roots. This collection embodies the best of both worlds, sophistication and street swagger. A whole new set of unique graphic tees by Mike Giant are sure to be a hit in any store. In addition, a full set of accessories such as caps, belts, wallets, beanies and socks tie the line together. Fall goods are arriving next week to our warehouse, be sure to check out your local retailers and cop some of the illest gear for fall this year. Lula Apparel is the exclusive distributor in Asia, please contact us if your stores are located in Asia and would like to add this brand to your stores.