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Phantaci x Publish – “Shark Reflect” Jogger Pants Unboxing

PHANTACi, a fashion label established by Jay Chou and his friend Ric Chiang, has teamed up with Publish Brand for a limited edition of “Shark Reflect” Jogger Pants in celebration of the label’s 8th anniversary.


The Reflective Tiger Shark Camo Jogger Pants is at PHANTACi’s retail stores and online exclusively in Taiwan.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t unbox it in the states, right? LULA will now introduce and reveal this treasure for you, let’s get to it!

Photo Apr 20, 14 09 29

You can notice that the package has the Shark Reflect print. When you get your hands on this box, it gives you the immediate feel of “top quality” and “luxurious”.

Photo Apr 20, 14 10 49

The package includes a hard copy look book, a hard-cover notebook, two pencils and an iPhone6 case.

Photo Apr 20, 14 12 46

Photo Apr 20, 14 14 58

Shark Reflect Jogger Pants

The “Shark Camo” print is PHANTACi’s signature pattern, featuring the great quality and their “best-in-class” Jogger Pant.

Photo Apr 20, 14 16 32

The 3M material was used during the making of the product, which causes reflective effect during the night.

The pants were made to fit Asian’s sizing. It is recommended to scale one size up when picking your one and only Phantaci x Publish Jogger.

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you are interested in collaborative items, please contact us!

Publish Brand x PHANTACi “Shark Reflect” Jogger Pants

PHANTACi, a fashion label established by Jay Chou and his friend Ric Chiang, has teamed up with Publish Brand for a limited edition of “Shark Reflect” Jogger Pants in celebration of the label’s 8th anniversary.


The collaborative pants feature Publish Brand’s most popular product, “LEGACY Joggers”, in PHANTACi’s signature “Shark Camo” print. The pants are specially designed for Asian sizing and come in a black/dark grey colorway with 3M reflective surface.


By incorporating its signature style and aesthetics, Publish Brand chooses a dark grey tone for the  “Tiger Camo” in order to match Phantaci’s signature Shark Camo prints. With the use of 3M material, the shark prints appear in different forms under flash lighting, which gives the pants a one-of-a-kind design.

The pants also feature paneling at the knee along with co-branded woven labels and logos as well as Phantaci’s pink-flag label and tonal embroidery. All these design elements make the Shark Reflect Jogger Pants a new classic pair to keep in your closet.


Silence is Golden Denim

Abraham Ruiz founded Golden Denim, “This is not a brand, this is a tradition,” in 2009. After high school, Ruiz decided to work instead of going to college. His family has been making jeans for 30 years and he thought to take that experience to a whole new level. At the time, there were not a ton of big brands in L.A. Ruiz scoped that opportunity and created Golden Denim. He cuts and sews the jeans himself along with a team of about 50-60 employees. Denim is not easy to sew, yet he is devoted to this company and spends hours at the factory. His designs are unique and the current trend of GD is the marathon pant. It is similar to Publish’s jogger pant with the cinched cuff.


The difference is that all of GD’s clothing is made in USA instead of China. Ruiz chose to do this to support American labor and nowadays almost everything is produced in China, setting him aside from the crowd. Ruiz works very hard and always sets goals for himself, making the success of his company possible. He figured that jeans are a California lifestyle and most people have a love for denim. Ruiz’s designs are creative with the color palette he uses and abstract prints. Complex Magazine named his rendition of the camo marathon pants “the best camo pants.” Golden Denim is expanding daily and is getting even more popular.

00000539572095E6_M CEMI_4753

Click here to watch a video of the owner, Abraham Ruiz, sewing a pair of Golden Denim jeans handcrafted.

For further information:



Favorite Jackets: Reason Clothing

Reason Clothing pays an impressive amount of attention to detail with the Alma Mater Varsity jacket. Not only are the sleeves made out of 100% rawhide leather, but the outside AND inside pockets are lined with leather as well. Not to mention, this jacket comes with a quilted inside lining. The wool body definitely makes this a premium piece for your closet and can be dressed down or dressed up for literally any occasion. To top it all off, it’s only $125 at Reason Clothing’s online shop! The perfect jacket at the perfect price… you’re not going to find this combination anywhere else.

Camo has been hot lately, but Reason takes camo outerwear to the next level with this jacket. Two words: corduroy collar. Unique in its own sophisticated way, the Woodland Camo Hunting Jacket is a MUST. This jacket has a heavy duty double zip that buttons up as well. Two waist pockets add that extra touch, and and inside pocket will keep your stash safe.

Sneak Peek: Acapulco Gold Spring 2013

Acapulco Gold has released three exclusive pieces from their Spring 2013 collection on their website’s News page. The Officer’s Ripstop Button Down takes the current camo trend to a new level. Created with infinite wearability in mind, this button down is built to last. Not only is it available in Woodland Camo as shown below, but it also comes in Dark Olive and Khaki Woodland Camo. You can never have too many shades of camo in your closet.

AG is also releasing a New Era Cap for their Spring Collection. The Numero Uno New Era professes AG’s first place status–always in the lead. The simple yet bold design is perfect for any season, and the cap comes in camo too. Like I said, there’s never a limit to camo.

The last item that Acapulco Gold teases us with is the Lightning ‘A’ Spring Baseball Jacket. Custom cuffs and that sporty feel make this jacket as deadly as lightning. Made in the USA, this jacket comes in Black and Olive.

Officer’s Ripstop Button Down

Numero Uno New Era

Lightning ‘A’ Spring Baseball Jacket