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Upper Playground: Grotesk Feature

You might recall the graphic below from back in ’08. It is the work of Kimou Meyer (Grotesk), a swiss-Born graphic artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Although primarily known for his minimalistic cartoon designs, this Belgian trained designer focuses on ordinary events that occur on a daily basis. What types of things you might ask? Grotesk finds meaning in people and events that most people consider to be insignificant. Whether it is a flying objects on the street such as a bag, warehouse storefronts, burnt cars, thieves, or classic hip hop icons, no real life event goes unnoticed.

Besides working on numerous projects in the US art scene, Grotesk still manages to create graphics for Upper Playground. Alongside creating t-shirts, limited edition skateboard decks, and logos for other companies, Grotesk has a history of his own. Cataloged in his new book titled “Grotesk- A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn” are over 200 graphics Grotesk has designed. This book is definitely a collector’s item and a must have for all streetwear and art lovers.

Acapulco Gold Holiday Delivery

Currently doing it with class, is another run of holiday goods from Acapulco Gold. Previously we gave you a look at some of the Janette Beckman old school collaborative series which are off the chain. Now, we give you a glimpse of a couple other classic inspired items from the holiday line. First up, get the cream in your “Dollar ills” New Era which goes perfectly with your hip hop music blasting from your speakers. Secondly, is a dose of comedy on a favorite classic cartoon dubbed xxx-men tee. Get these and other hot items through select AG retailers now.

Mishka Presents: Sinisterly Yours, Glamnation Exhibit

350 Broadway in Brooklyn NY is the place to be this month. Our good friends from Mishka NYC sure know how to host a party. The show titled Sinisterly Yours, is an art exhibition featuring works by Dennis Chow aka GlamNation. You might recall some his graphics from the Mishka’s t-shirt illustrations, Nike, and Death From Above 1979 album cover. The show kicks off this Thursday December 10th from 7-10PM, and carries on for the following six weeks. Limited number t-shirts created by Chow will be readily available upon opening reception on a first come first serve basis. If mythical creatures, cartoons, and not of this world graphics are your thing, come chill with the Mishka crew and keep supporting art.

Exact Science Holiday Offering

In an effort to keep hip hop alive, Exact Science continues to impress with its social and musically inclined t-shirt graphics. From classic rap artists, underground scenes, to politics, ES’ graphics are always true to contemporary culture movements. In addition, the Exact Science line helps artists from diverse backgrounds gain a canvas for publishing their work. Most importantly, ES is committed to making street art become more validated as a fine art in our society. So hit us up to grab some tees on the go.


Mishka’s Kill With Video Presents: Pon De Rollins

This week its all about entertainment. To get you through your mid week crisis at work is another video series created by Creepy Touch creator, The Vidiot. Think of this web series a your free mid-week dose of coffee. To recharge your body and soul, the videos consists of a compilation of supercharged songs along with clips from random acts. This clip below is titled ” Pon De Rollins” so be sure to check in with us every week if you like what you see.
Video: Mishka NYC

Stussy x Basil Wolverton

Stussy’s artist guest series features the artwork of world famous illustrator Basil Wolverton. Licensing some of his fathers famous caricatures for this Stussy collaboration this holiday, Wolverton’s son, Monte brings back nostalgic memories of his father’s illustrations from the golden age of comic books. A series of t-shirts are being released this week at your local retailers featuring some of his best grotesque cartoon graphics such as the one below.

Alex Pardee “Hiding From the Normals” Art Show

As a true member of the Upper Playground crew, I’m glad to present you with some valuable information regarding Alex Pardee. Tomorrow Oct. 6th, 2009, Gallery 1988 will be the place to be to witness Pardee’s “Hiding From The Normals” solo art show from 7-10PM. The exhibition will focus on some of his new works, but is not limited to his trademark ghoulish figures for which he is famous for. This show is perfect to kick off this Halloween season. If your in the LA area, please drop by and show some support.

Address: 7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Stussy x REAS “Wayback Throwback” Collection

Todd James aka REAS is a New York based artist recognized internationally through his graffiti work on subway trains in the Big Apple. More than just a graffiti artist, his talents have branched out into creating logos for hit music icons, creating puppets for Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers as well as production designer. Most recently, REAS has teamed up with Stussy to create what they’re calling the “Wayback Throwback” collection. The series features REAS’ colorful graffiti aesthetics on numerous products including this season’s hot item-Medicom toys. Available in limited quantities at Stussy chapter stores. Check them out.






Source/ Photos: Stussy