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HOPES joins the circle of lokai

On June 1, Lula 101’s direct-owned retail store in Taipei, HOPES, will begin carrying the highly desired lokai Bracelet. This hugely popular bracelet is quickly becoming a must-have accessory as more celebrities and influencers are posting their “#livelokai” selfies on social media.

Carrying lokai in HOPES has great meaning to Sherry, the owner of HOPES store, on a personal level. Some of you may know her story (here and here), and the challenges she had to convert her “waking dream” into the American dream. Therefore, Sherry can really relate to what Steven Izen, the founder of lokai, said: “Life is full of joy and sadness, and we can all relate to its highs and lows. I hope that lokai will remind you to stay balanced and centered along your journey.”


The value behind the lokai bracelet is to encourage you to find your balance. The product expresses the best and worst conditions you might possibly encounter in life, represented in white and black beads. Water from Mt. Everest is embedded within in the white bead, while the black bead is infused with mud from the Dead Sea, and the rest is connected with the clear beads. This is to remind us that life is a circle, nothing is eternal – >stay humble when you’re on top of the world and remain hopeful when you hit its lows.

classic lokai

Because so many star personalities are participating in the “#livelokai” selfie on social media, people all over the world are taking notice of lokai. Not just for the valuable meaning behind it, but because of the positive action they’re taking as well. Furthermore, lokai donates 10% of the net profits that come from your purchase to  a variety of charitable alliances.


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Give Jeans A Chance- Japan

Here are some photos from Volcom’s Give Jeans A Chance campaign in Japan. Iceman in Japan collected a whopping 1638 pairs of jeans to help out those in need. The photos include the scene in western Japan as well as participating shops in the area. We at Lula appreciate Japan’s strong contribution to this important campaign. We thank you for your successful efforts, let’s change this world together.





Volcom Give Back Series

As part of Volcom’s 2010 “Give Jeans a Chance” campaign, Volcom teamed up with the National Coalition for the Homeless to help clothe those in need. This program urges people to donate an old pair of wearable jeans to any participating Volcom retailer. As a gift, you will receive a Volcom hat, pin or stickers while at the same time helping the world. Additionally you’ll be entered to win 1-year’s worth supply of free Volcom Brand Jeans as well as a $1000 prize pack.

Obey Haiti Relief T-Shirt Now Available

Now available via the Obey online store is the Obey Haiti relief t-shirt. The shirt is available in black and white color schemes at a special price. Best of all, the entire proceeds of the sales will be donated to the Artists for Peace and Justice to benefit Haiti victims. We appreciate your collaboration in aiding these innocent victims on getting their feet back on the ground. Thank you all.

Upper Playground For Haiti Relief Effort

With the chaos that occurred in Haiti last week, thousands of people were left dead and in the ruins. Those that fortunately survived however, face a cruel reality ahead of them. Food, clothing, and shelter are basic needs that need to be taken care of in order to encourage these devastated victims to continue with their lives. It’s our responsibility to help those in need, in desperate times of need.

Upper Playground is raising consciousness by putting a little bit of their part to aid the cause. From January 21~31, this month, for every purchase a customer makes from any UP retail or web store, the company will donate a new t-shirt to the Fashion Delivers Charity to clothe those in need. To further assist, UP is offering 50% off on all items purchased during this time period in U.S. based Upper Playground stores. Help make a difference by grabbing some goods and putting your small grain of sand in the mix.