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Bruce Lee x Rastaclat: Seeking the Positive.

California-based bracelet brand, Rastaclat, is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others. They always promote that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings.
For their newest series, they have dropped the Bruce Lee collection with a trio of bracelets inspired by the mental and physical balance of the game-changing instructor, actor and philosopher who changed the world of the martial arts. To celebrate Bruce Lee’s inspirational quotes and philosophy, the Bruce Lee family has teamed up with
Rastaclat team.


The first style is a gradation-bladed “One Family,” inspired by his quote “Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.” Bruce Lee believed we are all one family, all of us as humans, no matter our backgrounds, ethnicity, gender or orientation.
This message of inclusivity inspires us even more today. Keep his thoughts in mind, and fill your life with love and peace.



Here is another style, “Infinite Optimism,” which express his inspirational philosophy with this iconic black-and-yellow braided bracelet.

11620022_InfiniteOptimism_Box_Open_Ecom_2000xThe “Nunchuck” designed hardware and Bruce Lee silhouette make this bracelet
perfect. In today’s world, Bruce’s words encourage us and give us hope. Ever the
optimist, Bruce Lee overcame substantial challenges and hurdles in his life.


Wear “Infinite Optimism,” feel energy and overcome our challenges to find a way to get better each day and every day.
Here is one more famous quote. “Be Water My Friend.”


Once you wear this “Be Water” single-lace bracelet, you’ll remember the renowned quote,
“Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” Bruce believed that people must be like water adaptable, flowing, always changing and growing, and never becoming fixed in one style or one way.


Each bracelet comes with a header card or an exclusive collector’s box that can be used
for display.
Get your style and enhance your life.

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

The Publish Brand for HER – Sprinter Collection

Stir your imagination turn it into inspiration, and there is nothing stopping you from achieving anything! On #ladiesday in #pinktober, LULA101 proud to present the latest fashion spotlight: “Sprinter Collection” by the trendsetting lifestyle brand – The Publish Brand.

Known for its brilliant creation of the trend-leading joggerpants, The Publish Bran aims to deliver timeless fashion that is practical yet polished. The Publish Bran goes beyond the limits of art and fashion. Casual with an heir of sophistication, the “Sprinter Collection” by The Publish Bran is the best fit for mondern women. CfVFfXB5fd3_blZCNEJ4NjOigzvZhfAh-DWiof_Ys8Y,kba7xEAAy604-f-1Ml4HQ0wzzZ6jFk3cFWz1-bBxlTc,k5L-ZQ3EVLU3WCL_hmzMTbJMy91NvqoIZazoZXjFaUM,7Y1yxGHJ7bUCmj2THSvcdlASUJPL86QyX-lR5GdNCzM ERgm0oN98OqPFXP-IzBAFTFVlVpCePWIdyWFx7HY_Yg,O85ZtsArqDG3Q7CR88NxrJC0vqSqd8ZbXslKkePZJhI,6-vmiCtcFxN1HoiATHuq7miD91xwJAv_HnSixlGZVyo,Mgjb_T9O107c9aLmg_TzUnLVVlYbS3P86LvdbIYux7A zkCacfC95JJo7-F_A6DEXGNFMsVn9GTARwhbnSU2QgA,p1cdD1CGPYtyLlW9Ww2OXHbhto4VjU6XRawE5I-WZZQ,Xbix0giYdLhPSPdxf_ruE-qJjZRYBviJ4sjp8dshwKk,aiiM4He-gwcwt2GUb12p1Nu1yhd1tHlgeg2ICRsBLEI The Sprinter Collection is the latest release by The Publish Brand for Her. There wont be a piece you would want to miss as an addition to the Fall’15 wardrobe! Get creative and go beyond the realms of regular street style wear!AsqTePfU5QJpgcTfZFXialYPOklsOaq1RgljZf7aSqY,Ue50UQPq6AJk-SSztRsijPYoSIVM9akKziOXuUk80eQ,a65XBiRoncIHILGsUOn3xWQ-i3GElRCeEd8C9NsUX6w,5qNoj7SIZBHp2UCWiMQGFxbnyfO79jSHdBUYaZDC0XI qWsSgkxdFM8Qcmyhw4GwPQ3fXil7X4aSM6lsF5jIMEw,D8bGD9nLlvrDEU5pauhanQeQslS5K7DYd0xvjo8ZE7M,tROjdkg8HMz3uybk3jsEPSwNmDcAbuQGEy_uqjlQtnM,r1HHLqjkhF0awik9UXCO2nJh_xjfkCwlaQ-2IsND9-I RZxDZHWyDwJDBAcODcXY7JV6plIVqDwDeoafDkJZiek,WZFZjhO9IvxAkCqJlhsUMd7UHAhwfzV8GoMFksEeN6I,35u0Y2wi47O2oromWZozwxf_43WMIf5bDe2zvqEprUg,-k1i-aLcY9CvlWYPr8HgP23CI0HyBopV-gT9NTdkK20

Its better to get a jump start now rather than later. Get that new outfit and live #todayfortomorrow! Follow LULA101 for more inspirations for tomorrow.

CLSC – Simple and Classic, stay true.

CLSC first started out with six partners who developed 20 ideas for brand names on a piece of paper. Through process of elimination, they narrowed the list down to Honor Roll and Classic Ambition. Classic Ambition was favored, but it was too long. So they dropped
the ambition and cut up Classic to become CLSC which also stands for Can’t Live Scared of Change.


CLSC comes from California, not stereotypical sunny casual California, but from the vivid, classic, diverse and iconic city of Los Angeles. CLSC is a lifestyle, an inspiration, just like special moments captured by the camera lens – classic moments in time. CLSC combines elements of sports, drugs, sex, and music into their emblematic creations, thereby energizing and opening your mind.

CLSC’s favorite motto, “Sucks to Suck,” is simple, yet impactful. When your friends gets into bad situations, it is an expression used to feel sorry for them or even tease them, depending on what happened. We live in an imperfect world, and shit happens, so we can express our feelings through clothes without saying a word – and CLSC understands that.

CLSC owner, Josh Vides, was an employee for one of the most popular brands in the streetwear world: The Hundreds. He was constantly inspired during his time there, and he became a street-culture enthusiast. So with endless ideas and a desire to do even more, he formed CLSC. Living in a house with no A/C, existing on cheap food and drink, he kept his dream alive and worked tirelessly to make it happen.


Since 2009, CLSC continues to grow stronger. Now they’re going global, showing the world their unique designs that give their fans the opportunity to express their own uniqueness while spreading the “classic” lifestyle. Josh has not only reached a career milestone, a personal milestone – he became a father. He is true to his family, just as he is true to his brand.

CLSC’s legacy lies with its fans –champions of individuality who are notbeing afraid to express their opinions about sports, sex and music. Josh is working hard to make sure “CLSC” is a vocabulary everyone will know, and his hope is that the brand inspires its fans and encourages people to demonstrate their style and individualistic approach
to life.

Article: Major Drop
Instagram: @majordropofficial


CLSC releases Summer 2015 collection

Los Angeles based streetwear company CLSC continuously pleases the public eye with their sense of humor (mostly sarcasm ;), being portrayed in their new summer graphics. The inspiration from the LA scenic backdrops displayed in the new Summer 2015 collection. Athleticism and clean- cut goods have also made an outbreak in this new collection.

Check out CLSC summer 2015 lookbook and the inspirations of the designs.


Team tee

Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the MLB. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. After Jackie left the league and had passed away, his number was retired in 1997. Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees was the last person in sports to be able to wear the number 42, now that Rivera has retired, there will never be another player to wear the number 42 in sports. Moving forward CLSC will be utilizing this number to pay tribute to the late and great Jackie Robinson who changed the history of sports so many years ago. Available in black, white, heather, and navy.


Sandwich Tee

Inspired by one of CLCS owner Josh‘s favorite skateboard companies, this Sandwich graphic was inspired by the image on his first skateboard deck in 2002. Replacing the company name with CLSC’s slogan “Sucks to Suck”.


Champ Tee

This graphic is from a famous image of one of Muhammad Ali’s knockouts. This is during the Ali VS Cleveland in 1966. Neil Leifer the photographer rigged his camera in the rafters before the fight and was sitting ring side with a remote (in a blue shirt). He had no idea he got the shot until he developed the photo.


SUX baseball jersey … well, you get the message.


Barney Tee

Barney from the Simpsons doing his usual thing – enjoying a beer. CLSC script logo below illustration. Available in black, white, and heather grey.


Revenge Tee

Now, that’s classic!

You might be interested in  TAIWANDERINGS WITH CLSC.

TAVIK Summer Collection 2015

The core value of TAVIK is MODERN BEACH CULTURE. Recognized for defining and uniting the modern age with beach heritage, tavik provides a testing ground for all of our products. Whether ravaged by long days in the sand or even longer nights out, all of our products are designed and engineered with superior quality, fit and function.

Let’s take a tour through Tavik’s Summer 2015 Collection!


Inspired by life on the streets. A monochromatic, fashion driven line. Premium fabrications, materials, fit, and quality are the primary focus of this collection.


Consisting of versatile pieces that can adapt through day to night, and from beach to streets. Layering pieces, technical details, and unique prints are the foundation of this collection.


Embracing everyday staples, based on the new wave aesthetic of the brand. Classic prints,timeless design, and on-trend colorways brings life to this collection.



Launched in 2010. Tavik swimwear is much more than an addition to the overall brand. Tavik swimwear delivers fashion-forward bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups in a multifaceted mix of vivid brights, feminine details, and retro inspiration. Confident, edgy, and not afraid of a good time, Tavik swimwear is a wild child.


If you would like to carry TAVIK in your market, inquire now!

Summer is around the corner, don’t miss it!

A Philippine Exclusive: The Agimat

Rastaclat partnered up with their family in the Philippines to bring you a Classic Bracelet brimming with Filipino pride. The AGIMAT is now available exclusively in the Philippine brick and mortar and online retailers in very limited quantities. Stock up on this collectable while supplies last!


If you are in the Philippines don’t miss the Launch party at Soleacademy BGC on April 24th at 5:00 pm. Spread Positive Vibrations with Filipino natives including Team Gilas Pilipinas, DJ Mars Miranda, DJ Ace Ramos, Mc Pao, Boom Gonzales, and Gretchen Ho. Also receive some Rastaclat giveaways and enjoy the vibes.

Rastaclat Lunch Party

Available at the following retailers:


  • Katipunan– 3F Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • Two Parkade– Two Parkade, 30th Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Taft– GF Green Podium, One Archers Place, Taft Avenue corner Castro Street, Malate, Manila
  • Glorietta5– 2F, Glorietta 5, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
  • Alabang– Molito 2 Unit #4, Alabang-Zapote Road corner Madrigal Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • Shangri-la Mall– 6F East Wing, Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City



  • Kamuning– 77 Kamuning Road, Lungsod Quezon City
  • Taft– Unit #15 2F One Archers Place, Taft Avenue, Manila
  • Ronac Center– D-3 The Deck RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City


Sole Academy

  • Katipunan– #29 Fabian dela Rosa Street corner Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • Alabang Town Center– Promenade Wing, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


Publish Two-tone Banner

Art and fashion are two creative mediums that play on one another. Colors, styles, and texture mimic each other and both worlds collide. This intersection of ideas is the concept behind the newest bottoms collection entitled “The Two Tone Jogger Pants.”


The collection consists of ten exclusive color ways of these elastic waist Joggers.  The Two Tone series features our classic Jogger fit with a relaxed vibe. With the top color running to the knee area, the second tone continues mid leg to create a really unique effect.  These comfortable twill Joggers will last throughout many seasons and are colored to be relevant forever.



CLSC- Can’t Live Scared of Change

CLSC is a new and upcoming street wear brand and the acronym is pronounced “classic.” Josh Vides is the owner and started CLSC in 2009 with a group of friends. He began by designing a small collection of four shirts and released them at a local boutique in Rancho Cucamonga. From there, the brand spread widely and is now carried by well- known retailers including Active Ride Shop.


CLSC has just collaborated with sports- themed apparel, La street wear brand, Hall of Fame. It is a baseball playoff inspired collab with a twist of Josh Vide’s creative designs. The logo that is intertwined with California and LA Dodgers turned out great and is selling really well. Although street wear is crazy competitive, Josh Vides knows how to keep up and create something new, yet innovative.


The future goals for this brand is to do a collaboration with In- N- Out and the New York Yankees. Vides also hopes to increase the success of this brand and have it be carried worldwide. He is very involved with his buddies and would love to be able to support his friends/ family from CLSC.

UNDFTD Fall Looks

If you haven’t gotten your hands on some UNDFTD fall merchandise, here is a peep of what your missing. Covering all the basics a man might need, this collection proves that staple pieces are everything in a man’s wardrobe. Whether you want to be comfortable yet look stylish, or simply dress up a graphic T-Shirt, this line up has the essentials.

Photos: Jon Coulthard

HUF: Fall/ Winter Looks

Providing some of the freshest gear for the skateboard aficionado, HUF gives us an insightful look detailing their newest fall/ winter collection. Besides putting out some of the toughest skate shoes in the industry, the brand has taken a stronger interest in its apparel line this time around. With rare attention to detail as well as impeccable quality, this clean line proves to bring classic, wearable apparel to the skateboarding world.