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Life Is A Competition, FAIRPLAY Toasts To Every Opportunity.

In the game of life, everything is a competition. When there is competition, it can bring out the dark forces of human nature. There always those who play dirty. Those are the same people that knock you down so badly, you truly feel like a loser.

Whether you break a bone or a simple scratch, everything is repairable.

Such toughness is the founding inspiration of the latest lifestyle trend: FAIRPLAY. The “L” in the base logo resembles patching things up to become a better person. For today and everyday. “Play Fair” is not a sign of weakness, rather it dignifies ones true honor, strength and ability.

It is the latest story-line LULA101 is eager to spread.  FAIRPLAY has created the newest experience of premium clothing collection for all at an accessible budget point.

Although nothing in life is fair, but FAIRPLAY wants to be the source of everyday optimism and confidence that would ultimately empower the dedicated individuals with the leverage to seek success and overcome everyday adversities.

With great fitment and the the renown Jogger Pant silhouette on the rise,  FAIRPLAY merged today’s sporty action apparel and contemporary lifestyle trend aims to deliver that same aesthetic, comfort to those with various PLAY abilities.

IMG_7439Without opportunity, potential is limited and eventually becomes an afterthought.  FAIRPLAY is here to ensure that no potential goes untapped for the willing. Toast to opportunity.

FAIRPLAY seeks to make the intangible tangible.

pc1With focus in contemporary lifestyle, FAIRPLAY crafts the well-balanced transition between casual to well dressed, youth into adulthood. Playing within Fair lines, using alternative patterns and fabrics, offering a forward fashion look at a price point that will allow broad following for this latest trend.

IMG_5852Getting Up, Ready To Go! Experience the latest trend in fashion and feel the vibe!

fp2This Los Angeles-based original brand is about to invade Asia Pacific. For more information on #FAIRPLAY in your region, please contact LULA101 for details. #AllIsFair


Feel the Fleece with Publish Again

Stretch your legs comfortably with the cozy and unique bottom collection from Publish. Publish just released the Fleece 2.0 collection with six wearable colors in two special detailed styles and it is their most comfortable collection yet! Over the decades people started saying, “Fashion over function,” meaning even if you were uncomfortable, at least you looked stylish. But why not feel good and look good at the same time? Publish has made this possible with the timeless Fleece 2.0 collection to fit into your wardrobe.












Be cozy and be stylish too. Different from the first fleece collection released in 2014, Publish upgraded the paneling detail and texture with excellent quality. The new fleece joggers offer zip pockets, premium fleece and one by one jogger cuffs as features.












Guys are looking forward to the comfort, flexibility, and mobility of Publish’s clothing. Publish Fleece 2.0 collection can be worn for both work and play. Never not cozy, feel the Fleece with Publish Again!


Never not cozy with Publish, Publish PH, and Publish TW.


The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part2

Our previous article presented the story and history behind the Clear Weather Brand. If haven’t read it yet, don’t miss out!

Today, LULA will be introducing their collection with some cool images.



Maritime inspired low top shoe with a unique collar shape, rear lace detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread. 



Classic inspired low top with a unique collar shape, rear d-ring / leather detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread.



Outdoor inspired high top with a unique collar shape, rear d-ring / leather tassel detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole with sidewall stitch.



Moccasin inspired 1/4 mid top. Unique collar shape with a fringe collar overlay, adjustable toggle for fit and wax rope laces. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread



Asymmetrical – classic combat inspired lateral design , futuristic sneaker boot medial design and a leather heel pull casket detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread.

You will have various options to choose from if you’re a silhouette-picky person. Clear Weather is definitely one of the best footwear brand in terms of quality and design. They are coming in strong, and we do not want the Asian market to miss this trend.

LULA is currently carrying Clear Weather to the Asian market, contact us for more info!

The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part1



You might wonder what this mark means…this mark is a native American totem that actually represents: “Clear Weather”.

Clear Weather is a California-based latest independent footwear brand founded by Brubaker brothers. After two decades of working for some of the biggest footwear company, they launched this brand to seek their design.


Their mission is to bring true design and craftsmanship to the masses, and also create a familiar, digestible silhouette that feels, looks, and is special. Clear Weather features unique, vintage inspired products with a futuristic feel, while offering excellent craftsmanship at an accessible price.

Image 2

You might not notice at the beginning, but you will notice the details once wearing it. All of the Clear Weather shoes are made out of the best full-grain leathers, pig suedes, textiles.

On the next article, we will take you deeper to their collections. We promise you will like them like we do. Don’t miss it!

Click HERE for Part 2!

Publish Spring 2015


Forget everything you know about fashion and re-envision your style. Think about who you are and how you want to present yourself in the future. Resist old habits and think outside the box of conformity.

Publish presents its most comprehensive collection to date entitled “The Resistance.” The overall concept for Spring 2015 collection was to take everything Publish has designed in the past and reinvent a totally new state of style. With their modern tailored fitment, Publish has introduced some forward design concepts, veering away from the familiar.

Publish 2015 Spring 01

Each piece was carefully created for every type of man for every type of occasion. The full range includes smart knits, easy button down shirts, elastic and classic shorts, new concept outerwear pieces, quality handmade hats, along with a whole slew of bottoms, including our jogger pants. “The Resistance” is a complete collection that will leave an original mark in today’s fashion world, never conforming to the rest.

Publish Spring 2015 02