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UNDFTD Spring 10 Final Look

Here’s a last look at UNDFTD’s latest release from their spring ’10 shipment. This shipment includes the lines most sophisticated pieces such as their crewnecks, Erik Brunetti collaborative tees, polo’s, and even a sleek leather wallet. By now, these fresh garments should be at your local retailers ready for picking. Get these items before the summer line rolls out and stay with us for updates.

UNDFTD Spring Looks

We’ve previously given you a glimpse of some of the items UNDFTD has released for the spring. Since Spring is officially here, here are some of the looks that will help you remain Undefeated the entire season. Pictured below are the sportsmanship t-shirt, no fair one’s tee, five strike crew, and classic hoodie. Put your game face on and grab the goods at your local retailer beginning Saturday March 20th.

UNDFTD Spring/ Summer Looks

Celebrating minimalism in their trademark sporty theme, the Undefeated brand surprises us with some hot spring and summer looks. Always staying on the classier side of streetwear, the brand chose some great basic pieces that work well all year round. Khaki, gray, and blue colorways make for a wonderful scheme to match the spring and summer scenery. If your looking for a relaxed look that doesn’t necessarily speak for you, this is the perfect collection.

Acapulco Gold Holiday ’09 Goods

Among many of the hot items shipped for the holiday season, we proudly give you a glimpse of some of the more popular goods from Acapulco Gold. Noticeably on the higher end of street labels on the market today, it is easy to see why through its classic designs and subtle use of sophistication. “OG” New Era caps with sick graphics under the bill clearly bring nostalgic memories of one of Brooklyn’s own, Run DMC. Furthermore, the “a” crewneck defies the typical gray crewneck through its buttery soft heavy cotton construction. Peep these items and the full line coming your way this month.

IN4MATION Summer ’10 Deadline

Its been a hectic week here at Lula shipping out tons of sick merchandise to our loyal customers and still a lot more things coming your way for the new year. Pre-book for In4mation Summer ’10 deadline is rapidly approaching this Dec 8, 2009. Sorry for the short notice, but we’ve been clearing up the warehouse these past weeks. Within the summer line, you will find woven hoods, crewnecks, short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and ill 5-panel caps as well as New Eras. Pretty much everything you will need for summer has been meticulously crafted. We would appreciate it if you would work on your order as soon as possible to ensure prompt delivery next year.

King Stampede Fall Delivery

Finding a perfect balance between timeless pieces and innovative work-wear inspired clothing is King Stampede’s Fall Collection titled “Celestial Oceans.” Recently, we shipped a variety of goods that featured numerous versatile pieces ranging from jackets, vests, chinos, sweaters, button ups, crew necks, caps, and even graphic tees. Every item specifically accented with the subtle KS touch. Look for these items at your local retailer. We are opening account in Asia, if you would like to bring KS culture and quality to your store, contact us to catch the Spring ’10 lineup.
Photos: Solediction

IN4MATION CORE & Spring ’10

Here is some much needed IN4MATION for the CORE Program. IN4MATION will begin shipping merchandise through CORE International only on 10/15/09 of this year. There are numerous denim pants, crew sweaters, and graphic tees to chose from so don’t miss out on this collection.
Also, it is my opinion that Spring ’10 items represent the single greatest season I have seen in my experience with In4mation. The line is compiled of graphic tees, plaid shirts, hoodies, shorts, new era and five panel caps. Spring orders must be in house no later than 9/25/09. Contact us to get a glimpse of the full line.



Fall Back on Some IN4MATION

In case you missed out on the latest offerings from IN4MATION clothing, here’s a small glimpse of some items for Fall this year. Getting geared up for the colder season, IN4MATION has put together a series of simple timeless zip hoodies, crewnecks, and jeans to keep you covered. We are currently shipping some items that are impeccably high quality garments. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!