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LULA101 Presents: RASTACLAT x DA VILLAGE Limited Collection

To its ever growing fan base in Asia Pacific, LULA101 is excited to introduce the SPECIAL and LIMITED bracelet collection of RASTACLAT x DA VILLAGE! This unique project illustrates our collective mission on Spreading Positive Vibrations®. This time, it’s on a global scale! We invite all of you to Come and Join this vibrant force!!

Da Village, the organization behind the growth of the sport of Basketball in Taiwan, had made a special trip across the Pacific to meet the inspiration himself: Mr. Daniel Nyaggah, CEO and founder of Rastaclat.

LULA101 proudly presents this exclusive video for all the fans out there! As a fan, you need to get the first hand take on how the brand was started, and the story behind the name: Rastaclat! After all, who’s better to tell the story, then Daniel himself! Enjoy!!

 Spreading Positive Vibrations®

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Basketball Heart & Soul Collaboration by RASTACLAT X DV

Da Village is an organization in Taiwan that are an enthusiast on basketball and support it immensely.  DV’s goal is to grow the sport in Taiwan and loves spreading the love of basketball just like Daniel Kasidy. (owner/ founder of Rastaclat).

Da Village has teamed up with Rastaclat to create a cool collaboration bracelet inspired by the heart, soul and passion that the sport of basketball brings to players and fans alike. The Da Village bracelet was enabled by Sherry Lu Ross (owner/ founder of Lula 101) , whose relationships with the owners helped make this collaboration possible. Rastaclat is stoked to be a part of this collab and hopes to attend the upcoming event, DV 33. Da Village’s slogan is “DV got your back.” DV supports everyone’s basketball dreams and is there every step of the way.


“Heart is what separates the good from the great” – Michael Jordan


Wearing your Rastaclat/DV bracelet will remind you to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams.


We are looking forward to the game that will be held in Taipei Taiwan on July 26 through August 2! Meanwhile, if you’d like to show your love and support to this collaboration, you may get it here or here in NT dollars.