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From British : Dirty VELVET


The British streetwear called DIRTY VELVET established in 2006, they dedicate to provide the high quality but low environment impact apparel to customers. However, DIRTY VELVET combines some ironic imagery to provoke the idea on the brand. Furthermore, the graphics which printed on Tees usually refiect the common issues we confront in recently generation.

英國潮牌 DIRTY VELVET 成立於2006年,他們致力於提供高品質但環保的 T-shirt,有趣的是 Dirty VELVET 喜歡將有諷刺意味的塗鴉當成主要設計,此外有些塗鴉通常是諷刺現在社會上的可笑弊病或是一些有趣的 Slogan

This is one of DIRTY VELVET’s TEE, this one perefectly satirizes the politics that in every country. The meaning is a politian controlled by the strong power behind, this is why they use the puppet graphics.

這是其中一款 Dirty Velvet 的 T-shirt,上面的圖案完美的描述政客像是傀儡一般被權力控制

This one is a rex playing the juggle, even the rex is the aggressive predators but there are still something diffiuclt to it with short hand.

手短的兇猛掠食者玩戲法? 這種就是典型 Dirty Velvet 惡搞風格!