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Walrus TV Presents: Jamel Shabazz

Upper Playground has been kind enough to show us a clip from “Dithers” featuring Brooklyn photographer Jamel Shabazz. Documenting the world around him through his lens, Jamel captured the essence of the New York culture in the ’80’s. Rendering his photographs to numerous publications throughout the U.S. and Europe, Jamel has established a name for himself as a pioneer in the industry. Ricky Powell caught a glimpse of his exhibition in New York and recorded this clip for all of us to enjoy. check it out.

Upper Playground Presents a: SSUR Interview

In this episode of Walrus TV, Ricky Powell interviews Russian artist and founder of the SSUR clothing line, Russ Karablin. Noticeably a recognizable figure in the former Soviet Union and also here in the states, Russ draws inspiration from his cultural background and the old school hip hop scene. His perception of life is clearly depicted through his revolutionary type imagery to his more contemporary street art as seen in New York. Combined, these styles make up most of what is the SSUR imagery. Enjoy the clip brought to you in part from Dithers.

Walrus TV Presents: Mike Giant

Mike Giant has been the center of attention wherever he goes lately, this is not a surprise considering he’s one of the most talented underground personalities in the art scene today. His signature black and white style are synonymous with today’s graffiti, tattoo, and skateboarding counter culture. In addition to being an artist and illustrator, Mike holds his own brand with partner Joshy D. called REBEL8 which we represent exclusively in Asia. Check out this sick interview straight from “Dithers” and see what the Giant is all about.

UP’s Walrus TV Presents: D*Face

Upper Playground’s latest episode of Walrus TV features another street artist with a nice sense of humor. London based street artist D*Face, is interviewed about his humorous and ironic posters and sculptures. His fascination with 80’s punk rock music, skateboarding, and rebellious teen spirit is what served as major inspiration in his work. His call to action type work aims at inspiring people to re-evaluate their busy urban environment. Watch the free episode here via Walrus TV.

Upper Playground’s Walrus TV Feat: Kottie Paloma

With so much stress roaming around, who doesn’t need a good laugh? That’s exactly how Kottie Paloma comes into play. Upper Playground’s Walrus TV interviews this urban contemporary artist in his quest to make people laugh at the world around them. Paloma’s work transforms everyday situations and people, into a humorous works of art. Watch the interview and put a smile on your face.
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Walrus TV Interview Feat: Tiffany Bozic

Giving us an insight into the world of art nouveau, Tiffany Bozic serves as the newest episode from “Dithers” available for free viewing thanks to Upper Playground’s Walrus TV. Through her art , Tiffany communicates to her audience on a personal level, offering them commentary from her personal experiences as a way for people to work through questions. Inspired by nature and science, her works exhibit complexity through symmetry and grasp a hold of the audience by maintaining balance and intricacy. Check out this incredibly talented artist and get inspired.

Tiffany Bozic from “Dithers” Series