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Estevan Oriol Must Haves!

Kicking off the year in true west coast fashion is Estevan Oriol’s T-shirt collection. As a photographer, Estevan’s keen eye maintains the raw appeal of the real world that surrounds us. This rawness is clearly depicted within his photography of beautiful Latina women that we see consistently through the seasons. It is this truthfulness to his artwork that makes a real life connection with the everyday person on the street.

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Exclusive Interview with Estevan Oriol

As the Asian Distributor of Upper Playground, Lula Apparel had the privilege to sit down with renowned photographer/director Estevan Oriol, on May 29.

During this revealing interview, Estevan talked about his family, his relationship with Upper Playground, what inspires his art, advice for budding photographers and much more.

Estevan Oriol’s road to success as a renowned photographer and director has been filled with many twists and turns, but his hard work, dedication to his craft and natural artistic gifts has made the colorful journey a huge success.

After working as a nightclub bouncer and beginning as a tour manager for House of Pain and Cypress Hill, his dad gave him an old 35mm Minolta camera so Estevan could document his unique life experiences. And did he ever. In touring for about 13 years, he visited 44 countries and crisscrossed America multiple times. In the process, Estevan took more than 100,000 pictures – covering everything from behind-the-scenes looks at hip-hop concerts to lowriding culture, inner-city life and beautiful women from all cultures.

Although Estevan’s father, Eriberto Oriol, is also a photographer, he never imagined that Estevan would follow in his footsteps. And although they share an artistic eye for capturing glimpses of life in the way most of us don’t see them, they also have their own unique styles. Having a unique style is something that Estevan says is what separates the true artists from the wannabes.

Today, still shooting with black-and-white film, Estevan shoots for a number of publications. His book, L.A. Women, was published last fall, he collaborates with Upper Playground, has his own Joker Brand clothing line with Mister Cartoon, and he has directed about 30 music videos. As a photographer, director, businessman and family man, he sees new opportunities each day … and he can’t imagine ever slowing down.
LULA: Tell us about your family.
EO: I have a wife and four kids. I drop my kids off at school and then work 10-12 hours per day. Weekends are family time.

LULA: Tell us about how you started with Upper Playground.
EO: Matt Revelli, the CEO, wrote me an e-mail, telling me he was interested in my photography. Upper Playground is like a family, so it’s been cool working with them.

LULA: Do you shoot some of your photography specifically for T-shirt designs?
EO: No, everything is pulled from our archives; if I turn in 20 designs, Matt picks maybe 15.

LULA: How much time have you spent in Asia?
EO: I have been to Beijing and Shanghai, and I’ve visited 13 cities in Japan.

LULA: Why do you think your art appeals to the Asian market?
EO: I have no idea … all I can say is I’m happy and grateful.

LULA: Would you give different advice for Asian youth who want to become streetlife photographers than you would give to American youth with the same desire?
EO: No, because even though cultures might be different, they share lots of the same things. So I say “respect where the art form comes from – you can be influenced by certain things and people, but make it your own.”

LULA: If you go to Taiwan, what would you like to do?
EO: I think it would be cool to do a show with Yone there. We like to shoot the girls from one city and then show those photographs in the next city we go to.

LULA: Do you research your subject matter before a shoot?
EO: No, if you’re really a creative person, you can improvise … and you need to go with the flow.

LULA: Tell us how you learned your art.
EO: My father gave me an old-school Minolta, and when you looked through the viewfinder, there were two needles that needed to match up to get the focus right. That was my photography lesson.

LULA: What have you and your father, Eriberto, collaborated on?
EO: We did a show together a few years ago in Shepherd Fairey’s gallery. We’re doing another next year. Knowing my dad is 68-years-old and still running around taking pictures inspires me.

LULA: What makes you happy?
EO: Getting more work, going places with the family, traveling, my cars and motorcycle, low riding … and just creating more projects.

LULA: What scares you?
EO: Not knowing when my next job is going to be.

LULA: What’s next?
EO: More book projects. Brazil in October … shooting street culture. Keeping our movement alive, creating new products. It’s a hustle.

Read full interview here.

Interviewing Estevan Oriol

As the Asian Distributor of Upper Playground, Lula Apparel had the privilege to sit down with renowned photographer/director Estevan Oriol, on May 29.

During this revealing interview, Estevan talked about his family, his relationship with Upper Playground, what inspires his art, advice for budding photographers and much more.
Stay tuned. The Estevan Oriol Interview coming soon to LulaApparel.com!

Estevan Oriol: Fotografias Unicas Y Todo Lo Que Viene Con Ellas

Por medio de sus fotografias, este talentoso artista a capturado la esencia real de las calles y llegado a varios logros…..

Desde los 90’s, y en un periodo corto, Estevan Oriol se a convertido en unos de los fotografos mas codiciados de la comunidad Urbana y de Hip-Hop

En el ’95, Estevan creo su propia linea llamada Joker Brand Clothing. Desde entonces, la marca a sido tan solida como una piedra. A comparacion de otras marcas que han desaparecido atraves de los anos, Joker Brand a madurado, y recibido reconocimiento a nivel mundial. Una decada despues, establece SA Studios Agency, un compania multi-cultural de arte y diseno.
En el 2006, Estevan unio fuerzas con Upper Playground, una de las marcas lideres y especialistas en lineas de playeras inspiradas por artistas. La linea de Estevan, expresa su fotografia en una forma real y sin censura en playeras de edicion limitada. Ahora en su quinta temporada, la marca continua creciendo rapidamente.
Hoy, ademas de ser dueno de Joker Brand Clothing y su carrera como fotografo, Estevan dirige videos musicales para grupos. Entonces…hay que contar…fotografias, ropa, peliculas, videos musicales, y fotos para revistas….esto si que es impresionante.

Los dejo con este video de Estevan, parte de la serie de entrevistas de Upper Playground:

Estevan Oriol: unique photography & everything that comes with it

Let’s see how much stuff this gifted artist has done with capturing the raw essence of street life through his photography …

In the 90’s, within a short time, Estevan Oriol became one of the most sought-after photographers of the Urban and Hip Hop community.
Check out Upper Playground’s artist feature of Estevan:
In ’95, Estevan created Joker Brand Clothing. The Joker brand has been solid as a rock. While numerous other clothing franchises have fallen by the wayside over the years, Joker has grown into a mature brand, garnering world-wide recognition. A decade later, he established SA Studios Agency, a multicultural multimedia design/art company.
In 2006, Estevan teamed up with clothing powerhouse, Upperplayground, a noted leader in specialty artists’ inspired T-shirt lines. Estevan’s line expresses his photography on limited edition T-shirts. In five seasons, the line and its following continues to grow at a tremendous rate.

Today, in addition to being CEO of Joker Brand Clothing and his fulltime career as a photographer, Estevan also directs music videos for groups.
… so let’s count … that’s photography with T-shirts, clothing, films, music videos, magazine shots … see how amazing this guy is now?

讓我們看看這個具有天賦的藝術家,透過攝影捕捉了多少沒有經過修改的街頭本質. 九零年代,在很短的時間內,Estevan Oriol 成為城市嬉哈中最受矚目的攝影師。

2006年,Estevan 和 Upperplayground 服飾合作。 Upperplayground 最知名的是與許多具有特色的創作者的賦予靈感的T 恤系列。

九五年,Estevan 成立 Joker 牌服飾。品牌發展穩定- 當許多其他服飾連鎖漸漸沒落,Joker成長為一個獲得世界認可的成熟品牌。

十年後,他成立SA Studios 經銷處: 一個多元文化性的設計/ 藝術公司。

Estevan 的服飾系列呈現的是在限量T 上的的攝影作品。 短短五季裡, T恤系列和持續以相當快的速度成長。

今天,除了是Joker Brand 服飾的CEO及全職的攝影師之外,Estevan 也指導許多MV。

T恤、服飾、短片、mv、雜誌攝影…現在了解Estevan 多令人驚喜了嗎?

Upper Playground: Estevan Oriol Must Haves

Currently at the peak of his career, Estevan Oriol’s sensual and tough graphics keep shining in the spotlight. Our warehouse has been busy this week shipping his three new January releases to our various accounts. In his latest work, Estevan captures the raw beauty and toughness of the Los Angeles woman. To cap off his successful year, Oriol has also released his new book title LA Woman featuring some of his best photography to date. All items available via Upper Playground so hit us up for special wholesale pricing and information.

Upper Playground Jan. 2010 Delivery

Upper Playground and the walrus crew are on a mission to make sparks fly for 2010. Linesheets for the upcoming year are already available for stores in Asia. We want to see the UP family grow, along with the amazing artists the brand supports. The January delivery boasts a large selection of graphic tees, zip hoodies, and New Era caps. Thanks for supporting your favorite artists such as Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, El Mac, Jeremy Fish…the list goes on.

Orders must be in House by November 2nd. Contact us now.
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Holidays on the Upper Playground

We are comfortably cruising through the season and if the sun hasn’t hit you yet, then the winter breeze will! Fall and Winter are rapidly approaching and Upper Playground has got you covered ahead of time. Avoid the stress, get your September pre-book written up to ensure a successful holiday season. In this offering, there’s plenty from the usual cast such as Estevan Oriol, Munk One,and Denis Kennedy. However, there is also a healthy dose from Hera to freshen things up.

Pre- books are due by 7/3 for delivery in September. Stores in Asia, contact us for more details.

Walrus TV Feat. Estevan Oriol

From “The Run UP” series of Walrus TV comes one of the most anticipated artist features on the west coast. Representing the LA street photography scene like nobody else right now is the crafty entrepreneur, Estevan Oriol who is no joke behind the camera. So it comes as no surprise to see him serve as the latest artist to be featured on Walrus TV and do Los Angeles some justice. Oriol’s work is the mark of vivid street imagery and not only recognized in his hometown anymore, but also around the world. His work includes massive hits such as West Hands, LA Fingers, The Varrio, and many more photographs. If you’d like to familiarize yourself with west coast living, check out the feature.
Source: Upper Playground