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Street Union Hip Hop Party

This weekend, the party is going down in Hong Kong.

Our regional partner, Regain Hong Kong, have joined forces with Nathan Left Restaurant to create the “STREET UNION HIP-HOP PARTY,” featuring rappers, MC’s and DJ’s, as well as dancing scene to get your body rockin’ and your smiles poppin’! Besides partying, come check out some cool American streetwear brands such as Rastaclat, Visual Apparel and Crysp Denim. With a line-up of clothing brands and talent like this, you won’t want to miss out on the fun this weekend!”



Time: 27/5 (Sat) 22:00 till latenight
G/F & 1/F, Hart Avenue Plaza,5-9 Hart Ave. TST

See you there! Or if you’re not in the area, come check out the recap here on our blog following the event.

Only pros with PROSXCONS

Crooks & Castles collaboration with Pro Era has launched and is a huge hit. Crooks did not just stop a their Connoisseur collection for Summer 2015, but also created this awesome collab. Pro Era New York hip- hop collective is one of the leaders of the new school in music. Pro Era turned their tour merchandise into being street wear vendors as well. With both brands being heavily invested in hip- hop culture, there is no doubt that these clean, co- branded pieces will sell.

The range of ProsxCons includes logo t- shirts, hats, hoodies, and crew neck sweaters. Styled from Pro Era’s roots, the colorways are red, green, and black for a Rasta inspired color scheme. Pro Era movement and Joey Bada$$ continue to influence kids worldwide. Crooks & Castles consider themselves a true LA band and are advocates of hip- hop along with the appreciation of emerging brands like Pro Era. We encourage and support great street wear brands like C & C and love to see other brands like Pro Era continue to grow!

pro-era-x-pro-era-x-croRasta colors make for an excellent color palette and design! You can see how they mixed the two logos of Pro Era and Crooks and Castles here.

crooks-castles-crooks-castles-pro-era-collection-09 This picture captures Pro Era repping PROSXCONS with swag.

pro-era-x-crook-How sick is this graphic rendition of the statue of liberty!

MISHKA Spring 2015 – Generation Vex

There are no rules. Old standards and definitions of “normal” are worthless. There is no normal now. There is only us. And we are the generation that refuses to be labeled and defined. We are free from the shackles of binary thought. We are post-everything, and everything is up for grabs. Everything is of value and use, and everything is meant to be reimagined. We are everything we want to be. Generation Vex is a tribute to today’s unbridled youth. Generation Vex is a tribute to everyone who knows there is no normal. Generation Vex is Mishka’s celebration of today, where anything is possible. Mishka Spring 2015: Generation Vex. For anyone. For everyone.

MISHKA Spring 2015.



Walking Down the BLVD

BLVD (boulevard) is celebrity and rapper, Soulja Boy’s clothing line. It started in January of 2012 and has made a lot of profit since. When celebrities design clothing it is usually successful since they already have a fan base. BLVD is all about bringing “forth their visions of always striving for the best life, all while living a life uncontrolled by the standard authorities. Since Soulja Boy is extremely famous, this is one of the leading clothing lines in the hip- hop community.


The main logo for the brand BLVD is the signature California palm tree. The design came about by the phrase “trees overhead.” When walking down Hollywood Boulevard, for example, you just look up and see the beautiful palm trees and hopefully a bright future alongside. Soulja Boy creatives designs and intertwines the palm tree to make a nice print for t- shirts. He took a step further and decided to showcase BLVD at Magic trade show in Las Vegas. It was very successful and he had a blast promoting his brand.


To learn more:




Crooks & Castles

Crooks and Castles just released their new collection called LEWDS, named after Chris Lewds (RIP), who held the marketing director position. They had a party to showcase their work and were sponsored by Hennessy V.S. The co- founder, Dennis Calvero, shares how the brand has a heavy hip- hop influenced. They infuse hip- hop into their apparel designs, but explain that it is who they are and what they represent.


Many celebrities have worn Crooks and Castles, popularizing their brand even more. Jay- Z was featured in the New York post wearing C&C apparel. Kanye West has a collaboration shirt with C&C in Complex Magazine. Lupe Fiasco is also a big part of the brand and Calvero explains that they are buddies and he has really helped make their brand well- known. C&C caters to men and women, expanding the brand. The group of people who put together this brand grew up in the hood in LA and always had a villainous nature. They put together “crooks” because it referred to criminals, hustlers, pimps, etc. C&C added “castles” because the crooks got money to own a castle.


For more checkout their social media:






Civil Regime

Civil regime apparel was developed with the motto, “pertaining to civil life and civilization.” In 2009 Civil had the opportunity to share the idea that Civil embodies. Civil spread like wildfire and has now been worn by Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce. Civil incorporates trends into their own creations, yet still keeping it affordable. It sells in stores across the nation and worldwide.

Brj44I5CYAEfFm2.jpg large   darksport-frontpage

Karen Civil has been announced to be the new face of Civil. It just so happens that her last name is also Civil, how ironic! Karen started out learning about the power of the internet and how she could get recognized. She made fan pages for celebrities and was able to market her page well. Out of all the fan pages created, hers was most popular. She now has her own website, which features new and upcoming artists in the hip- hop industry. KC has helped a lot of people become famous from talking them up on her site. She will be good news to represent Civil as the face of their company.



The Very Odd Future

The brand, Odd Future, was created by Tyler, The Creator, and his group OFWGSKTA, which stands for Odd future wolf gang kill them all. Tyler is a rapper, record producer, and a music director. He is also the leader of OFWGSKTA, the alternative hip-hop collective from Los Angeles, California. Domo Genesis, Mike G, Jasper Dolphin, Frank Ocean and Left Brain are just some of the other people involved in Odd Future (OF). Tyler is very far from ordinary and quite odd himself. He belongs in this generation of cussing, social media, and frankly does not care about what he does or says.


Tyler and the OF crew came together in 2007 and when he was 15 and they drew the infamous donut logo, which they decided to keep now that they are famous. The brand OF has the donut logo on almost all of their clothing including hats and socks. Most of the clothing is related to the members of OFWGSKTA. There really is not a lot of meaning behind OF, it is mostly just for fun.

This is one of the basic “OF donut” tees. It features the Odd Future original donut logo on the front and back. It is a very popular and fast seller t- shirt. Although it is simple, it is the main way to identify with OF.

of 1

of 2

The “Jasper Dolphin donut” t- shirt was created after Jasper Dolphin, one of Tyler’s friends. It has a dolphin on it that is supposed to resemble a donut. It is the same style donut colors and cartoonish look as the original donut logo. I like how the collaboration between the dolphin and donut together and how it represents Jasper. There is another Jasper Dolphin tee called “Jasper Maui Wowie.” It features a floral design with dolphins, flowers, and marijuana leaves incorporated into it. I find this design more creative and think the floral design is quite eye catching. It is a unique spin on a typical floral pattern and I also love the color palette they chose.

dolphin tee maui

The “Left Brain smoke ring” tee is inspired by their friend and is a picture printed on the t- shirt. The photo reveals Left Brain smoking a joint and blowing O’s. Tyler and the OF crew are very open to their actions and stand out immensely.

smoke ringsMike G, a rapper in the group OFWGKTA, also has a t- shirt featuring him. It is called the “Mike G black buster video” tee and is a twist on a classic block buster video.

mike g

Odd Future produced a shirt named after Domo Genesis, part of the OF crew and in big bold letters it says “high,” referring to a weed high. As mentioned previously, they are pretty open and blunt about what they do. This tee is called the “Domo high flash tee.” It has a cheetah print pattern, but they snuck in some marijuana leaves in the cheetah print, and yet it flows pretty nicely. That is why, this is so Odd Future!

highClick on the video below to watch an interview with Tyler, the Creator, behind the scenes!

Street Dealin Jakarta

One of our accounts in Jakarta Indonesia, Penny, alongside with Garduhouse (an art space/gallery/workshop) will be organizing a street art event called Street Dealin on December 22 2012.

The REBEL8 brand will be promoted to the street art enthusiast who will attend the event. There will be a live graffiti painting by local artists: SID VIZEUS, NSIDE’I, MENAW and BUJANGAN URBAN. One of the artists from Garduhouse named Bujangan Urban will paint the R8 inspired image with his own style and to be display in the gallery for the coming week.

If you are in the neighborhood this weekend, go check it out.

Garduhouse (an art space/gallery/workshop)
Jl. Rc Veteran Raya No. 13 Gg H Ropiah Tanah Kusir Bintaro Pesanggrahan Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 98408627

Mishka Presents Keep Watch Vol. 15: Crookers

It’s been a while since we brightened your day with some ill danceable music. On the latest installment of Mishka’s Keep Watch, Italian DJ’s and producers Crookers mix a whole lot of crooked beats. To start the year with a bang, this duo is spinning the turntables with hybrid sounds that are sure to please the ear and your dancing feet. Along with this musical release, the Mishka crew got to work and created a sick limited edition tee available in black and white to go with the CD version of Keep Watch Vol. 15. Time to sit back and listen by clicking the picture below.

Manifest ’09 Fall/ Holiday Collection

Holding it down for the old school , Manifest is stillpaying homage to the hip hop game through this years Fall & Holidaycollection. Its main focus for this line is re-inventing some classicicons as well as catchy phrases and enhancing them with a bit of oldschool flavor. If snap backs, gold chains, and ill graphic tees is yourthing, this is the perfect match. Check out some of the tees below. We are now taking orders from retail stores in Asia, contact us sales@lulaapparel.com for the full line-up.