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Jeremy Fish Interview: Compliments of Dithers

Previewed below for free for the first time is a clip from the “Dithers” DVD series. Upper Playground offers this great video to showcase some of the most overlooked and underrated street artists, photographers, and creative minds out there. Insight into long time UP collaborator Jeremy Fish, is previewed as he demonstrates his raw art and free spirited personality. This is proof of some of some of the amazing talent the streets have to offer. Enjoy.

eremy Fish @ The Laguna Art Museum

As a strong supporter of Upper Playground and the art community, Lula proudly announces the solo exhibition from UP’s own, Jeremy Fish. The show titled ” Weathering the Storm” will be the first of its kind for Mr. Fish. Deriving most of his inspiration from the economic and political turmoil that exists today within our society, Fish paints a picture of the impact within our communities. His work will consist of his fairy tale characters along with some wood sculpting and 3D artwork for the gallery. If your in the area, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Check out more information here and mark those calendars today!

Upper Playground Jan. 2010 Delivery

Upper Playground and the walrus crew are on a mission to make sparks fly for 2010. Linesheets for the upcoming year are already available for stores in Asia. We want to see the UP family grow, along with the amazing artists the brand supports. The January delivery boasts a large selection of graphic tees, zip hoodies, and New Era caps. Thanks for supporting your favorite artists such as Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, El Mac, Jeremy Fish…the list goes on.

Orders must be in House by November 2nd. Contact us now.
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Upper Playground October Releases

This October, Upper Playground will be releasing two fitted New Era caps for Jeremy Fish’s “superFishal” line. The first, consists of a black corduroy upper with a heart in the Middle of the Golden Gate Bridge titled “I Heart SF.” Secondly, Jeremy twists his traditional skull head graphic and adds a dove with an olive branch in its beak perfectly integrated into the cranium of the skull. Of course, this cap is made of gray wool and suitably named “Peaceful.” Cop these online or at your local retailer.

Photo: upperplayground

New Era, New Era, New Era from Upper Playground

Upper Playground is releasing two New Era caps designed by artists Herbert Baglione and Jeremy Fish. And We (Lula Apparel) are taking orders for at once delivery. Baglione’s art has gained him respect and recognition from his native Brazil to the U.S. and abroad. He is known for his strong minimalist and simplistic approach to painting. Jeremy Fish’s artwork can be found throughout his own line, superFishal, through the multiple books he has been featured in, and in the various collaborations he has done with corporations like Nike and Adidas.

Cat Moonlight, the design by Baglione, gives us a wistful look at a full moon from a black cat’s perspective. Fish’s Bunny Skull design creates a clever wall paper-type pattern covering the entire fitted with bunny skulls. The new 59FIFTY caps are available at all Upper Playground retail stores and online at the Upper Playground web store.

About Herbert Baglione:“The basis of my work is speaking about the coldness and competitiveness present in people. I like to be ironic about individuality and death, and the paths in which to reach or escape these themes. I find it funny when I walk on the streets and see people with their eyes open but dead inside. This makes me think and wonder if I’m still alive.”herbertbaglione.blogspot.com

About Jeremy Fish: Jeremy Fish is a prolific artist who has an extensive history working with Upper Playground. He began his career as the art director for Think Skateboards. Over the years, Fish has contributed numerous graphics for Upper Playground’s apparel line in addition to releasing three popular art books. Fish’s book credits include I’m With Stupid, featuring some notable selections from the Big Stupid series that ran in SLAP magazine and The Next Best Thing, a collaboration with hip-hop artist Aesop Rock that featured a storybook accompanied by a 7” picture disk. Jeremy has also developed his own line, superFishal. He continues to be a highly respected illustrator and designer, and has collaborated with a number of corporations including Nike, Microsoft, and Adidas.www.sillypinkbunnies.com
Photos: Upper Playground