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Taiwanderings with Publish

This episode of “Taiwanderings” features Publish Brand, the innovative creator of “Jogger Pants” and one of LULA’s great friends. The Publish team toured Taipei, Taiwan during their Asia trip last April, with LULA 101 serving as their host and tour guide. While out and about, the Publish crew was treated to the amazing sights and sounds of Taipei, including its night markets (offering stinky tofu and unknown meat products), crazy cafes, shopping districts and nightclubs complete with top DJs and, of course, hot go-go girls.

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Since this was also a business trip, Publish was also here to visit key retailers like Phantaci and the Prime Store. Drawing attention wherever they visited, Publish was interviewed by the media, including KEEDAN and MILK magazines (see the full interview here:)


In just two short days, the Publish crew had a phenomenal time during their stay in Taipei. They tried different foods, met exciting new people, and found new inspiration for the brand in a city half a world away from their headquarters in coastal Southern California. The Lula 101 crew had big fun hosting Publish in Taipei, and we look forward to sharing more adventures with them soon!


Phantaci x Publish – “Shark Reflect” Jogger Pants Unboxing

PHANTACi, a fashion label established by Jay Chou and his friend Ric Chiang, has teamed up with Publish Brand for a limited edition of “Shark Reflect” Jogger Pants in celebration of the label’s 8th anniversary.


The Reflective Tiger Shark Camo Jogger Pants is at PHANTACi’s retail stores and online exclusively in Taiwan.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t unbox it in the states, right? LULA will now introduce and reveal this treasure for you, let’s get to it!

Photo Apr 20, 14 09 29

You can notice that the package has the Shark Reflect print. When you get your hands on this box, it gives you the immediate feel of “top quality” and “luxurious”.

Photo Apr 20, 14 10 49

The package includes a hard copy look book, a hard-cover notebook, two pencils and an iPhone6 case.

Photo Apr 20, 14 12 46

Photo Apr 20, 14 14 58

Shark Reflect Jogger Pants

The “Shark Camo” print is PHANTACi’s signature pattern, featuring the great quality and their “best-in-class” Jogger Pant.

Photo Apr 20, 14 16 32

The 3M material was used during the making of the product, which causes reflective effect during the night.

The pants were made to fit Asian’s sizing. It is recommended to scale one size up when picking your one and only Phantaci x Publish Jogger.

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you are interested in collaborative items, please contact us!

Publish “Sprinter” First Collection

Publish Sprinter Features

Publish has presented their latest innovative collection of Jogger Pants entitled “The Sprinter”.

With the success of the popular “Legacy” Jogger pants, the “Sprinter” is the next big movement in functionality and comfort. Essentially, the “Sprinter” is a Legacy Jogger pant with an ultra durable elastic waist for a more relaxed and casual feeling.


The Sprinter has tons of functional features including cinched cuffs, thick elastic waist, and an engineered side seam. The Joggers are also coated with a special DWR treatment that makes it water repellant and stain resistant. These twill Jogger Pants has 5-engineered pockets including a hidden coin pocket and is available in 6 classic colors.


If you are a big fan of Jogger Pants,  why don’t you get this new style?

It’s time to cruise your favorite town with Sprinter Jogger Pants!


The “Joggers War”! Publish or Golden Denim?


Publish has been around for years, and they’re the pioneer who started all the “Jogger Pants” trend. And today, Publish are known as the biggest Jogger Pants brand. However, there are many different options out there, and Golden Denim is one of them with top quality.

What are Jogger Pants?

Basically “Jogger pants” are pants featuring elastic at the ankles. They are basically a hybrid of regular pants and sweatpants. These are becoming a thing, because your sneakers are not hidden by the pants you’re wearing, which is something a lot of “Sneaker Heads” really appreciate.

This kind of pants are available in both Publish and Golden Denim. Since the “Jogger Pants” was officially trademarked by Publish, Golden Denim call their joggers the “Marathon Pants” to make a differentiation from Publish.

Publish Brand

Age of 20 to 35 are the main customers for Publish. People who falls into this criteria are usually the one who appreciate quality products, and pursues well-designed, stylish clothing. They are positioned in a upscale market, their price are usually higher than the market average.

Publish jogger pants

Golden Denim

Golden Denim’s products are mainly crafted for the teenagers. These people usually are the ones who love skateboarding, dancing and anything related to the street culture. All of the products from Golden Denim are made in U.S.A, but the price is extremely affordable when comparing to Publish.

Marathon pants 01

Comparison Chart


What’s Next?

There you have it! Publish Jogger Pants would be the best option If you want to be perceived as fashionable and polished; when you’re looking at street wear or skater style, Golden Denim would be your next favorite thing.

LULA 101 carries both brands EXCLUSIVELY in the southeast Asia region. If you’re interested and are located locally, contact us now for more info!


Publish Two-tone Banner

Art and fashion are two creative mediums that play on one another. Colors, styles, and texture mimic each other and both worlds collide. This intersection of ideas is the concept behind the newest bottoms collection entitled “The Two Tone Jogger Pants.”


The collection consists of ten exclusive color ways of these elastic waist Joggers.  The Two Tone series features our classic Jogger fit with a relaxed vibe. With the top color running to the knee area, the second tone continues mid leg to create a really unique effect.  These comfortable twill Joggers will last throughout many seasons and are colored to be relevant forever.