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K(NOT) A CLAT, Rastaclat

The newest release bracelet by Rastaclat, not your classic Rastaclat, called Knotaclat, is a refined twist on Rastaclat’s classic bracelet. It has a sleek, single- knot, hence the name, polyester band  reinforced by alloy hardware. The Knotaclat still features classic elements to represent freedom of youth, which are bound together with a polished silhouette representing an evolution in style and taste.

KNOTACLAT_LifestyleShoot_Persistance_BlogFeaturePictured above: Knotaclat in Persistance

Instead of the classic braided bracelet made out of a shoelace material, two parts of the shoelace intersect at a single knot. Rastaclat added a 3M reflective thread to enhance the bracelet and make it more unique. We like this new design which we thought looked like an infinity knot symbol to represent infinite friendship, love, and of course infinite Rastaclat!

BlogFeature_600x500Pictured above: Knotaclat in Night Hawk

KnotAClat_HomePage_V2Pictured above: Knotaclat in Convergence

Keep spreading positive vibrations, go knotaclat!