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Only pros with PROSXCONS

Crooks & Castles collaboration with Pro Era has launched and is a huge hit. Crooks did not just stop a their Connoisseur collection for Summer 2015, but also created this awesome collab. Pro Era New York hip- hop collective is one of the leaders of the new school in music. Pro Era turned their tour merchandise into being street wear vendors as well. With both brands being heavily invested in hip- hop culture, there is no doubt that these clean, co- branded pieces will sell.

The range of ProsxCons includes logo t- shirts, hats, hoodies, and crew neck sweaters. Styled from Pro Era’s roots, the colorways are red, green, and black for a Rasta inspired color scheme. Pro Era movement and Joey Bada$$ continue to influence kids worldwide. Crooks & Castles consider themselves a true LA band and are advocates of hip- hop along with the appreciation of emerging brands like Pro Era. We encourage and support great street wear brands like C & C and love to see other brands like Pro Era continue to grow!

pro-era-x-pro-era-x-croRasta colors make for an excellent color palette and design! You can see how they mixed the two logos of Pro Era and Crooks and Castles here.

crooks-castles-crooks-castles-pro-era-collection-09 This picture captures Pro Era repping PROSXCONS with swag.

pro-era-x-crook-How sick is this graphic rendition of the statue of liberty!

CLSC – Simple and Classic, stay true.

CLSC first started out with six partners who developed 20 ideas for brand names on a piece of paper. Through process of elimination, they narrowed the list down to Honor Roll and Classic Ambition. Classic Ambition was favored, but it was too long. So they dropped
the ambition and cut up Classic to become CLSC which also stands for Can’t Live Scared of Change.


CLSC comes from California, not stereotypical sunny casual California, but from the vivid, classic, diverse and iconic city of Los Angeles. CLSC is a lifestyle, an inspiration, just like special moments captured by the camera lens – classic moments in time. CLSC combines elements of sports, drugs, sex, and music into their emblematic creations, thereby energizing and opening your mind.

CLSC’s favorite motto, “Sucks to Suck,” is simple, yet impactful. When your friends gets into bad situations, it is an expression used to feel sorry for them or even tease them, depending on what happened. We live in an imperfect world, and shit happens, so we can express our feelings through clothes without saying a word – and CLSC understands that.

CLSC owner, Josh Vides, was an employee for one of the most popular brands in the streetwear world: The Hundreds. He was constantly inspired during his time there, and he became a street-culture enthusiast. So with endless ideas and a desire to do even more, he formed CLSC. Living in a house with no A/C, existing on cheap food and drink, he kept his dream alive and worked tirelessly to make it happen.


Since 2009, CLSC continues to grow stronger. Now they’re going global, showing the world their unique designs that give their fans the opportunity to express their own uniqueness while spreading the “classic” lifestyle. Josh has not only reached a career milestone, a personal milestone – he became a father. He is true to his family, just as he is true to his brand.

CLSC’s legacy lies with its fans –champions of individuality who are notbeing afraid to express their opinions about sports, sex and music. Josh is working hard to make sure “CLSC” is a vocabulary everyone will know, and his hope is that the brand inspires its fans and encourages people to demonstrate their style and individualistic approach
to life.

Article: Major Drop
Instagram: @majordropofficial


CLSC releases Summer 2015 collection

Los Angeles based streetwear company CLSC continuously pleases the public eye with their sense of humor (mostly sarcasm ;), being portrayed in their new summer graphics. The inspiration from the LA scenic backdrops displayed in the new Summer 2015 collection. Athleticism and clean- cut goods have also made an outbreak in this new collection.

Check out CLSC summer 2015 lookbook and the inspirations of the designs.


Team tee

Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the MLB. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. After Jackie left the league and had passed away, his number was retired in 1997. Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees was the last person in sports to be able to wear the number 42, now that Rivera has retired, there will never be another player to wear the number 42 in sports. Moving forward CLSC will be utilizing this number to pay tribute to the late and great Jackie Robinson who changed the history of sports so many years ago. Available in black, white, heather, and navy.


Sandwich Tee

Inspired by one of CLCS owner Josh‘s favorite skateboard companies, this Sandwich graphic was inspired by the image on his first skateboard deck in 2002. Replacing the company name with CLSC’s slogan “Sucks to Suck”.


Champ Tee

This graphic is from a famous image of one of Muhammad Ali’s knockouts. This is during the Ali VS Cleveland in 1966. Neil Leifer the photographer rigged his camera in the rafters before the fight and was sitting ring side with a remote (in a blue shirt). He had no idea he got the shot until he developed the photo.


SUX baseball jersey … well, you get the message.


Barney Tee

Barney from the Simpsons doing his usual thing – enjoying a beer. CLSC script logo below illustration. Available in black, white, and heather grey.


Revenge Tee

Now, that’s classic!

You might be interested in  TAIWANDERINGS WITH CLSC.

Estevan Oriol: unique photography & everything that comes with it

Let’s see how much stuff this gifted artist has done with capturing the raw essence of street life through his photography …

In the 90’s, within a short time, Estevan Oriol became one of the most sought-after photographers of the Urban and Hip Hop community.
Check out Upper Playground’s artist feature of Estevan:
In ’95, Estevan created Joker Brand Clothing. The Joker brand has been solid as a rock. While numerous other clothing franchises have fallen by the wayside over the years, Joker has grown into a mature brand, garnering world-wide recognition. A decade later, he established SA Studios Agency, a multicultural multimedia design/art company.
In 2006, Estevan teamed up with clothing powerhouse, Upperplayground, a noted leader in specialty artists’ inspired T-shirt lines. Estevan’s line expresses his photography on limited edition T-shirts. In five seasons, the line and its following continues to grow at a tremendous rate.

Today, in addition to being CEO of Joker Brand Clothing and his fulltime career as a photographer, Estevan also directs music videos for groups.
… so let’s count … that’s photography with T-shirts, clothing, films, music videos, magazine shots … see how amazing this guy is now?

讓我們看看這個具有天賦的藝術家,透過攝影捕捉了多少沒有經過修改的街頭本質. 九零年代,在很短的時間內,Estevan Oriol 成為城市嬉哈中最受矚目的攝影師。

2006年,Estevan 和 Upperplayground 服飾合作。 Upperplayground 最知名的是與許多具有特色的創作者的賦予靈感的T 恤系列。

九五年,Estevan 成立 Joker 牌服飾。品牌發展穩定- 當許多其他服飾連鎖漸漸沒落,Joker成長為一個獲得世界認可的成熟品牌。

十年後,他成立SA Studios 經銷處: 一個多元文化性的設計/ 藝術公司。

Estevan 的服飾系列呈現的是在限量T 上的的攝影作品。 短短五季裡, T恤系列和持續以相當快的速度成長。

今天,除了是Joker Brand 服飾的CEO及全職的攝影師之外,Estevan 也指導許多MV。

T恤、服飾、短片、mv、雜誌攝影…現在了解Estevan 多令人驚喜了嗎?

Mishka: coming to Echo Park, Los Angeles!

Mishka will be opening their sister store in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Mishka LA will open its doors at 1547 Echo Park Blvd. on February 20th with a clear mission to be a part of the growing transformation of the Echo Park neighborhood. The neighborhood is slowly becoming LA’s destination for the arts and fledgling independent business. Meanwhile a migration of creative youth, young professionals, and LA natives inhabit the neighborhood.

2009 年三月,Mishika 的第一間店開幕了-350 Broadway 在發展迅速的South Williamsburg中心。在那之後,Mishika 不時舉辦許多不同的活動如藝術展、派對、商品試賣、名人造訪、和即席的Street Fighter 比賽。350 Boardway 從Mishika 的磚頭和水泥造的商店到現在布魯克林最熱門的地點之一。

344天以後,Mishika 將在洛杉磯開張姊妹店,希望能在Echo Park達到 350 Broadway 布魯克林所達成的。Mishika 洛杉磯將在二月二十日在1547 Echo Park Blvd開張,主要的目標是成為正在發展即改變Echo Park 地區的一環。

Mishika 的鄰居說:我期待Mishika 在Echo Park 的新店。我覺得他們一定計畫些滿棒的活動。星期六的時候,可以在El Batey market喝點啤酒在直接逛到店面附近。那個街區有些很不錯的商店像是Han Cholo和Show Pony,Mishika 對那裡會是很好的新鄰居。

REBEL8 “There Goes the Neighborhood” Recap

Here’s a short video of last weekends “There Goes the Neighborhood” event brought to you in part by REBEL8 & Famous Stars & Straps. Mike Giant and the San Francisco crew showed some love to the west side and hundreds of supporters swarmed the store. Travis Barker and Estevan Oriol were some of the celebrities on board that day. Check out the video and stay posted for future events.

Video: Matt Kipper