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Soleful Footwear by Publish x Clae

The classic footwear brand, Clae, mixed together with Publish Brand to create “The Natural State” shoe (We love the creativeness behind the name). Publish took Clae’s Gregory SP silhouette and added their touch creating clean designs, while celebrating natural raw materials. The shoe is embellished with nylon woven laces, co- branded insoles, two- tone textures, and most importantly, natural Italian vegetable tanned- leather. Don’t believe us? Take a look below!


The beige colorway was inspired by the desert landscape of California’s Joshua Tree National Park.


Well don’t just let these stylish shoes sit there by themselves; get a pair of feet in there to keep them company!


Publish x Clae features supportive, thick rubber soles and perforated tongues.


Only 500 pairs of Publish x Clae were created for this special collaboration, so you shoe fanatics better hurry up and get yours before it’s too late!

The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part2

Our previous article presented the story and history behind the Clear Weather Brand. If haven’t read it yet, don’t miss out!

Today, LULA will be introducing their collection with some cool images.



Maritime inspired low top shoe with a unique collar shape, rear lace detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread. 



Classic inspired low top with a unique collar shape, rear d-ring / leather detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread.



Outdoor inspired high top with a unique collar shape, rear d-ring / leather tassel detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole with sidewall stitch.



Moccasin inspired 1/4 mid top. Unique collar shape with a fringe collar overlay, adjustable toggle for fit and wax rope laces. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread



Asymmetrical – classic combat inspired lateral design , futuristic sneaker boot medial design and a leather heel pull casket detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread.

You will have various options to choose from if you’re a silhouette-picky person. Clear Weather is definitely one of the best footwear brand in terms of quality and design. They are coming in strong, and we do not want the Asian market to miss this trend.

LULA is currently carrying Clear Weather to the Asian market, contact us for more info!

The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part1



You might wonder what this mark means…this mark is a native American totem that actually represents: “Clear Weather”.

Clear Weather is a California-based latest independent footwear brand founded by Brubaker brothers. After two decades of working for some of the biggest footwear company, they launched this brand to seek their design.


Their mission is to bring true design and craftsmanship to the masses, and also create a familiar, digestible silhouette that feels, looks, and is special. Clear Weather features unique, vintage inspired products with a futuristic feel, while offering excellent craftsmanship at an accessible price.

Image 2

You might not notice at the beginning, but you will notice the details once wearing it. All of the Clear Weather shoes are made out of the best full-grain leathers, pig suedes, textiles.

On the next article, we will take you deeper to their collections. We promise you will like them like we do. Don’t miss it!

Click HERE for Part 2!

Favorite Jackets: Reason Clothing

Reason Clothing pays an impressive amount of attention to detail with the Alma Mater Varsity jacket. Not only are the sleeves made out of 100% rawhide leather, but the outside AND inside pockets are lined with leather as well. Not to mention, this jacket comes with a quilted inside lining. The wool body definitely makes this a premium piece for your closet and can be dressed down or dressed up for literally any occasion. To top it all off, it’s only $125 at Reason Clothing’s online shop! The perfect jacket at the perfect price… you’re not going to find this combination anywhere else.

Camo has been hot lately, but Reason takes camo outerwear to the next level with this jacket. Two words: corduroy collar. Unique in its own sophisticated way, the Woodland Camo Hunting Jacket is a MUST. This jacket has a heavy duty double zip that buttons up as well. Two waist pockets add that extra touch, and and inside pocket will keep your stash safe.