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REBEL8 x DICKIES Collaboration Exclusive Look

We are stoked to finally present to you the official collaboration from REBEL8 x DICKIES. The capsule includes five unique pieces including two graphic tees, a classy button up, a workmen style jacket, and pants all featuring both companies’ logos. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic look of the collection, all items feature custom graphics in subtle places in order to retain the collection’s classiness. Please note, all orders must be in by the deadline to meet production. Sorry, images don’t do the clothing any justice, the merchandise is impeccable.

Deadline- January 31st, 2010
Ships- July 1~31st, 2010

Mishka Amerikana New Eras

Here to celebrate our great American heritage with a twist are the Mishka Amerikana New Era caps. Unlike the typical bold Mishka cap, these prestigious caps are a little more old school and sophisticated. Featuring the classic American flag, these simplistic caps don’t need to be Mishka loud to make a statement. Available in black and white colorways, these subtle colors do enough justice to do all the talking for you. A small run Available only via select retailers and online store.

Obey x Catbreath Limited Edition Collaboration

Currently in the spotlight is the limited edition collaboration between streetwear brand Obey and sensible knitwear from Abby Moriarty aka Catbreath. Its a beautiful thing when two totally different ideas collide and form something that works, which is the case here. This seven piece woman’s collection is a reflection of the 80’s popular crystal dye process with a modern twist. The collection includes t-dresses, leggings, skirts, dresses, cardigans, and sweaters. Note, some items available as web exclusives only so check with your local Obey retailer before the items are off the shelves.

Mishka Super Sized New Era

Every once in a while a strange or random act occurs within the streetwear community. This time around, the bold and innovative Mishka brand decided to hit the record books by creating the world’s largest New Era fitted cap. The “Keep Watch” eyeball cap measures a whopping size 16 which doubles the biggest cap available to the consumer now days. However, for those looking to get a piece of history we are sad to inform that this one is a one of a kind piece. The enormous cap sits on display at Mishka’s flagship 350 Broadway space in New York. If your in town make sure to shop around and peep the cap, you can’t miss it.

STUSSY Chronometer “Crewsader” Watch

Debuting this month is the much anticipated release of the limited edition Stussy Chronometer “Crewsader” Watch. We just got an up close look and the timepiece is fantastic. Crafted under the finest Japanese standards, this rare collectors watch is released in two stainless steel colorways, polished silver and black. Details carry to the back of the watch where there is also an engraving of the Stussy logo. Powered by precise Japanese movement and a refined Rolex style dial, this timepiece comes luxuriously boxed in its own Stussy logo black box. Included in the box is a unique size customizing tool to assure a tapered fit for maximum style and comfort. Truly a magnificent piece from the Stussy holiday collection.

OBEY x CATBREATH Limited Edition T-Shirt

Here we have a preview of the limited edition t-shirt coming your way from Obey and Catbreath. The shirt is titled ” Long Days, Longer Nights” and is sure to bring out the inner rock star in you. Story says, the original photograph was taken by Erin Wignall, Obey women’s designer, while she was partying aboard a boat under the Brooklyn Bridge this summer. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Stussy Halloween T-Shirt

Mixing a bit of humor into a spooky celebration is Stussy through its “Rock My Gore” Halloween tee. The tee hilariously features two possessed vampire kids ready to prey on a new victim. If your familiar with previous Stussy graphics, you probably noticed that this graphic is derived from the “Rock My Gold” tee. It seems like these days we all need a good laugh instead of a scare. An expected release date is scheduled for the first week of October ’09 through select Stussy Chapter Stores.

OBEY 20th Anniversary Shirts 2nd Set

Sold out on the first day as only 25 of each were produces. For all the hopefuls that missed out on the first signed and numbered set of the OBEY 20th Anniversary tees, this post is only for your viewing pleasure. These prints come in individually signed numbered boxes and each shirt is an edition of only 25 as this completes the anniversary prints set by Shepard Fairey.