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Only pros with PROSXCONS

Crooks & Castles collaboration with Pro Era has launched and is a huge hit. Crooks did not just stop a their Connoisseur collection for Summer 2015, but also created this awesome collab. Pro Era New York hip- hop collective is one of the leaders of the new school in music. Pro Era turned their tour merchandise into being street wear vendors as well. With both brands being heavily invested in hip- hop culture, there is no doubt that these clean, co- branded pieces will sell.

The range of ProsxCons includes logo t- shirts, hats, hoodies, and crew neck sweaters. Styled from Pro Era’s roots, the colorways are red, green, and black for a Rasta inspired color scheme. Pro Era movement and Joey Bada$$ continue to influence kids worldwide. Crooks & Castles consider themselves a true LA band and are advocates of hip- hop along with the appreciation of emerging brands like Pro Era. We encourage and support great street wear brands like C & C and love to see other brands like Pro Era continue to grow!

pro-era-x-pro-era-x-croRasta colors make for an excellent color palette and design! You can see how they mixed the two logos of Pro Era and Crooks and Castles here.

crooks-castles-crooks-castles-pro-era-collection-09 This picture captures Pro Era repping PROSXCONS with swag.

pro-era-x-crook-How sick is this graphic rendition of the statue of liberty!

Mishka D.A.R.T. Lookbook

Since Mishka’s D.A.R.T. program is in full effect, why not surprise you with their newest lookbook? Featuring appearances from sponsored team riders such as John Prolly, Wilis, Shea, Tone, and Jeremiah. The lookbook captures a nostalgic moment in time, where fellas could hangout and ride freely through the day. Check out the apparel and if there’s something you like, use the code GETPITTED to receive 25% off online or if you ride your bike to the store.


Mishka Presents: Soft Metals Live!!

Hosting their second ever in-store performance, Mishka is proud to present Soft Metals. This unique music duo is the brainchild of Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall of Portland Oregon, who blend together vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Driven by their passion for everything late 70’s and early 80’s, this dark and eerie band is ready to turn the retail space into a full-on dance floor. If your in the area, don’t miss out on this free live event, cameras and photo equipment welcome.

Boundless Radio is Back!

Since the merging of King Stampede and Boundless New York, many great things have resulted from the movement. Among these things is the revival of a true classic, Boundless Radio. Music and streetwear are completely complimentary to one another and in many cases music influences the streetwear industry in a big way. Here’s a short story that’s sure to inspire people…

Boundless Radio Presents: Big City Records – JBX from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Order aNYthing Spring 2010 by Deadline, or nothing

There’s something about New York that gives it its sophisticated swagger. Spring 2010 showcases the clean cut, yet catchy side of aNYthing Clothing line. From punchline phrases on t-shirts to plaid shirts and zip up sweaters, next years collection retains the fresh aesthetics and bright colors aNYthing is known for. Making his presence shine within the New York based brand next season is guest photographer, curator, publisher, and designer Tim Barber. There’s lots of staple items to chose from but very little time to order. Line sheets and order forms currently available to meet your needs. Deadline is December 30th 2009. Please contact us for assistance or questions you may come across.

Mishka Super Sized New Era

Every once in a while a strange or random act occurs within the streetwear community. This time around, the bold and innovative Mishka brand decided to hit the record books by creating the world’s largest New Era fitted cap. The “Keep Watch” eyeball cap measures a whopping size 16 which doubles the biggest cap available to the consumer now days. However, for those looking to get a piece of history we are sad to inform that this one is a one of a kind piece. The enormous cap sits on display at Mishka’s flagship 350 Broadway space in New York. If your in town make sure to shop around and peep the cap, you can’t miss it.

Acapulco Gold Holiday ’09 Goods

Among many of the hot items shipped for the holiday season, we proudly give you a glimpse of some of the more popular goods from Acapulco Gold. Noticeably on the higher end of street labels on the market today, it is easy to see why through its classic designs and subtle use of sophistication. “OG” New Era caps with sick graphics under the bill clearly bring nostalgic memories of one of Brooklyn’s own, Run DMC. Furthermore, the “a” crewneck defies the typical gray crewneck through its buttery soft heavy cotton construction. Peep these items and the full line coming your way this month.

aNYthing Winter Releases

Staying true to their clean cut modern look is aNYthing clothing brand. The brand specializes on timeless wardrobe pieces in gray’s, navy’s, and mellow colorways that are versatile enough for the sophisticated or toned down dressers. For their winter release, the brand offers their spin on the modern plaid shirt, fitted twill pants, and of course full zip hooded sweater. To check out the full collection just hit us up.

Reason Clothing: Excelsior Collection

Back in time for the holidays again is Reason Clothing. As native New York brand, they’re giving us another reason to love our own city. New for the end of this year is the Excelsior collection which is all about staying warm without sacrificing any style. Some key pieces include the Blackout Tech Jacket, Quilters Flannel Shirt, and the Cooper Square Denim all featured below. If you’d like to see the full line of items just hit us up.