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This summer, OBEY’s limited Series TEES teamed up with Alan Forbes

got his big break from creating a iconic imagery for the Black Crowes, Forbes has also created record covers for numerous other bands including the Cult and AFI.

Because of the lost art using a brush and hand lettering that he uses in his work, Alan’s work is highly requested. In addition to over 700 silkscreened rock posters, his paintings can be seen in some of the biggest galleries around the world.

Check out the collections–OBEY summer 10.

這個夏天,OBEY限量系列T恤與Alan Forbes 合作.
由為八零年代黑烏鴉合唱團創作知名畫象打開知名度,Forbes 也創做了許多其他樂團的唱片封面如The Cult 和 AFI.
因為他利用過去流失的創作方法以刷子、手繪字體創作, Alan 的作品相當受歡迎。除了常見的700多個絲綢隔版創作的搖滾海報,他的作品更在各大畫廊都隨處可見。


January 7, ~ February 12, 2012

Our Obey pop-up shop is now open at Y.A.V Boutique in Taipei and ends on February 12.

The Inside Store-y

Not only will you find lots of OBEY merchandise, but this unique pop-up shop is showcasing album cover art of Shepard Fairey — “Party At The Moontower”. Shepard is the world-renowned American artist who created Obey Giant and inspired the Obey Clothing brand.

Two boxed sets were created for the REVOLUTIONS show that took place in Santa Monica, California, which ended on April 23, 2011. Only 150 of the boxed sets have been released. Fortunately, we have one set in the Obey pop-up shop, including 36 signed and numbered screen prints, stencil, sticker sheet and a certificate of authenticity! Come visit see the actual art at our pop-up store!


MAY DAY: Shepard Fairey’s street roots & the call for awareness

As we mentioned in previous posts before, MAY DAY is the exhibition of Shepard Fairey’s new work. The exhibition is currently ongoing at the Deitch Gallery in New York, and will last until 5/29/10.

But the exhibition didn’t stop at the gallery. Shepard didn’t forget about the street– we see some artwork around street at Lafayette and Bowery, and several less formal pieces of his have been spotted throughout the city recently.

The exhibition has gotten more attention than before–it is featured in the Interview magazine (mentioned HERE) & GRIT tv to talk about Fairey’s prints take on an array of political issues and celebrateicons from rock’n’roll, sports, and politics. And of course, art, rock’n’roll, populism, politics, and the common threads that run through all of his work.

Watch Fairey on GRITtv:

OBEY Awareness for HAITI


OBEY AWARENESS 和 Artists for Peace and Justice 號召大家一起來支持救濟補助海地的活動。Studio Number One 的 Cleon Peterson, Casey Ryder 和 Shepard Fairey由 Tao Ruspoll所攝影的照片中設計了一個海地的圖像, 並做成T-Shirt。商品所得將全數捐給Artist for Peace and Justice 所率領的支援及救濟海地計畫。更多資訊請閱讀以下細節以及上網 www.artistsforpeaceandjustice.com

Artists for Peace and Justice


相信你已經聽說海地受到地震的摧殘。地震的震央僅在Port-au-Prince 十哩外, 正位於我們的好友Father Rick Frechette醫生和社區幹部經營的兩間兒童醫院、學校和兒童之家。我們和他聯絡上後得知醫院的牆面像骨牌一樣倒塌、較老的醫院雖然仍在運作卻已全倒。雖然沒有任何死亡, 兒童之家也有相當大的損壞但我們不知道其他我們贊助的學校的現況。這讓就連是無神論者的我都開始祈禱。到處一片混亂,天空因為數千棟倒塌的房屋充滿粉塵。初步估計約已有多餘十萬人死亡。 如果你在想有什麼是你可以做的,海地正急需現金援助。給我們這些援助, 我們將全數交給Father Rick Frechette 醫生和他的團隊已幫助他們從已倒塌的醫院和學校中找尋生還者、購買緊急醫療用品、提供人們水及食物、將醫生送達傷童身邉和其他更多幫助。


OBEY SPRING 2010 & Bill McRight

It’s a bit early to think of spring when you can still feel the cold in your office…Glad we have OBEY SPRING 2010 to remind us that we’ll be feeling that warm breeze soon. very soon. With Bill McRight

the artist for Limited Series TEES in the spring 2010 collection: the OBEY POSSE OFFERING TANK, SKULL CRUSHER TANK, and the OBEY HEART TREE. Like how Bill describes he how he comes up with his images, it’s not difficult to see the sharp shape and the marks inside the shape that shows dimensions.

The story of Bill is that he was dating someone in Philly when he went to school in NYC and moved to Philly after because it’s cheaper. and he’s a member of the artiest collective Space in 1026.

But what really got our attention is his creativeness of his shanks that he appropriates them into his work to make them one of a kind.
He made them from the stuff he got on the street, in the flea markets, stuff people gave him…we see the creativity.
While Bill said that he’ll show all his work at some point, and of course we can’t wait! here’s a preview–

home made ones.

tooth brush shank!

images sources: funnelpages.com