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OBEY Posse

It was delightful to meet Shepard and all the international distributors from all over the world at Obey sales meeting last week. Big thanks to OBEY Clothing for coordinating the sales meeting for us to learn about this brand in depth and to meet other members in the OBEY family
Pube and Mat from Australia
Cem from Germany
Lula, Fede from France and OBEY Romeo

Nobu from Japan and Mike from Canada

Tim from Indonesia
And many many more OBEY POSSE

OBEY Holiday Warehouse Sale 2009

What is happening there? What are people staying in line for?

While lots of OBEY supporters are waiting in line to get into the warehouse………

the treasure hunting has begun here.

To stay toasted in the cold weather, you need to have Obey beanies and scarf like the cute girl wearing.

The sweetest and most genuine girl I know – Amy @Obey.

Doesn’t time fly? Obey year-end sale goes fast too. Don’t miss it. Here is the flyer again.

After the winter warehouse sale, look forward to 2010 Spring Collection.

Summer ’10 order Deadlines Reminder!

Hello streetwear dealers in Asia,

Please be reminded that there are a few deadlines for summer ’10 pre-book coming up soon. If your orders are not in house by the deadline, chances are you are not getting it. Period. We want to make sure you have everything you like for your store. Let’s work together and make it happen! Contact us if you need more information.

REBEL8 Winter ’09 sale: Dec. 9th
In4mation summer: Dec. 10th

Mishka summer: Dec. 10th
King Stampede summer: Jan 10th

OBEY Warehouse Sale 2009 Dec. 11 ~ 12

OBEY Winter Warehouse Sale / Holiday Sample Sale is on Dec. 11th and 12th 2009. The sale dates and times are as below:

Friday December 11th – 8:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday December 12th – 8:00am – 1:00pm

Door opens at 8AM. Go there early and expect some great deals on clothing and accessories. Last warehouse sale back in June was a madhouse. I trust this winter warehouse sale will be even crazier.
3500 W. Carriage Dr. Santa Ana, CA 92704
I will see you at the finish line.

Adopt A Pet by OBEY and US

This is one of the many inspiring OBEY awareness programs. OBEY is doing the Adopt logo on dog collars and an Adopt leash, see both images below. OBEY will be donating profits to The Adopt A Pet Program. These items will be released on 10/1 to our local retailers. Unleash our love to help the the animals by purchasing the artistic collars and leash designed by Shepard and created by OBEY Clothing for your pets.

Some other ways we can help the animals:
-Wear the ADOPT image proudly and show the world we support adoption
-Do our part to end the pet overpopulation crisis by spaying or neutering our own pet or helping a neighbor to do the same
-Adopt a pet and never buy from a pet store (unless they re showcasing animals from a local shelter or rescue group)
-Sign up to volunteer with our local shelter or rescue at Adopt-a-Pet.com

Unfold OBEY Fall 2009

All the good things come to an end. Summer is in session and soon coming to a close. Before folding your summer gear into the closet, let’s unfold what OBEY has to offer this fall. Tons of Obey Posse tees, jackets, jeans, fedora, beanies, jewelry, and accessories are the main components of the line. A good portion of the goods are currently being shipped out to the retailers. Find those items at your local authorized retail stores to fire up another good season.

FALL in saving the last wild place on earth with OBEY

Summer is already as hot as it gets and one must prepare for what’s to come. Fall clothing is on the verge of arriving at Obey so you can begin to get your wish list together. Get ready to stock up early on some cozier gear for men and women featuring a mix of graphic tees, jackets, denim and cotton pants for the colder season. Here are some eye pleasing snap shots.

180 SOUTH and OBEY have teamed up to bring awareness regarding the destruction of one of the last remaining wild places on earth in Chile’s Patagonia region.

Photo: Obey Lookbook
Source: Obey Clothing

OBEY your talents for PUBLIC WORKS

As part of OBEY Clothing family – the Asian Distributor of OBEY – Lula Apparel invites you to show us some of your talents and get involved with this event. The grand prize is waiting for you.

See Shepard’s Interview here or here. You could be the next “Shepard”.

See OBEY x SWISH collaboration t-shirt 1, 2, 3.

See Adopt A Pet by OBEY and US.

If you want to glow in the dark, you much have this .