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Spooky Season is here: МИШКА FALL’15 by Jon Moritsugu & Amy Davis

МИШКА is a street wear icon and trend-setting pioneer, with its originality and its legion of Death Adders. ” born in Brooklyn, raised in Hell”  МИШКА is widely celebrated by its Asia Pacific fan base since 2004, and it has since grown into a lifestyle trend that has created its own culture with a presence in total of four continents.

МИШКА celebrates the strangeness of the world and bucks the exclusionary measures that have plagued anything labeled as “cool.” Anybody who has a passion for the unusual, divergent and strange will find a connection to МИШКА universe and its culture.

The Spooky Season is here and LULA101 is eager to present the latest  МИШКА FALL’15 Collection for its fans across the Pacific!  #taiwan   #hongkong   #philippines   #thailand   #malaysia    #indonesia

Are You Weird Enough? Come Celebrate With Us!   #EngineeredToDestroy !

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09 Fall LB 15_0


Celebrate Weird! Come check out the video for МИШКА FALL’15 collection

The awesome video-look produced by Jon Moritsugu. 

You can find out more regional distribution information throughout Asia at LULA101

For more insight spooky information and exclusive footage, please follow us on: facebook.com/lulaapparel 

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HUF creates a one year long event with a serious of photo-themed T-shirts. They work with different photographers who have great influence on cultures and lifestyles of skateboarding each month. This month T-Shirt features a printed anniversary Tyvek label, and a screen printed black and white photo of Keith Hufnagel during his first visit to New York City in 1997.

Volcom Nominated For Sima Image Awards!

If you needed a good reason to carry the Volcom brand in your store, this is it! Already in its eighth successful year, the goal of the Sima Image Awards is simple; to recognize those in the surf industry that are the most influential and dominant forces that help shaped the industry over the last year.

Companies are nominated on 15 categories. As a true purveyor in the industry, Volcom is nominated in 6 of the Categories listed below:

Men’s Apparel Brand of the Year
Women’s Marketing Campaign of the Year
Women’s Apparel Brand of the Year
Women’s Swim Brand of the Year
Environmental Product of the Year
Footwear Product of the Year

SIMA Image Awards
Recognizing the Best of the Surf Industry in 2010
Thursday, February 3, 2011 – 7:00 p.m.
House of Blues Anaheim
Anaheim, California

Estevan Oriol Must Haves!

Kicking off the year in true west coast fashion is Estevan Oriol’s T-shirt collection. As a photographer, Estevan’s keen eye maintains the raw appeal of the real world that surrounds us. This rawness is clearly depicted within his photography of beautiful Latina women that we see consistently through the seasons. It is this truthfulness to his artwork that makes a real life connection with the everyday person on the street.

eo2 eo11

Mishka “Thriller” Inspired Lookbook

Since this month is Halloween and we love everything mysterious and different, here’s a look at Extra Butter’s personal lookbook for the Mishka Fall collection. Based on the concept of the “Thriller” video by Michael Jackson, this shoot is orchestrated on the theme of “Death” and zombies coming out at night. Coincidentally, the Mishka brand is all about eerie graphics with a twist so this makes it a perfect match.
Photos: Extra Butter

Mishka D.A.R.T. Lookbook

Since Mishka’s D.A.R.T. program is in full effect, why not surprise you with their newest lookbook? Featuring appearances from sponsored team riders such as John Prolly, Wilis, Shea, Tone, and Jeremiah. The lookbook captures a nostalgic moment in time, where fellas could hangout and ride freely through the day. Check out the apparel and if there’s something you like, use the code GETPITTED to receive 25% off online or if you ride your bike to the store.


Mishka : The Process Church T-Shirts

A brand with unique roots in everything that is creepy and unique, Mishka teamed up with Feral House to recreate some of the most obscure and controversial 60’s graphics from The Process Church. If you don’t know much about this group, read all about it HERE via Mishka Blogin. If dark and eerie conspiracies is your kind of thing, don’t miss out on these tees.

David Choe Book Preview

David Choe’s long awaited self titled book is finally becoming a reality, dropping in as early as July 7th, 2010. Choe has been in the spotlight working harder than ever before and to many of his followers this is the icing on the cake. The book follows ten years of trajectory and details never before seen art and spontaneous life situations that can only occur to such a unique individual. Here’s a quick glimpse of the 288 page hardcover book compliments of Upper Playground.

New! Exclusive designs by Estevan Oriol

After a highly successful run of classic Estevan Oriol T-shirts, and a face to face interview with the artist, what’s next? How about a fresh run of his newest T-shirt designs! That’s right, releasing in August will be five brand new designs to sooth your west coast anxiety craving. If your not from California, chances are these T-shirts are the closest thing to the real deal on the streets. Estevan always keeps it raw and uncut without holding anything back from its true nature. Contact us for ordering info.

Deadline is June 30th for August Delivery