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The Patterns of the Season – THE HUNDREDS Era Camo

The Hundreds new Spring/ Summer 2015 collection is out and is the talk of the season. Their lookbook focuses on Californian work wear that is infused with a streetwear perspective. Themes for the new collection include bright colors, bold-yet- refined graphics and tech-meets-traditional fabrications.

One of the most popular designs is the collection suitably named, “Era camo.” The Hundreds revamped the standard woodland camo and made this design into a techno-comic version of itself with a stereoscopic 3D effect. So, don’t worry about your vision, it’s the creative design has the rad effect on your eyes. The black is used to show the connection to their roots, while the gray is a nod to old school newspaper comics from the era of The Hundreds’ inception. It does a mash-up of the normal camouflage print and keeps it very hip and up-to-date; we love it!


The Hundreds have taken it to a fresh level with their new products released. Certain pieces from this collection even have protectant that repels dirt, water and oil. They continue to impress the streetwear industry, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for them.


This is the era of the new Era Camo. The one thing you won’t be concealing is your style.


Connect with the Dots by The Hundreds Large Polka Pattern

One of our favorite new prints among the The  Hundreds summer collection is the classic Polka Dots. The “Polka” pattern is The Hundreds’ take on the universally loved pattern which has been stylized with The Hundreds familiar bomb. The bomb dots are equal in size to the polka dot and are sprinkled onto the prints. And you will look bomb this summer wearing The Hundreds bomb logo polka dots prints.


We love these creative prints, which still maintain a classic and cool design. The colorways are perfect for summer looks, being bold and bright. You will catch everyone’s eye when rocking these new styles. The Hundreds lookbook outfits can be worn casually to a summer BBQ or bonfire, but they can also be dressed up to wear on your first date with a summer fling!


This is a look that lets you connect the dots in style. Get the The Hundreds!


Publish – Dress to Impress!

Publish has published a vibrant and outgoing summer collection! They have gone above and beyond with their designs and appropriately named the collection, “Open mind.”

It is to be interpreted to enter this summer open-minded with new experiences and opportunities coming your way. As summer awaits, Publish encourages the mind to be optimistic and radiate good vibes only. This collection is a direct reflection of infamous California summers circa 1980.


A new trend in the fashion industry for men is the two piece matching top and bottom. Publish has designed many of the shirts and shorts / pants to be the same color to be able to mix and match. Some new fabric embellishments involved in the making are tie dyes, acid washes, and ombre. They have chosen a different route to include more vibrant colors and lighter weight fabrics for the summer lifestyle.

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From tank tops to button-ups and shorts to joggers, there is a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. This collection will have you looking hotter than the California sun!