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Don’t Trust Anyone Except Black Scale

Black Scale and DTA (Don’t Trust Anyone), have joined forces bringing a new collaboration to the table. This collab is limited to Black Scale’s/ DTA’s online store and LA/ SF locations only. Super exclusive … sorry to our international accounts :(

DTA is a lifestyle clothing brand from Venice Beach, CA since 2005. Owners Johan Esbensen and Travis Barker came up with these three letters to represent a lifetime experience that secure fundamentalism of brand grown organically through the streets and word of mouth. They are a posse of like minded individuals pushing through life living everyday to it’s fullest and sharing one golden rule, “Don’t Trust Anyone.”


Black Scale has incorporated their inspiration of graphic art, religion, and identity to mix with DTA’s style.


Our favorite graphic pictured above from this collection. Great color choice boys!


Simple details, unique designs.


DTA x Black Scale


That’s why I say Don’t Trust Anyone Except Black Scale.


January 7, ~ February 12, 2012

Our Obey pop-up shop is now open at Y.A.V Boutique in Taipei and ends on February 12.

The Inside Store-y

Not only will you find lots of OBEY merchandise, but this unique pop-up shop is showcasing album cover art of Shepard Fairey — “Party At The Moontower”. Shepard is the world-renowned American artist who created Obey Giant and inspired the Obey Clothing brand.

Two boxed sets were created for the REVOLUTIONS show that took place in Santa Monica, California, which ended on April 23, 2011. Only 150 of the boxed sets have been released. Fortunately, we have one set in the Obey pop-up shop, including 36 signed and numbered screen prints, stencil, sticker sheet and a certificate of authenticity! Come visit see the actual art at our pop-up store!


Obey Vintage Re-issue Tees

Obey skimmed through its vintage look books to find the best classic graphics in their repertoire. Just like pancakes hot off the skillet, these tees quickly left our warehouse into the hands of the faithful posse. Available in three different styles depending on your mood: T-Shirts, Tanks, and 3/4 Raglans. This is undeniable timeless style that’s only available in select quantities for the summer. Below are the reborn classics.

Shepard Fairey: Limited Edition Ali Print

Its been a long time in the making and will finally arrive tomorrow Thursday May 13 at 11AM Pacific time; the official Muhammad Ali Canvas print. Ali’s undeniable charisma embodies that of a true champion and one that fights against all odds to obtain their goal. This limited edition print will be a signed and numbered run of only 450 at $70 per piece. Set that timer for tomorrow morning if your even thinking on getting your hands on one via OBEY GIANT.

Shepard Fairey Interview By Iggy Pop

Shepard Fairey has been in the spotlight lately whether its been helping the community or stirring up controversy. Besides putting out great artwork for Obey Clothing, Fairey has been busy putting together exhibits such as the latest Deitch Project in New York. Behind every great man, there’s a great story to be heard. What better person to interview Fairey about his life and controversial issues than Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Iggy Pop from The Stooges. For interview, click the picture below.

Shepard Fairey – Iggy Pop