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Mishka : The Process Church T-Shirts

A brand with unique roots in everything that is creepy and unique, Mishka teamed up with Feral House to recreate some of the most obscure and controversial 60’s graphics from The Process Church. If you don’t know much about this group, read all about it HERE via Mishka Blogin. If dark and eerie conspiracies is your kind of thing, don’t miss out on these tees.

Stussy Retrospective 30th Anniversary Release

Next year 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of Stussy, proving that the brand is more than just a surf fad. To celebrate the success, Stussy has released its Retrospective collection . Although Shawn Stussy left the brand years ago, the well respected brand has continued to evolve gradually yet has kept the vintage feel of its founder. For this collection, the surf brand decided to spice things up by creating a more mature line rather than their well known graphic t-shirts. Seen below are a couple of items from the collection including a collaborative pair of Levi’s 501, Rasta Letterman style jacket, and an eclectic crazy button shirt. Available now through select Stussy retailers.

Photos: Stussy