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The MISHKA Summer 2015 Lookbook By Pretty Puke

Mishka’s newly launched video for its summer 2015 lookbook features notorious artist Pretty Puke, who directed and photographed it, which incorporates his signature, punk-inspired gritty realism. This collection is not your average ho-hum summer clothing line, it is weird, but in the best way possible. For those of you unfamiliar with Pretty Puke’s work, it is outrageous, sexual, suggestive, provocative and whimsical. The goal for this project was to stand out and be iconic. The clothing line isn’t tied down to just one theme, but instead balances darkly artistic art with more absurd realism – a mash up of both aesthetics into a strange, yet exciting, presentation of streetwear.

To check out the video for Mishka’s summer 15 collection click here. (Rated R)

To shop the new collection click here.



MISHKA Spring 2015 – Generation Vex

There are no rules. Old standards and definitions of “normal” are worthless. There is no normal now. There is only us. And we are the generation that refuses to be labeled and defined. We are free from the shackles of binary thought. We are post-everything, and everything is up for grabs. Everything is of value and use, and everything is meant to be reimagined. We are everything we want to be. Generation Vex is a tribute to today’s unbridled youth. Generation Vex is a tribute to everyone who knows there is no normal. Generation Vex is Mishka’s celebration of today, where anything is possible. Mishka Spring 2015: Generation Vex. For anyone. For everyone.

MISHKA Spring 2015.