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Crysp Denim is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life.


Crysp Denim was perfectly created for individuals who want to show their self-expression with quality clothing, on-trend designs that are fashionable yet affordable.

At Crysp, every piece is inspired by modern menswear, high fashion designs and urban styles.  The variety of denim styles are reflections of modern art, hip-hop, skate and fashion culture.

Crysp not only provides good price points, but also spot-on fits and quality you can feel through unique fabrications.






Crysp Denim is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life. Welcome to Crysp Denim. 


“OMG! Why Can’t My Bae Skate?!” by THRASHER

THRASHER Magazine‘s Spring 2015 collection presents the classic 1989 Jeff Klindt “Oh God! Why can’t my boyfriend skate?!” Thrasher artwork!

This 100% pre-shrunk cotton premium tee collection is a fan favorite, featuring witty and nutty vintage graphics! These tees are so out of the world, they will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

This THRASHER Magazine collection receive fantastic popularity from its fans, and you don’t want to be caught strolling on the board without wearing it!

IMG_1015 IMG_1024

This is our favorite tee from this collection thus far. We’re holding back tears from laughing so hard!


Never! Question a guy and his passion for skateboarding!


We enjoy the spin on the classic phrase, “Go hard or go home” by replacing it with demon; you rebels. Keep Strolling!

IMG_1039 IMG_1041

Want to make people laugh? Contact us for distribution purposes or go check out THRASHER Magazine website and start your own collection!

Coming To South Asia, here is “THE HUNDREDS”

THE HUNDREDS is coming to the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand! 

THE HUNDREDS is the world’s first social merchandising company, and LULA is proud to announce the exclusive partnership with this Southern Californian lifestyle phenom in Southeast Asia!

Inspired by LA’s skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures, THE HUNDREDS crafts popular apparels in graphic t-shirts, denim, wovens, fleece, outerwear, headwear, eyewear and out-of-this-world accessories. THE HUNDREDS is a lifestyle project that remains personal and direct with its fans. It vows to be reflective of the community and culture, with full commitment to its fanbase.

THE HUNDREDS is HUGE, and the wait is over!

Major cities through Southeast Asia, will join this exclusive club along with:  Fairfax District of Los Angeles, Union Square of San Francisco, SoHo of New York, and Santa Monica of SoCal to experience the latest LA lifestyle trends!

Check out THE HUNDREDS archives on LULA speaks.

Reach for the Stars for More In4mation

The Big Island of Hawai’i is In4mation‘s canvas for their Spring 2015 look book. In4mation’s humble beginnings stem from Hawaii and these photos showcase the laid-back vibe of the brand photographed across untouched Hawaiian scenery.


The word “Hi” is not only an abbreviation for Hawai’i, but the local greeting in the islands.


The classic cross bone logos remind us to enjoy life while we’re young.


Even the local logs are friendly to the native “Hi” snap backs.


In4mation is the perfect transition from outdoor to indoor rock star. Doing what you love, wearing the brands you love, it’s as simple as that!

_DSC4961 copy

Featured here is Mauna Kea, the only mountain in Hawai’i whose elevation is high enough to produce snow.


The star exhibit in Hawai’i is a mythical place that reminds us to continue reaching for the stars!

Check out Got a Case of the Blues from a girl who lives in Hawaii.


Information on IN4MATION

Aloha! It’s that time of year in the hot summer months to mess around at the local skate park or go for a quick surf sesh. With In4mation being rooted in the island of Hawai’i, it easily represents this active lifestyle. In4mation’s summer 2015 collection is out and on the prowl with a variety of hats, graphic t- shirts, some cut- and- sew pieces along with an extraordinary military field jacket.

in4m 2

In4mation’s store name and plus symbol logo came about to represent its unique bond and signify their positive outlook. This group of 4 guys originally ran a skate shop and found an opportunity to take their love for skating/ surfing and take it to another level focusing on the fashion aspect of their lifestyle. In4mation’s motto, “I Shall Proceed and Continue,” was influenced by a hip- hop band that serves to follow their chosen paths and to keep moving forward. We admire In4mation’s motto, attitude, and are excited to continue growing with them.



Evan Mock, a 17- year old local skater from North Shore, perfectly fits into In4mation’s lifestyle and is their “It” guy for the summer 2015 look book. It displays the epitome of Hawaiian life, with surfing, boating, skating, beautiful scenery, and unreal adventures. Hawai’i is not the most fashion forward location, but In4mation, being one of Hawai’i’s leading urban retailers, is changing this movement. We cannot wait to see the future of this unique and original brand, be sure to check them out! Contact us for more In4mation, shoots and Mahalo!

in4m 1in4m5 in4m4 DCIM102GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with 10 preset

Famous Stars and Straps

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink- 182, founded Famous Stars and Straps fifteen years ago. It is based in Ontario, California and influenced by music genres: punk, rock, and hip- hop. This brand has had so much success since it first started in 1999. FSAS has their own “family” of a mix of people who support each other in anything they do. This is a highly respected brand in BMX, skate, motorcycle arenas, and MMA. Many of the team members of FSAS are involved in these sports.


FSAS is a lifestyle brand and a movement. It is international and everyone is loving the brand, considering it has been successful for 15 years now. Multiple celebrities have worn this brand helping the growth even more. The famous “F” logo for this brand represents a “badge of honor.”


This brand grew rapidly because of the popularity of Travis Barker. All his fans from Blink- 182 bought the apparel and accessories immediately. Although Barker still has to go on tour and has a big music career, he communicates with the members of FSAS. Barker keeps up with the brand and makes it all about the team. They are in this together and satisfying customers with this epic street wear company.


Social Media FSAS:






Wild in the Parks

Wild in the Parks, created and sponsored by Volcom, is a skateboard contest primarily designed
for amateur skaters. Instead of a serious and nervous championship, this event is designed to be a
pure fun in the park. The event is aimed for all ages, but the contest will be broken up in three
divisions: 14 and Under, 15 and Over, and Pro-am open contest. Celebrity guests with decent
knowledge and experience are invited as the judges, whom will score individual participants under
their technique and tricks. There is absolutely no entry fee required to participate.

The event is not limited only in the U.S., but it is an international tour happening in Europe, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Brazil. The schedule for both the U.S. seasons and the international seasons could be found here: http://www.volcom.com/witp/index.asp?seasonId=16 In addition, Volcom provides free food, free gifts, and cash prizes for each local winners. Few of the finalists from each country are then invited over to Europe to participate in the final Championship event, where the final winner gets a grand prize of $25,000.00. Wild in the Park is simply a nice event to hang out, enjoy the environment, eat free food, watch the amazing skating skills, cheer with your friends and families, and win free gifts!