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Do you Publish? We do, and we did, at the biggest Publish brand event this year in Asia.

Held in Taipei on March 1, this remarkable gathering included influencers from 30 different companies, including fashion publications and media; contemporary apparel boutiques and lifestyle brands; premium malls; such as fashion bloggers, trendsetting advocates and public figures. Special VIPs, including GQ and FHM magazine editors, were part of the invitation-only experience to witness the latest looks that Publish is bringing to the world.

Asia loves Publish brand, and event attendees enjoy a special guest appearance by Alex James, Publish’s Creative Brand Director who, along with Publish founder Michael Huynh, started the Jogger Pants fashion craze. Publish represents, and Publish loves Asia.


Today for Tomorrow

Publish, the renowned California-based street-meets-contemporary style brand, has redefined daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. With the booming growth of sneaker culture, the organic creation and clever introduction of Jogger Pants has helped them become one of the best-selling contemporary pants in the new millennium.

But Publish is much more than Joggers, and its forward-thinking designs and superior craftsmanship have been embraced by fans worldwide. Using some of the finest sourced fabrics in the world, Publish sets the fashion standard for top seasonal collections.



– Spring collection “Second Nature” –

With an earthly minimalist theme that ties past trends with new, the forward-thinking collection taps into natural of color palettes, focusing on the strength of Publish Brand’s elevated core pieces with Southern California label’s design evolution. With “Second Nature,” be the first to travel into the future of fashion.


– Jogger Pants “Legacy 2.0” –

As the creator of jogger pants, Publish continues to evolve the versatile piece in this latest collection, dubbed “Legacy 2.0.” Using the Legacy jogger as its base, the new collection keeps the original’s relaxed, tapered fit and 2-by-1 tonal ribbed cuff, while adding an invisible DWR stain- and water-resistant coating to the twill fabric.


Embrace “Today for Tomorrow” with Publish, and live each day to the fullest, and join the movement of Worldwide Publishers.


Publish Taiwan Event

Since the dawn of the millennium, LULA 101 has been providing the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets. Our team works equally well with brands, wholesalers and retailers in the streetwear and action sports industries, which is why we’ve built a strong reputation for offering Service, Styles & Smiles. LULA 101 has provided the singular trendsetting experience of Publish Brand since 2011 in seven countries: Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

Publish on.

China-Shanghai-YuGarden-the_Lantern_Festival-2012_1828 for blog

Chinese New Year greeting from Lula101

Chinese-New-Year (1)It’s Chinese New Year, the most festive holiday season across Asia Pacific!

Also known as Spring Festival, it is marked by the ancient lunar calendar; therefore, the date changes from year to year. Each Chinese New Year is characterized by one of twelve animals within the Chinese zodiac. 2016, the Year of the Monkey, is the ninth animal in the cycle. If you are not quit sure if you are the “Golden Monkey” Here are the birth years: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, and 1968. 

IMG_2001_blog2During the new year holidays, it is an opportunity to restart with a “new beginning”, which you can go forward and leave all of your old worries and fears behind.

For centuries, Chinese culture has celebrated hopes, wishes and dreams with the releases of Sky Lanterns. This beautiful tradition illuminates the night sky, proving to everyone that light can always be found during dark times. As majestic glows decorate the heavenly skyline, our prayers for longevity and prosperity also outlines a fantastic new year ahead.

Thai LanternsAs the leading pioneer in Asian-Pacific distribution of celebrated American original brands, Lula101 provides the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets: Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Hong kong, Indonesia, Malysia, Japan, Singapore!! Fans across Asia Pacific can experience the best American original brands and latest lifestyle trends through our excellent SERVICE, STYLES and SMILES

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and the year of Monkey with Lula101,  along with your favorite brands: Benny Gold, Black Scale, Civil Regime, Crooks and Castle, Denik, Dope, Golden Denim, Fairplay, Melin, Mishka, Odd Future, Publish, Rastaclat, Rebel8, Reshoevn8r, Richer Poorer, Tavik, The Hundreds, Thrasher and Primitive!


May the new Golden Monkey year brings you wisdom, courage and health. Please keep connect with us from the start of this exciting year! 



From baseball grand-slam to football hail-mary, FALL is the season to embrace the nature of competition and celebrate the spirit of victory. The PRIMITIVE APPAREL Fall 2015 Collection had transpired such triumph of the spirit within us all.

Been a champion, you can’t miss out this collection: rival satin varsity jacket, rally patch snapback, enforcer hockey jersey and collegiate baseball jersey!

Along with classic graphic tees, headwear and accessories, PRIMITIVE APPAREL is created by the need of exploration to find the inspiration and rejuvenation wherever the road takes you! Crown yourself with PRIMITIVE APPAREL Fall 2015 Collection.


Primitive found inspiration through classic American sports, celebrating friendly competition.


The main items for this Fall include the “Rival Satin Varsity Jacket,” “Rally Patch Snapback,”  and “Athletic Heather Hoodie.”


You never know how chilly it may get at nosebleed seats, so gear up before it’s too late!


Don’t forget to grab your ” Suedehead Strapback ” available in two different colorways.


Keep your head warm with the ” Camber Pom Beanie.”


Don’t miss the variety of graphic t-shirts, PRIMITIVE APPAREL has to offer!

Fans are excited about this premium collection and demand has been huge!

Get your favorite 2015 Fall looks and find out more information for distribution opportunities in your region with LULA Apparel.

Richer Poorer Got Us Feelin’ Some Type of Way

Iva Pawling and Tim Morse unveiled their new collection of socks for Autumn/ Winter 2015. A brand that stands out mainly for its creative designs and patterns on socks, Richer Poorer took their look book to the everlasting windmills in the desert.


Richer Poorer’s outlook on their look book really stands out to me because they went for a more urban, yet still classy style. And of course, they managed to pull something rad like this off. Whoever styled the couples outfits did a fantastic job and is obviously experienced in fashion trends.

Click here to learn more behind the brand itself, but first we want to show you the arrival of the new autumn and winter collection!


Cuffed jeans are the way to go; it’s an ankle peep show for your trendy socks.


Socks come with you wherever you take your travels.


Even when you feel like collapsing, Richer Poorer socks will never collapse on you with their high quality materials.


I scream for ice cream, but more importantly for Richer Poorer socks!


For you and your significant other; your socks can kiss each other too.


At Lula 101 we think these socks are perfect for the everyday lifestyle.


Richer Poorer has been very successful driven by lifestyle, not fads, and today is a company that distributes around the world. Contact us to get your favorite socks for the upcoming season distributed your way!



Founder Matte Fields started Dope in the Midwest when he was studying at Indiana University. He created the brand in 2007 and is a brand, boutique, and online store. Drawing inspiration from both luxury lifestyle and street culture, Dope’s clothing and accessories have built a unique following including tastemasters and music icons alike.


Since the brand’s Midwestern inception, Dope’s products have foreshadowed the shift towards high fashion inspired streetwear. These progressive designs alongside an unmatched attention to detail in every piece act as the driving force behind the brand’s dominant foothold in the streetwear industry.

From snapbacks, beanies and pullovers to intricate cut & sew and accessories, Dope is worn in music videos, international publications, and by the brand’s self-proclaimed following, the Bougie Crew.

At its own flagship location on the iconic Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles and with accounts across the globe, Dope is taking the Bougie Crew worldwide.


CLSC- Can’t Live Scared of Change

CLSC is a new and upcoming street wear brand and the acronym is pronounced “classic.” Josh Vides is the owner and started CLSC in 2009 with a group of friends. He began by designing a small collection of four shirts and released them at a local boutique in Rancho Cucamonga. From there, the brand spread widely and is now carried by well- known retailers including Active Ride Shop.


CLSC has just collaborated with sports- themed apparel, La street wear brand, Hall of Fame. It is a baseball playoff inspired collab with a twist of Josh Vide’s creative designs. The logo that is intertwined with California and LA Dodgers turned out great and is selling really well. Although street wear is crazy competitive, Josh Vides knows how to keep up and create something new, yet innovative.


The future goals for this brand is to do a collaboration with In- N- Out and the New York Yankees. Vides also hopes to increase the success of this brand and have it be carried worldwide. He is very involved with his buddies and would love to be able to support his friends/ family from CLSC.


Publish- the “Jogger Pant”

Owner, Michael Huynh, and creative director started Publish brand in July 2009. It is a street wear brand, but they use a lot of unique patterns and their apparel is excellent quality. Publish is known for their famous jogger pant, which they actually trademarked.



It all started when a friend of Huynh’s was wearing a pair of Marc Jacob sweatpants. He loved the quality and design of it so much that he decided to do his own rendition of it. When the took it to the manufacturers, they accidentally messed up and used twill instead of fleece to make the product. To his surprise, he liked the twill material and chose to go with that. At first, the sales were terrible and it was failing as a trend. Huynh is a risk taker though and thought he would keep with it. Little did he know that it would become such an iconic piece in fashion.


Publish has had some trouble trying to relay to customers that the jogger pant can be an everyday look for men, which is their goal. They released a photo campaign of a man with his wife and kid wearing the jogger pants to prove it is a masculine look as well. With men, there is not as big of a range of basic silhouettes, so although this has a cinched cuff at the bottom, Huynh wants people to wear it consistently.