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Rastaclat Retailer Spotlight : HOPES

Lula owned streewear store –  HOPES – had it’s grand opening back in Nov 2014, owned by Sherry Lu who is deeply involved and inspired by the positive American culture.


HOPES carries the coolest apparel and accessories brands that representing art, fashion, street culture and action sports, including Rastaclat. Rastaclat yield great pride in its hand made accessories and uncompromisable quality designed in the United States of America.


Sherry, the founder of Lula 101 and HOPES, was featured in Rastaclat blog, and here are some highlights from the interview:

What differentiates your shop from the rest?
External look: Original U.S. style
Internal concept: Focus on promoting positive American culture

What is your favorite cereal?
Honey Nut Cheerios
What does your dream outfit grid consist of?
Madewell dress, Tory Burch scarf, Rastaclat myth bracelet, Ugg boots
Best and worst trends of the moment?
Best trend of the moment: Internet/technology is rapidly progressing everyday that will change the world.
Worst trends of the moment: Internet/technology is progressing so rapidly that people can’t live without it, andI’m afraid we won’t be able catch up with one another personally or be able to disconnect.

You can learn more about this from the Rastaclat blog.

If you are in the neighborhood, check out Hopes at 4F, No. 77, Sec. 2, WuChang St., Taipei, Taiwan (Eslite Department store WuChang branch)  Follow Hopes on Instagram.

The infinite artistic possibility: Xaime Hernandez for Stussy

In addition to Jon Naar, Stussy’s artist series this fall also includes Xaime Hernandez aka Jaime Hernandez. He is the co creator of the comic LOVE& ROCKETS. Xaime’s projects also include WHO, NELLIE!, PENNY CENTRUY AND MAGGIE AND HOPEY COLOR FUN.


Xaime designed 4 different styles for the Stussy T shirts each with 4 different colors. The comic designs give T shirts a special look- Xaime incorporated Stussy in to each of the T shirts design as the characters are yelling “Stussy” out: they’re singing with tears, rockin’ it from death, yelling it out loud with passion and just saying it carelessly.

Photo: Stussy, Inc.

Each designs bring out the brand name with a different character, and of course, a fresh look for the T shirts. Don’t get it? well…

…And T shirts also have the infinite comic artistic possibility.

we’re sure Xaime feels the same way.
Do check out Stussy for Xaime’s great comic desgins.

除了之前提到的攝影師Jon Naar 以外, Stussy 今年秋天的artist 系列T 恤的另一位藝術家是知名漫畫加Xaime Hernandez。Xaime 最有名的作品是LOVE&ROCKETS, 他特有的漫畫風格帶給Stussy T恤不一樣的新感受。他為stussy所設計的4件漫畫作品將印製在T恤上,漫畫人物分別以不同的方式呼喊「stussy」。請至stussy網站查詢。

-photos: fantagraphics.com