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Feast Your Eyes on This!


The Gold Gods, known for its unique designer jewelry and accessories has released
its new outstanding eyewear collection for the summer season. Here in California,
it is sunglasses season year ’round.

For all you summer explorers, don’t miss out on The Gold Gods eyewear collection,
no matter where your adventures take you!

Here is one of their exclusive sunglasses: THE HELIOS ROUND SUNGLASSES.
With reflective lenses and featuring 18K Yellow gold-plated frames, The Helios will
perfectly coordinate with your gold accessories and accent your summer styles.



Another popular pair of sunglasses is THE APOLLO SUNGLASSES.
Available in multiple colored gradient lenses. Pick your color and capture dazzling
summer moments with it.


THE ESCOBAR SUNGLASSES, the newest eyewear from The Gold Gods, lets you shine.
It’s available in five unique lenses colors, including black gradient, brown gradient, blue
gradient, pink gradient and yellow gradient.


All the eyewear comes with a custom logo black leatherette hard shell case.
In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.



From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!

Get in Touch with your Heritage Pants

Golden Denim is the perfect look for going out this summer or keeping it casual. Since 2009, Abraham Ruiz and his team have been creating hand- crafted denim in Los Angeles, the heart of fashion. The new summer Heritage pants are still influenced by the California lifestyle that we all want to live and enjoy to the fullest.



Pictured above: The Heritage- Gold give off a metallic foil feel to it!


Pictured above: The Heritage Link- Jason let you take in the summer breeze by unzipping parts of the pants.


Pictured above: The Heritage Link- Thomas could be fraternal twins, but these ones have a slightly darker wash, possibly for a night out in the city?


Pictured above: Take a look at the up close detail paneling and zipper embellishments with The Heritage Pre- Enzyme.


Pictured above:  Check out The Heritage Pre- Mineral portraying rustic and rebellious vibes. It looks like those pants climbed over a barbwire fence! We love the light acid wash style and distressed assets as well.


Pictured above: The Heritage Pre- Ox seems as if it were inspired by a spray painted wall, very neat!


Pictured above: The Heritage Pre- Possiam. Golden Denim gave each Heritage pant a unique texture, wash, and embellishment to make each their own and Lula digs it.



Information on IN4MATION

Aloha! It’s that time of year in the hot summer months to mess around at the local skate park or go for a quick surf sesh. With In4mation being rooted in the island of Hawai’i, it easily represents this active lifestyle. In4mation’s summer 2015 collection is out and on the prowl with a variety of hats, graphic t- shirts, some cut- and- sew pieces along with an extraordinary military field jacket.

in4m 2

In4mation’s store name and plus symbol logo came about to represent its unique bond and signify their positive outlook. This group of 4 guys originally ran a skate shop and found an opportunity to take their love for skating/ surfing and take it to another level focusing on the fashion aspect of their lifestyle. In4mation’s motto, “I Shall Proceed and Continue,” was influenced by a hip- hop band that serves to follow their chosen paths and to keep moving forward. We admire In4mation’s motto, attitude, and are excited to continue growing with them.



Evan Mock, a 17- year old local skater from North Shore, perfectly fits into In4mation’s lifestyle and is their “It” guy for the summer 2015 look book. It displays the epitome of Hawaiian life, with surfing, boating, skating, beautiful scenery, and unreal adventures. Hawai’i is not the most fashion forward location, but In4mation, being one of Hawai’i’s leading urban retailers, is changing this movement. We cannot wait to see the future of this unique and original brand, be sure to check them out! Contact us for more In4mation, shoots and Mahalo!

in4m 1in4m5 in4m4 DCIM102GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with 10 preset

K(NOT) A CLAT, Rastaclat

The newest release bracelet by Rastaclat, not your classic Rastaclat, called Knotaclat, is a refined twist on Rastaclat’s classic bracelet. It has a sleek, single- knot, hence the name, polyester band  reinforced by alloy hardware. The Knotaclat still features classic elements to represent freedom of youth, which are bound together with a polished silhouette representing an evolution in style and taste.

KNOTACLAT_LifestyleShoot_Persistance_BlogFeaturePictured above: Knotaclat in Persistance

Instead of the classic braided bracelet made out of a shoelace material, two parts of the shoelace intersect at a single knot. Rastaclat added a 3M reflective thread to enhance the bracelet and make it more unique. We like this new design which we thought looked like an infinity knot symbol to represent infinite friendship, love, and of course infinite Rastaclat!

BlogFeature_600x500Pictured above: Knotaclat in Night Hawk

KnotAClat_HomePage_V2Pictured above: Knotaclat in Convergence

Keep spreading positive vibrations, go knotaclat!



Golden summer with Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold’s summer collection was inspired by the song, “Everybody loves the sunshine” by Roy Ayers. Acapulco Gold took cues from the warmest season and incorporated it into their products with lighter weight fabrics and some tropical prints to signify summer. We kill for AG’s motto, “Built to fit, tough as shit.” Built to fit, relating to their clothing and product is great to show that their stuff is the right fit for you, but will make you look tough as hell. It is creative, funny, and very true. Who wouldn’t want clothing that fits well and makes you look good?


Acapulco Gold’s Illuminaughty graphic is classic and a great laugh. It took a twist from the original Illuminati triangle symbol and made it a rated R version. This was very clever and innovative; they found a way to make it their own. There are tons more of hilarious graphics you will want to check out immediately!


This collection displays an array of different types of patterns, prints, textures making everyone happy. Get your favorite summer looks and check out more from Acapulco Gold, and enjoy the sunshine!

The Patterns of the Season – THE HUNDREDS Era Camo

The Hundreds new Spring/ Summer 2015 collection is out and is the talk of the season. Their lookbook focuses on Californian work wear that is infused with a streetwear perspective. Themes for the new collection include bright colors, bold-yet- refined graphics and tech-meets-traditional fabrications.

One of the most popular designs is the collection suitably named, “Era camo.” The Hundreds revamped the standard woodland camo and made this design into a techno-comic version of itself with a stereoscopic 3D effect. So, don’t worry about your vision, it’s the creative design has the rad effect on your eyes. The black is used to show the connection to their roots, while the gray is a nod to old school newspaper comics from the era of The Hundreds’ inception. It does a mash-up of the normal camouflage print and keeps it very hip and up-to-date; we love it!


The Hundreds have taken it to a fresh level with their new products released. Certain pieces from this collection even have protectant that repels dirt, water and oil. They continue to impress the streetwear industry, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for them.


This is the era of the new Era Camo. The one thing you won’t be concealing is your style.


Connect with the Dots by The Hundreds Large Polka Pattern

One of our favorite new prints among the The  Hundreds summer collection is the classic Polka Dots. The “Polka” pattern is The Hundreds’ take on the universally loved pattern which has been stylized with The Hundreds familiar bomb. The bomb dots are equal in size to the polka dot and are sprinkled onto the prints. And you will look bomb this summer wearing The Hundreds bomb logo polka dots prints.


We love these creative prints, which still maintain a classic and cool design. The colorways are perfect for summer looks, being bold and bright. You will catch everyone’s eye when rocking these new styles. The Hundreds lookbook outfits can be worn casually to a summer BBQ or bonfire, but they can also be dressed up to wear on your first date with a summer fling!


This is a look that lets you connect the dots in style. Get the The Hundreds!


Life is a Beach – Beach Collection by Rastaclat

Summer has just begun, and there is not a better way to spend your summer than at the beach all day long. The sun is shining, the sand matches your golden tan, and your Rastaclat bracelet is beaming! Rastaclat designed the perfect summer collection consisting of four bracelets with bright colors and radiant smiles.


We love these eye- catching colors, and the two- tone splatter for each bracelet. Rastaclat wants you to have fun in the sun all summer long, and let the sound of the waves wash your stress away. Cheers to an endless summer with an endless supply of Rastaclat beach tribe bracelets!




Rastaclat Instagram

Benny Gold is Always on Vacation

The Summer Bartlett collection has been released from Benny Gold! They decided to take a trip down to Baja, Mexico for their lookbook to perfectly capture those surfer vibes. More graphics, intricate prints, and high quality items have been added to this collection.


New Work’s for Jerks graphics have been used for a few of the summer tees.  Benny Gold explains the meaning behind this iconic phrase, “When you do what you love all the time, the lines between work and play dissolve. That’s why we say Work’s for Jerks. Do what you love and love what you do, and you’ll always be on vacation.”



The MISHKA Summer 2015 Lookbook By Pretty Puke

Mishka’s newly launched video for its summer 2015 lookbook features notorious artist Pretty Puke, who directed and photographed it, which incorporates his signature, punk-inspired gritty realism. This collection is not your average ho-hum summer clothing line, it is weird, but in the best way possible. For those of you unfamiliar with Pretty Puke’s work, it is outrageous, sexual, suggestive, provocative and whimsical. The goal for this project was to stand out and be iconic. The clothing line isn’t tied down to just one theme, but instead balances darkly artistic art with more absurd realism – a mash up of both aesthetics into a strange, yet exciting, presentation of streetwear.

To check out the video for Mishka’s summer 15 collection click here. (Rated R)

To shop the new collection click here.