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CLSC Pop-up Shop in Taiwan

The CLSC lifestyle lands in Taipei this January, when the innovative U.S. brand’s first pop-up shop in the world will debut at HOPES – the U.S. multi-brand store located on the fourth floor  of Eslite Wuchang in Ximending. CLSC, the exciting brand from Los Angeles, California, offers fans clean-cut timeless goods designed with key elements drawn from life and street culture.

You can enjoy the CLSC Pop-Up Shop experience by visiting HOPES throughout January and getting CLSC’s latest designs – including exclusive items just for Taiwan. CLSC founder, Josh Vides, will be visiting Taiwan from Jan 8-13, and make sure you mark your calendar for Jan 10, when he will be at the CLSC Pop-Up Shop to greet fans, interview with the media, sign autographs and pose for pictures.

Josh, the talented designer who formerly worked at The Hundreds, started CLSC in 2010 to build an inspiring brand revolving around his views on sex, drugs, sports and music. CLSC, derived from the word “classic,”embraces the spirit of having classic tastes for everything you experience in life. Setting trends, rather than following them, CLSC uses high-quality inventive designs that let you define your own personal style.

Josh hopes you can experience what CLSC is all about, and the CLSC Pop-Up Shop will be a place for him to share his personal story with you. See you in January for the pop-up premiere, and visit HOPES anytime to get your style on!

Here’s a quick message what Josh has to say to the Taiwanese community.

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Primitive Apparel X Grizzly Griptape

Primitive apparel just released their collaboration with Grizzly Griptape. They are both street wear brands, but GG focuses mainly on griptape for skatedecks, while Primitive is mainly apparel. Most of this collection features the infamous grizzly bear logo with the signature Primitive writing. The collab is a hit and is selling rapidly.


The owner of Primitive, Andy Netkin, is based in Los Angeles and was inspired by the clothing brand, X- Large. Their brand is a representation of the roots of skateboarding culture and music. Originally, Primitive only sold t- shirts and new eras, but the customers loved them and wanted more. They expanded into accesories and more apparel as well.


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