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Do you Publish? We do, and we did, at the biggest Publish brand event this year in Asia.

Held in Taipei on March 1, this remarkable gathering included influencers from 30 different companies, including fashion publications and media; contemporary apparel boutiques and lifestyle brands; premium malls; such as fashion bloggers, trendsetting advocates and public figures. Special VIPs, including GQ and FHM magazine editors, were part of the invitation-only experience to witness the latest looks that Publish is bringing to the world.

Asia loves Publish brand, and event attendees enjoy a special guest appearance by Alex James, Publish’s Creative Brand Director who, along with Publish founder Michael Huynh, started the Jogger Pants fashion craze. Publish represents, and Publish loves Asia.


Today for Tomorrow

Publish, the renowned California-based street-meets-contemporary style brand, has redefined daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. With the booming growth of sneaker culture, the organic creation and clever introduction of Jogger Pants has helped them become one of the best-selling contemporary pants in the new millennium.

But Publish is much more than Joggers, and its forward-thinking designs and superior craftsmanship have been embraced by fans worldwide. Using some of the finest sourced fabrics in the world, Publish sets the fashion standard for top seasonal collections.



– Spring collection “Second Nature” –

With an earthly minimalist theme that ties past trends with new, the forward-thinking collection taps into natural of color palettes, focusing on the strength of Publish Brand’s elevated core pieces with Southern California label’s design evolution. With “Second Nature,” be the first to travel into the future of fashion.


– Jogger Pants “Legacy 2.0” –

As the creator of jogger pants, Publish continues to evolve the versatile piece in this latest collection, dubbed “Legacy 2.0.” Using the Legacy jogger as its base, the new collection keeps the original’s relaxed, tapered fit and 2-by-1 tonal ribbed cuff, while adding an invisible DWR stain- and water-resistant coating to the twill fabric.


Embrace “Today for Tomorrow” with Publish, and live each day to the fullest, and join the movement of Worldwide Publishers.


Publish Taiwan Event

Since the dawn of the millennium, LULA 101 has been providing the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets. Our team works equally well with brands, wholesalers and retailers in the streetwear and action sports industries, which is why we’ve built a strong reputation for offering Service, Styles & Smiles. LULA 101 has provided the singular trendsetting experience of Publish Brand since 2011 in seven countries: Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

Publish on.


Season of HOPES: Change the world with ART

Month of November is a season to reflect and appreciate. At LULA101,  it is an opportunity to celebrate the founding inspirations behind each lifestyle brands, and appreciate the prosperous partnerships began with simple dreams and big HOPES.

It’s never an easy task to start a business venture. The entrepreneurial spirit requires strong heart, solid demeanor and broad vision to achieve any levels of success. When an adventure is devoted for social missions and community values, this would require bigger heart, stronger determination and greater selflessness to truly make the differences. The good deeds give us greater returns in appreciation, fulfillment and achievement. LULA101 is proud to present the story of DENIK.denik bundleThe inspirational story of DENIK began with a few college pals from Utah State University, and it has been blossomed from a grassroots street team of book-slingers to creative artsy-ecletic masterminds. DENIK provides books to customers, corporations and clients across the globe. The mission is a simple one, and with a mighty heart: To sell art work and use portions of the proceeds to help build schools around the globe.

denik school denik school1

denik school3 denik school5

denik school4In 2015, DENIK has teamed up with hard working partners and roll-up their sleeves to make their dreams of building schools a reality. “The Denik Middle School” has opened its door in Zambougou, Mali. The safe heaven would empower the children of Mali by expending educational opportunities within their own communities. Before the tears of joy could dry off, DENIK team is already vowing for more schools to come, as this is just the beginning of a great mission!

Since the dawn of this millennium, LULA101 has been providing the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets. With distinctive niche in encompassing celebrated American original and designer brands, and collections to the ever-expanding market places, LULA101 is proud to stand by DENIK and serve as a global partner for the great cause.

The partnership offers collaborations for Asian market places, each special collection offers the fans to experience the artistic creativity and be part of this global community.  Each project brought DENIK closer to the regional grassroots following, and expand to various of market opportunities for the brand.

Founded in the great state of Utah, DENIK is now one of the feature brands been embraced at the premium HOPES lifestyle retail platform in Ximending (Taipei City) – the trendsetting fashion district of Taiwan. With an inviting floor plan and inventive decor, HOPES store is an established trendy stage with big spotlight and vibrant energy. It is a regional popular destination, and an exclusive venue to experience the latest American original collections.SBCUSTOM-Hopes_75sheet-copyIn November, as the HOPES store is celebrating its first Anniversary with friends and partners around the world, DENIK offered its warmest wishes and strongest support for more prosperous years to come.

HOPES denik

denik flag notebook denik notebook denik notebook1

In the wintry season to reflect and appreciate,  LULA101, Regain International and HOPES Taiwan want to express the sincere appreciation to Tyler T.  and the DENIK team for the continuous support and genuine partnership.

REBEL8 Taiwan ambassador – Endless Sun


Today’s spot light is on Endless Sun, a.k.a. Xiao-Mao – the popular and highly skilled tattoo artist who owns Endless Tattoo studio in Taipei, Taiwan.


As a REBEL8 brand ambassador in Taiwan, Endless Sun never fails to “Spread the 8″ wherever he goes (REBEL8 is deeply rooted in tattoo, graffiti and skate culture). Endless Sun recently entered an Amsterdam tattoo contest and literally showed his love for REBEL8 throughout his trip there.

These photos capture Endless Sun’s REBEL8 spirit and showcase the spectacular views of Amsterdam.




Endless Sun took home the first place trophy in the color group contest at the 2015 Amsterdam tattoo convention.


Follow Endless Tattoo on Instagram to see more of his artistry and his inspiring tattoo life.


Taiwanderings with Publish

This episode of “Taiwanderings” features Publish Brand, the innovative creator of “Jogger Pants” and one of LULA’s great friends. The Publish team toured Taipei, Taiwan during their Asia trip last April, with LULA 101 serving as their host and tour guide. While out and about, the Publish crew was treated to the amazing sights and sounds of Taipei, including its night markets (offering stinky tofu and unknown meat products), crazy cafes, shopping districts and nightclubs complete with top DJs and, of course, hot go-go girls.

Ah-JRVScOGc3gj6jY0-SetVqa2WcMulr8TXjIjlVELI,3WqK3j2COJaBBduR4mUrydeC51jHGoKZUkI7Jwl4V2k aALXwwBYZtFrpZDkF1fxkO0Gkt21TXKstfzR24EhKZk,3s4B-tBhtZstq3-bZ1a4gWyGTEZfEMfGYiQd_0pEh_k

Since this was also a business trip, Publish was also here to visit key retailers like Phantaci and the Prime Store. Drawing attention wherever they visited, Publish was interviewed by the media, including KEEDAN and MILK magazines (see the full interview here:)


In just two short days, the Publish crew had a phenomenal time during their stay in Taipei. They tried different foods, met exciting new people, and found new inspiration for the brand in a city half a world away from their headquarters in coastal Southern California. The Lula 101 crew had big fun hosting Publish in Taipei, and we look forward to sharing more adventures with them soon!



Rastaclat Retailer Spotlight : HOPES

Lula owned streewear store –  HOPES – had it’s grand opening back in Nov 2014, owned by Sherry Lu who is deeply involved and inspired by the positive American culture.


HOPES carries the coolest apparel and accessories brands that representing art, fashion, street culture and action sports, including Rastaclat. Rastaclat yield great pride in its hand made accessories and uncompromisable quality designed in the United States of America.


Sherry, the founder of Lula 101 and HOPES, was featured in Rastaclat blog, and here are some highlights from the interview:

What differentiates your shop from the rest?
External look: Original U.S. style
Internal concept: Focus on promoting positive American culture

What is your favorite cereal?
Honey Nut Cheerios
What does your dream outfit grid consist of?
Madewell dress, Tory Burch scarf, Rastaclat myth bracelet, Ugg boots
Best and worst trends of the moment?
Best trend of the moment: Internet/technology is rapidly progressing everyday that will change the world.
Worst trends of the moment: Internet/technology is progressing so rapidly that people can’t live without it, andI’m afraid we won’t be able catch up with one another personally or be able to disconnect.

You can learn more about this from the Rastaclat blog.

If you are in the neighborhood, check out Hopes at 4F, No. 77, Sec. 2, WuChang St., Taipei, Taiwan (Eslite Department store WuChang branch)  Follow Hopes on Instagram.

The Latest News For Publish

Publish’s Philippines Instagram is finally here! If you’re located in Philippines, go check it out and make sure you follow them!.

Publish Philippines Instagram https://instagram.com/publishbrandph/


Also, did you know Publish team visited Taiwan a while earlier? They went around in the city of Taipei and had a meeting with Publish Taiwan team.

Here are some photos for those you are interested.

Creative MAPS Exhibition by FLiPER Mag

Creative MAPS Exhibition by FLiPER Mag


Rao-He Night Market “饒河夜市”


Business Meeting in Regain Taiwan Office



Josh’s first ever pop-up shop is located in a country he has never been to before – Taiwan. See what he thinks about this journey, and what happened on the event day. Also see how he wandered around in the city of Taipei, and trying new, cool, or even bizarre food.

1st Day
Josh’s journey started from wandering around Taipei city(in the morning. After a series of interviews in the afternoon, he made it to some of the famous spots such as Long-Shan Temple ”龍山寺”, Wan-Hua Sector ”萬華區”, and Hua-Xi Street ”華西街” a.k.a. Snake Alley.  He had a great experience and a big culture shock with Taiwanese culture and foods on the very first day.

2nd Day
This is the day when all the events will be unleashed. And Josh finally visited his very first pop-up shop.


When Josh first stepped into the store, he was greeted by the CLSC’s theme decor filled with their signature red and “world map” pattern design.   We invited “IP Lockers” to perform “Locking” as a starter, following by a quick interview and social party (special thanks to Heineken!). We also have a CLSC backdrop which allow selfie lovers to preserve this precious memory forever.

3rd  day
Josh decided to shoot lookbook photos in Ximending “西門町”, which is most of the young people’s favorite location. Ximending Station Exit #6 is the busiest area in Ximending, and that’s exactly where we started our shooting. The main purpose of this was to create some local contents. Josh was surrounded by a lot of people and we’re wondering what he was doing.


Cruising through the city, Josh headed to the Skate Park with some cool graffiti paintings to do more lookbook shooting.


4th day
On the last day of his trip in Taiwan, we took him somewhere nice to visit. Tamsui “淡水” is the northern part of Taipei, an actual riverside town. Josh had a blast at the castle called Fort San Domingo ” 紅毛城” that was originally built by the Spanish in 1629. After this awesome trip in Tamsui, he enjoyed Shinlin night market “士林夜市”where all the good foods are served.

John visited Endless Sun (Xiao Mao) who is one of the most famous tattoo artist . He got  a cool tattoo “經典台灣” which means classic Taiwan!


Not only for business, Josh had a nice trip to Taiwan for these 4 days. We hope we can have him again in Taiwan.

REBEL8 X LULA 101 Asia Limited

Lula 101 is a dedicated representative and distributor for REBEL8 in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and REBEL8 is one of LULA 101’s most supportive vendors. The two companies are working together to “Spread the 8” in Taiwan in April, and REBEL8 founder, Joshy D., of will be a special guest for 5th annual Taiwan Tattoo Convention in Kaohsiung during this time.

In addition, for the first time ever, we will open a REBEL8 pop-up shop at Eslite department store’s Wu-Chang branch in Xingmending, Taipei, with the latest REBEL8 styles available for its fans. Doors will open on April 1 at 11 a.m. through 10:30 p.m. and the pop-up shop will be open daily through April 30. This is a unique and amazing opportunity that fans won’t want to miss out on.

To celebrate the history-making event, REBEL8’s lead artist, the renowned Mike Giant, has designed a custom tattoo girl design illustration that includes the classic diamond-shaped REBEL8 trademark and the names Lula’s Asia territories, including cities, countries and Asian symbols as well as languages. The T-shirt bearing this fresh collaborative design will become a must-have item for all Taiwanese REBEL8 fans.


Look for the following elements within the design:

  • Number 8 in different languages: Eight, 八, walo, delapan, 여덟, lapan
  • Animal: Horse, eagle
  • Words: Lula 101, Asia Limited, REBEL8
  • Flag of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, S. Korea and U.S.A.

Color: black and white

Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL

REBEL8 Taipei pop-up shop info:

•   Eslite Department Store WuChang Branch 4F

•   Where: 4F, No. 77, Sec. 2, Wuchang St., Taipei 108, Taiwan

•   When: 4/1/2014 – 4/30/2014

Don’t be late, Spread the 8, and visit the Eslite REBEL8 pop-up shop to get yours!