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Lula’s successful AGENDA 101

The most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world, Agenda Show, was held in Long Beach on July 8 and 9. Located between LA and OC, Long Beach is the perfect spot for Agenda because of the abundance of action sports, lifestyle and streetwear brands in Southern California. Agenda showcases more than 750 brands, including contemporary, women’s, accessories, action sports, outdoor, footwear, and both surf/ skate hard products.IMG_0071

Bringing the coolest brand into the Asian market, as always, Lula 101 went to check out this innovative experience. Some of the brands’ reps and owners that we had a chance to meet up with included CLSC, Civil, REBEL8, Rastaclat, Black Scale, Clear Weather, MishkaDOPE, and In4mation.





IMG_0280REBEL8’s booth was amazing with its wall made up of four layers including a CRT television (pictured below). Incredibly creative with a retro feel to it. One of the TVs was showing the video (Taiwandering with Joshy ) we shot when Joshy visited Taiwan in 2014.


Along with all of the brands on display, there is no shortage of food, music, entertainment and people-watching to keep attendees entertained.IMG_0248

Agenda show helps Lula continue delivering Service, Styles and Smiles to our customers. We can’t wait to visit next show and hang out with all of our awesome partners again … including my friend, Mishka’s Giant Bootleg Kaiju!



Walking Down the BLVD

BLVD (boulevard) is celebrity and rapper, Soulja Boy’s clothing line. It started in January of 2012 and has made a lot of profit since. When celebrities design clothing it is usually successful since they already have a fan base. BLVD is all about bringing “forth their visions of always striving for the best life, all while living a life uncontrolled by the standard authorities. Since Soulja Boy is extremely famous, this is one of the leading clothing lines in the hip- hop community.


The main logo for the brand BLVD is the signature California palm tree. The design came about by the phrase “trees overhead.” When walking down Hollywood Boulevard, for example, you just look up and see the beautiful palm trees and hopefully a bright future alongside. Soulja Boy creatives designs and intertwines the palm tree to make a nice print for t- shirts. He took a step further and decided to showcase BLVD at Magic trade show in Las Vegas. It was very successful and he had a blast promoting his brand.


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