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New! Exclusive designs by Estevan Oriol

After a highly successful run of classic Estevan Oriol T-shirts, and a face to face interview with the artist, what’s next? How about a fresh run of his newest T-shirt designs! That’s right, releasing in August will be five brand new designs to sooth your west coast anxiety craving. If your not from California, chances are these T-shirts are the closest thing to the real deal on the streets. Estevan always keeps it raw and uncut without holding anything back from its true nature. Contact us for ordering info.

Deadline is June 30th for August Delivery

Jeremy Fish Profile

Jeremy Fish is one of those artists living in his own realm. His unique cartoonish figures make him the master of combining the cute with the creepy and making them work together. Besides creating graphics for posters, t-shirts, Jeremy launched his personal clothing brand under the name “SuperFishal” in 2007.
His unique animations and style have gained his personal brand a spot on Upper Playground’s artists series store. Fish’s talent, has also graced the covers of rock albums such as Aesop Rock’s fifth album. Make sure to check out SuperFishal’s section on the Upper Playground web store and grab some gear as well. To learn more about his artwork, check out this clip…

Daniel Alva for Upper Playground

Once again supporting the future artists around the world is Upper Playground and their artist series program. This time, it’s Mexico City native Daniel Alva representing for his fellow artists and Hispanic culture. Since Mexico is currently undergoing tough political hardships, what better way to heal the people’s spirits than through a joyful rendition of politicians.
The collection includes four comical illustrations of famous politicians and their urban culture alter-ego. The series includes Yasser Arafat, Mao, Nelson Mandela, and Joseph Stalin.

Estevan Oriol: Fotografias Unicas Y Todo Lo Que Viene Con Ellas

Por medio de sus fotografias, este talentoso artista a capturado la esencia real de las calles y llegado a varios logros…..

Desde los 90’s, y en un periodo corto, Estevan Oriol se a convertido en unos de los fotografos mas codiciados de la comunidad Urbana y de Hip-Hop

En el ’95, Estevan creo su propia linea llamada Joker Brand Clothing. Desde entonces, la marca a sido tan solida como una piedra. A comparacion de otras marcas que han desaparecido atraves de los anos, Joker Brand a madurado, y recibido reconocimiento a nivel mundial. Una decada despues, establece SA Studios Agency, un compania multi-cultural de arte y diseno.
En el 2006, Estevan unio fuerzas con Upper Playground, una de las marcas lideres y especialistas en lineas de playeras inspiradas por artistas. La linea de Estevan, expresa su fotografia en una forma real y sin censura en playeras de edicion limitada. Ahora en su quinta temporada, la marca continua creciendo rapidamente.
Hoy, ademas de ser dueno de Joker Brand Clothing y su carrera como fotografo, Estevan dirige videos musicales para grupos. Entonces…hay que contar…fotografias, ropa, peliculas, videos musicales, y fotos para revistas….esto si que es impresionante.

Los dejo con este video de Estevan, parte de la serie de entrevistas de Upper Playground:

Upper Playground SMU Project Logo Tees

Currently offered to select accounts world-wide is the latest edition of Upper Playground SMU Project Logo Tees. The collection focuses on the creativity behind the UP name and its logo. This special t-shirt series is available in black and white colorways with various clever logos one can expect from the brand. To view the select line, hit us up for more details.
Deadline 5/10/2010 for 6/10/2010 Shipping.

Interview With Boogie: The American Dream

Below is a strong image many of us might recognize. As part of the insightful Annals of Americus series, Matthew Newton had the privilege to interview one of the most expressive photographers of this decade. Serbian-born photographer and Upper Playground crew member, Boogie gives us an inside scoop into his life in America and his work. Unlike many photographers, Boogie’s passion has gained him access to some of the world’s most treacherous environments. His photographs evoke strong feelings that resonate in peoples’ minds through truthfully documenting a vivid picture of reality. Boogie is truly an icon whose photographs surpass gender and race issues and speak to the heart. For full interview, click on the image below.
17fifa_poster_akiracopy (1)

Dirty Hands: Movie Preview

Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe is the latest film from Upper Playground showcasing the life of the artist as never before seen. Screenings begin in Los Angeles from April 30- May 6 and in San Francisco from May 21-27. The movie showcases the artists’ strong urge for vandalism and crime until he is summoned to prison. During his stay behind bars, he discovers religious education but fails to put it into practice once he is released to the streets. I guess we’ll have to watch the movie to see how he turns out. For further information, check out Sunset 5. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.

Upper Playground: Sam Flores Tees

Giving us a different feel for Spring, Sam Flores once again has teamed up with Upper Playground to release his 12 Grain capsule. Utilizing his out of the box style thinking, Flores creates intriguing graphics in his signature enlarged body parts motif. The artist brings to life characters and feelings that people usually conjure up only in dreams. The entire seven piece collection is available now just in time for spring.