“Lula 101 has been professional, on point and a pleasure to deal with in all aspects of our partnership. They have introduced Grand Scheme throughout Southeast Asia in nine countries and helped us connect on a local level to our customers and retailers.

Lula has steadily grown our business while keeping our vision of the brand’s longevity, without compromising, for quick sales turn over.”

Jimmy Bligs
Founder/designer, Grand Scheme, Australia


“I remember meeting Sherry a very long time ago. It’s great to see that her company vision stayed the same all these years and it’s great to see her line-up of brands continues to grow. Working with Lula has not only helped us in Asia but has helped us maintain a name in the marketplace.”

Todd Shimabuku
President, In4Mation, Hawaii


Lula 101 runs a very organized and efficient business. They are honorable people to work with, and we enjoyed our business partnership together.” 

Don Juncal
President of OBEY Clothing


“Lula is a great partner, most notably for their exceptional customer service. They are timely, accurate and thorough, which makes working together very smooth. Lula continues to grow our reach in Asia.”

Hiromi Weiner
Benny Gold


“Since 2006, Lula 101 has exclusively maintained REBEL8′s sales channel to most of Asia. In the seven years of business, our working relationship has flourished and, thankfully, so have our sales. Sherry has pushed the REBEL8 brand further than most through her continued, relentless, dedication. I look forward to many more years working with Sherry and Lula 101.”

Joshy D.
President & CEO of REBEL8


“double-park started doing business with Lula 101 in 2010. With the help of Lula, we successfully introduced REBEL8 to Hong Kong customers. We think that Lula is a wonderful business partner as they are responsible, dedicated and provide excellent customer service for us. I am sure that we can work closely together to offer the best products to our customers.”

Senior buyer, double-park, Hong Kong


“Sherry and the LULA 101 team have been helpful and supportive throughout out our entire time in business. We have been working together since 2011, and they have been really helpful in getting us what we want and recommending what’s best for our stores. I must give props to Sherry to also having to physically take time off to meet all her dealers across the country to find out more about our current situation and to see our establishments. The Lula 101 team also has been very accommodating in all our marketing plans for all the brands we carry. I see us doing business for a long time.”

Nizam Mazzafa
Owner, Krookz, Malaysia


“We’ve been working with LULA 101 since 2012, and we’ve been managing a great business together. Sherry and Fulvert help me a lot, and they are very kind to assist me both with small and big problems. I have met with Sherry in person, and she is such a nice businesswoman, looking forward to seeing you again in the future. I hope as the time goes, we can manage a greater relationship not only in business but also in personal life. Enough said, BIG Respect for LULA 101, and thanks for believing in Wormhole Store Indonesia.”

Edward Satria
Owner, Wormhole Store, Indonesia


“I came to know of LULA 101 when I contacted REBEL8 in 2010 and was glad to find the distributor for the REBEL8 brand in Singapore, and we have been doing business ever since. It is so much easier to work with a distributor who has a strong foundation in Asia and knows the trends and fashion brands suited for the Southeast Asia market. DaCave store’s sales have rocketed over the years, due to the niche brands LULA offers, and we are very glad to be part of the team and definitely looking forward to more years in business together.”

Shakur Bala
Owner, DaCave store, Singapore


我們Upstairs Apparel(noWhere)Lula 101不知不覺由2008至今已經合作了5年多。在我們公司還只是很小很小的時候,有一次機會下認識了Sherry。在這次認識後我們就開始了生 意的來住。我很感激SherryLula 101給了我合作機會。我可以說如果沒有了SherryLula 101也不會有今天的Upstairs Apparel

我很恩賞SherryLula 101和她們每一位員工的工作態度。每一位都很認真,也對我們特別照顧。至今我們不單只是生意上來往,我們還可以談天說地。我們和Sherry(Lula 101)都抱著同一個態度將不同潮流品牌展示給大家。

Founder, UpStaris Apparel, Hong Kong